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  • BBFC 18 VHS (Cinema Club)
  • NL DVD
Release: Apr 20, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut UK VHS by Cinema Club based on the Unrated version and the uncut NL DVD by Columbia Tristar (Unrated).

There is a total of 12 differences summing up to 3 minutes and 1 second:

6 cuts = 1 minute and 59 seconds
4 alternative scenes = 62 seconds
1 alternative scene without time difference
1 zoomed-in shot = no difference in time

In the UK, the second part of the Deathwish pentalogy was released in three different versions. The British Theatrical Version was based on the Unrated Version, but was cut by three minutes during the rape scene with the house keeper and Kersey's daughter. This version then was used for all of the VHS releases and is being compared here. The MGM DVD of 2006 is based on the R-Rated Version and was additionally cut by 30 seconds. The longest available version in Britain was released by Media Sales on DVD and is an exact copy of the R-Rated. The completely uncut version by Columbia Tristar can be imported e.g. from the Netherlands.
9 min
Jiver is pulling Rosario's slip down and licks her butt while another guy threatens her with a knife. The R-Rated shows another shot of her being threatened.
Cut: 6 sec
Uncut: 7 sec


10 min
The tied and crying Rosario can be seen, the R-Rated shows a shot of Cutter and Punkcut instead.
No difference in time


10 min
Jiver starts to rape Rosario.
11 sec

10 min
The rape goes on, Jiver climaxes and lets go of her.
15 sec

10 min
After Rosario was thrown on the bed, she is being undressed completed and raped by Stomper and Punkcut.
40 sec

10 min
Cutter wants to join the rape going on and does so. The R-Rated shows alternative footage here.
Cut: 10 sec
Uncut: 12 sec


10 min
Rosario is being dragged over the floor and has to pleasure Nirvana orally. The R-Rated shows a shot of Cutter watching.
Cut: 3 sec
Uncut: 7 sec


11 min
After Rosario was hit with the iron bar at the head, she falls down to the ground. She briefly struggles to get up but then falls down dead.
5 sec

12 min
Rosario's corpse is lying on the ground. The UK version is zoomed in so her genital area cannot be seen.
No difference in time


13 min
The UK version lacks the complete scene of Carol being raped by Stomper. Instead, Geri can be seen walking to Kersey's house and knocks at the door. Kersey then regains his consciousness and opens the door. Then they discover Rosario's corpse, Geri looks away.
Cut: 44 sec
Uncut: 99 sec



14 min
A shot of Stomper's excited face.
4 sec

15 min
After the shot of Carol being impaled on the bars, the uncut version shows the scene the UK edit used just before. Geri and Kersey discover Rosario's corpse.
44 sec