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  • Theatrical Version
  • Directors Cut
Release: Mar 12, 2008 - Author: Thaddäus Tentakel - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Altogether, the Directors Cut is 360 seconds longer with an overall number of 109 cuts.
Running time of the Directors Cut: 1:30.16 Min (1:24.11 Min without Ending Credits)
Running time of the Theatrical Version (measured from the Lions Gate company logo, because the Universum company logo is missing in the DC):1:24.03 Min (1:18.11 Min without Ending Credits)
The Directors Cut is precisely 6 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version (the additional 5 seconds in the ending credits of the Theatrical Version derive from the fact that Premiere screened off immediately after the ending credits).

Whether or not these six minutes are worthwhile is questionable. The movie, being very fast-paced, is not meant to be stretched with extensive storyline sequences. Nevertheless, nobody would have guessed the Directors Cut to become what it has become. The extensions mostly consist of very small shots (< 1 sec) not at all provoking the viewers attention. The dialogue extensions mostly consist of unnecessary sentences not really altering the course of the movie.
Only the new hardware store-scene is worth seeing, whether or not this is a reason to buy the movie again remains questionable, though. If one has not yet bought any version of the movie, one has to decide on his own which version he wants to buy.
In my opinion, the Directors Cut is redundant. Many scenes have been extended a split second, all of them finally adding up to 6 minutes.

Note from the translator: Since the dialogues in this report were available only in German, these parts are translated freely and are not necessarily identical to the dialogues as they appear in the movie itself.
The "Universum Film" company logo is missing in the DC.
23.92 Sec

In the Directors Cut the scene of Chev falling to the ground takes place in real time. In the Theatrical Version this sequence is shown in fast motion. The Theatrical Version changes to real time when Chev examines his hands.
15.08 Sec

Again, the sequence is shown in fast motion in the Theatrical Version.
4.36 Sec

Here things run only a little bit slower in the DC.
1.52 Sec

The scene runs faster in the Theatrical Version.
2.12 Sec

Again, one sequence runs a bit faster in the Theatrical Version.
0.52 Sec

The video has been extended: Verona's brother with the baseball bat in his hand mimics a few hits while Ricky Verona says "Oh yeah, baby! Now things get serious, the fun´s over!" In the Theatrical Version he says "Now your time is up!"
4.46 Sec

Once again a scene has been slowed down in the DC.
2.98 Sec

In the Directors Cut Chev stands in front of his smashed TV and kicks it one more time before walking away. In the Theatrical Version he walks off at once. After the gamma effect, Chev is standing on a different spot in the Theatrical Version while he remains on the same spot in the DC. This is due to the fact that the second kick has been cut out of the Theatrical Version.
7.34 Sec

In the Directors Cut we see Chev's car unlocking after he has pressed the central locking button on his car keys. After that, we see a worms-eye view of Chev jumping away from the red convertible.
1.08 Sec

An angry man steps out of the convertible and curses at Chev. The shot of Chev stepping into his car is different in the DC. The man is standing behind the car. In the Theatrical Version we see a little jump-cut after Chev has turned the key. Altogether, the DC is a bit longer.
1.52 Sec

In the DC Chev looks over his shoulder for a little longer. As he drives backwards in the Theatrical Version the sequence stops during a shot of the left back-wheel and another gamma effect is used. In the DC the wheels are spinning for a little longer - the man behind the car attempts to jump sideways but gets run over by Chev anyhow. The Theatrical Version continues only after Chev has turned his head again. Again the DC is longer on the whole.
4.22 Sec

The set-up of the splitscreen is different. In the Theatrical Version the shot of Las Vegas pushes away the three other screens. In the DC this shot is pulled away into the lower right corner while Chev in his car can be seen in the upper left corner. The scene is much longer in the DC as the orgy is seen on the whole screen.
4.56 Sec

Chev steps out of the car. The Theatrical Version continues as he slams the car door shut.
2.00 Sec

Chev looks at the guys pointing their guns at him. Orlando says: "Cool, cool! Now I see clear: See, how this works? A dialogue provides clarity!"
6.36 Sec

Longer shot of Chev holding onto Orlando.
1.64 Sec

Another shot of the guys threatening Chev.
1.88 Sec

Orlando lights a cigarette.
2.40 Sec

Chev: "I gotta find Ricky Verona, that little fucker!"
Orlando: "You have made that quite clear to everyone of us! So how can I help you?"
11.28 Sec

Orlando takes the cigarette out of his mouth. The Theatrical Version continues as he grabs the cigarette.
1.28 Sec

Chev: "I know you got coke!"
Orlando: "You think any brother has got some with him or what?!"
3.62 Sec

Orlando blowing smoke.
Chev: "Listen: If I don`t find Ricky Verona...can I get some coke, please?!"
8.72 Sec

He holds the cigarette in his hand for a little longer before moving it.
0.48 Sec

The shot of Orlando is a bit longer. He says: "Let me get this right!"
0.72 Sec

Chev lying on the floor and getting up.
6.68 Sec

Ricky Verona walks around for a little longer.
1.36 Sec

Chev drives through the mall for a little longer.
0.52 Sec

The car drives off screen a bit longer.
2 Frames/0.08 Sec

Another shot has been extended a bit.
0.28 Sec

Stuff from the sales booth flies around.
0.80 Sec

More stuff is tossed around after the crash with the flower booth.
1.60 Sec

A longer shot of the people in the store.
2 Frames/0.08 Sec

The shot inside the car is a bit longer in the Theatrical Version.
+4 Frames/0.16 Sec

0.32 Sec

A different, uncut shot of Chev walking towards the beer bottles. This has been cut in the Theatrical Version. The walking towards the fridge is missing as well.
7.36 Sec

A longer shot of the security guy.
0.20 Sec

Once again.
0.54 Sec

The woman takes the champagne out of the cooler and pours herself some of the champagne.
2.88 Sec

The woman bends forward and kisses Carlito. Cut to another man staring at a black womans ass.
6.20 Sec

Chev looking at the security guy.
0.72 Sec

Carlito grins before he starts to talk.
0.24 Sec

Carlito: "I wasn't expecting you!"
7.52 Sec

A longer shot of Chev.
0.16 Sec

A longer shot of Carlito. The following shot in the water has been trimmed as well.
0.56 Sec

The dialogue has been extended.
Chev: "So you know what happened!"
Carlito: "You surprise me, my friend!"
Chev: "Yeah well, what can I say?"
After this the Theatrical Version continues.
7.24 Sec

Here the shot of Carlito is a bit longer in the Theatrical Version. The dialogue has also been changed slightly. Nevertheless, the DC is longer once again.
DC:"We have to find an antidote or something."
TV:"You have to get me an antidote!"
3.40 Sec

Carlito shaking his head. Chev swims around a bit longer.
2.92 Sec

The shot of Chev and the following shot of Carlito are a little longer.
0.68 Sec

The dialogue has been extended:
Chev:"I don`t believe this!"
Carlito:"I`m sorry."
3.40 Sec

Longer shot of Carlito.
0.48 Sec

Another extended shot. One of Chev this time.
0.72 Sec

Once again!
0.52 Sec

And - one more.
0.62 Sec

Why not throw in another one?
0.64 Sec

And another one.
0.28 Sec

Another lengthened shot of Carlito. The next shot of Chev is different. The following shot of Carlito is a few frames longer as well. Once again the DC is longer.
1.6 Sec

The birds-eye view is longer in the DC.
0.32 Sec

The dialogue has been extended.
Carlito:"Are you getting disrespectful? Am I getting this right?"
5.20 Sec

The cut-sequence before Chev gets out of the pool is different. In the DC Chev says: "Forget it! I`m outta here!"
In the Theatrical Version after the view from above Chev just says "I`m outta here!" while we already see Carlito's face, which follows a bit later in the DC.
6.98 Sec

A moving birds-eye view of the street.
4.24 Sec

A shot of Kaylo.
2.24 Sec

Now the Theatrical Version is longer: The man turns his head left one more time.
0.36 Sec

The DC has been extended right after that: Ricky Verona's brother starts walking after adjusting his jacket.
8.12 Sec

Kaylo sits on the floor a bit longer, baffled and blood-splattered.
3.32 Sec

The pharmacist is shown for a bit longer.
1.60 Sec

Chev puts away the nasal spray and walks towards the sickbed where he kneels down. The shot of the man in the bed is different. The Theatrical Version shows a longer close-up of Chev bending over. Nevertheless, the DC is much longer again.
10.64 Sec

The shot of the old man is a bit longer.
0.32 Sec

The policemen are looking around the room longer.
2.34 Sec

The policeman takes a closer look at the empty cupboard. Then the camera sways over to the other policeman looking at another door. The Theatrical Version just cuts over to the second policeman.
1.12 Sec

After he has examined the severed hand of his dead brother, Ricky Verona looks to the ground before taking another look at the hand.
9.48 Sec

Eve messing around with the microwave.
14.84 Sec

Now she presses several buttons on the microwave (Theatrical Version).
+0.60 Sec

The shot of Chev through the microwave is longer. The following shot of his face is longer as well.
0.96 Sec

Another shot of Chinatown has been added. The shot of Chev and Eve standing in the crowd is different, the following shot in which Chev grabs Eve is longer.
9.16 Sec

Chev and Eve are walking off longer in the Theatrical Version.

Another shot of Chev has been added and the dialogue has been extended.
Chev:"Okay, so you think that`s heavy - how do you think I feel?! I gotta life with that shit!"
Then Eve tries to break free. After that the Theatrical Version continues.
6.32 Sec

The sex scene is shorter in the DC. The Theatrical Version contains a longer frontal shot of Eve while Chev has his arms in the air.
+1.08 Sec

A longer shot of Eve as Chev answers his cell phone.
1.28 Sec

Longer shot of Chev.
0.24 Sec

The dialogue between Chev and Kaylo is a bit longer.
1.72 Sec

After Chev has kissed Eve he says "Listen, I gotta go - please understand!" and gives her a second kiss on the cheek. She answers "No, Chev - I don`t understand!" The following shot has been filmed again but was not changed.
5.72 Sec

A longer shot of the woman in the Theatrical Version.
+0.28 Sec

In the DC, the horrified Eve is standing in the crowd a little longer.
2.36 Sec

Now the shot of Eve is longer in the Theatrical Version.
+1.46 Sec

A longer shot of the car in the Theatrical Version.
+0.40 Sec

The car drives slower in the DC.
0.56 Sec

The shot of Chev is longer in the DC. The shot of the car driving by is longer as well.
6.96 Sec

The car drives slower in the DC.
1.24 Sec

New shot of the cab driver and Chev seeing a ghost. The Theatrical Version shows Chev hanging at the window.
1.32 Sec

The cab drives off screen completely.
0.32 Sec

New shot of the inside of the car. The dialogue (Eve:"How could you do such a thing?!", Chev:"I told you I`m quitting!") remains the same.
And now for a completely new scene: Chev hobbles into a hardware store and hits several nails into his leg with a hammer. Eve joins the scene. Chev's cell phone rings - Doc Miles is calling. In the Theatrical Version Doc Miles calls while Chev and Eve are sitting in the car.
63.20 Sec

Chev is still sitting in the hardware store in the DC. The Theatrical Version shows Doc Miles with the phone in his hand. The dialogue remains the same, but the shot of Chev and Eve leaving the store makes the DC longer again.
0.88 Sec

The scene in the room has been extended.
Eve:"I hate television!"
4.52 Sec

The DC shows Chev's bleeding leg while the Theatrical Version shows Doc Miles face. The shot is longer in the DC.
0.72 Sec

The shot of Chev is a bit longer.
0.84 Sec

Another shot of Chev putting on his jacket. The following shot shows him wiping his forehead.
6.34 Sec

The dialogue in the elevator has been extended.
The man (with the voice of Chev's mother):"You never call, you never write since you moved out at the age of 16!"
Chev:"Yeah yeah, alright, mum, yeah yeah! While you were eating Valium like candy and bringing in a new guy every two weeks! Why would I wanna miss that?"
The man (in Chinese, dubbed):"That hurts."
16.80 Sec

The dialogue is longer and partly different in the DC.
Chev:"That`s fucked up..."
The man:"I know it`s fucked up, but it has to end somehow!"
The man continues in Chinese (dubbed):"Who do you think you are - Michael Myers?"
Later Chev sees himself, after the man has called him an "adrenaline junkie" and "addicted to violence".
He says:"Spends every day of his life looking for the ultimate kick..."
Now the dialogue remains the same in both versions but Chev still speaks to his "Doppelganger" while the Theatrical Version uses a different voice.
Later Chev sees himself again and asks:"Have you rehearsed this?"
The false Chev:"No, no...just the best way for someone like you, a ticking clock running out of time. Inevitably, irreversible and..."
Now both versions continue with Chev's sentence:"Who the hell are you, anyway?"
25.84 Sec

Chev sees himself once again. The false Chev starts glowing violet, the real Chev is illuminated and looks baffled. The Theatrical Version continues with the cut to the Chinese man.
9.28 Sec

No real censorship but the original English subtitle (contained on the DVD) is translated in a milder way (Premiere always uses the German master).
No time difference

The shot of the shooting thugs is longer.
0.24 Sec

Close-up of Carlito running along the lower end of the screen.
0.60 Sec

The shootout is a bit longer.
0.24 Sec

Carlito hits the ground a bit longer.
0.28 Sec

The shot of Carlito is longer.
0.56 Sec

0.28 Sec

Longer shot of Chev.
0.44 Sec

Longer shot of Carlito.
0.40 Sec

The grenade rolls around on the floor a little longer. The shot of Carlito and the other guy is longer as well.
0.76 Sec