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Outlaw Brothers

original title: Zeoi Gaai Caak Paak Dong


  • BBFC 18
  • Uncut
Release: Nov 13, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut British BBFC 18 DVD by Hong Kong Legends and the uncut German DVD by Cargo Records

- 5 cuts
- Runtime difference: 9,7 sec


The 1990 Outlaw Brothers was marketed in Germany as Born to Fight 4, although of course it has nothing to do with the other parts. Yukari Ôshima (aka Cynthia Luster) was a recurring woman at the forefront in parts 2-5 and this title is certainly one of her best performances. Frankie Chan provides solid action in front of and behind the camera and Michiko Nishiwaki also stops by briefly. In Germany, the film was released uncut with the FSK 18 rating on VHS.

The German DVD premiere will be available on November 13, 2020, again in uncut form, of course. Previously, the film could be found as a reasonable DVD from Dragon Dynasty, especially in the US. The British DVD by Hong Kong Legends also had the usual informative audio commentary by Bey Logan, but unfortunately the film is slightly edited in the UK. The admittedly quite unnecessary action towards the end, in which some chickens obviously got hurt, has been reduced a bit in several places here.

In the end, it was a bearable and acceptable alternative. By the way, the film had been cut a bit more on VHS in Great Britain before. Both the shots of chickens in the final were cut in more detail as well as before in a scene with nunchakus. The audio commentary also mentions that at least no censorship was applied to the numerous carjacker scenes, as was the case with the British DVD of My Lucky Stars.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: British DVD in PAL / German DVD in PAL

The US DVD starts still with the logos of Dragon Dynasty & Media Asia. Besides NTSC vs. PAL, this explains the slightly longer runtime compared to the German DVD.
46 sec

The shots almost immediately before the cut that follows are darker on the UK DVD than the rest of the film.

British DVDGerman DVD

82:16 / 82:16-82:21

After we saw some bloodied chickens on the ground in the British version in darkened form, another cage is lowered here. Several chickens fall directly onto the camera and several henchmen. They fire their weapons and at least one animal is shown briefly as it explodes.

5.6 sec

Here is another shot with chickens shortly after, which is also preserved in the British version. The picture is darker here as well, although not as striking as in the scene mentioned at the beginning.

British DVDGerman DVD

83:28-83:29 / 83:34

On the German DVD, a few insignificant frames are lost as the baddie climbs up the ladder. Also in the following minutes there are (shorter) master errors of this kind here and there.

+ 0,4 sec

91:45 / 91:50-91:51-

When Bond comes racing into the interior with the car, you can see him in two more short shots driving more clearly over a couple of chickens.

1.3 sec

91:47 / 91:53-91:55

Another side shot where a couple of chickens are run over by Bond.

2 sec

93:15 / 93:23-93:24

When Michiko shoots, there is another cut. In the resulting explosion behind Bond, a few chickens were sacrificed again.

1.3 sec