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  • Original Cut
  • Definitive Cut
Release: Dec 06, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
57:37-57:38 / 51:26

The text panel "10 years later", which introduced the material shot in 1989, was removed in the Definitive Cut.

+ 0.9 sec

58:49-59:12 / 52:37

More entertainment next to the camera before George swings his yo-yo.

+ 23.3 sec

59:36-59:45 / 53:01

The camera lingers a little longer on George with the yo-yo.

+ 8.9 sec

61:07-62:07 / 54:23

George sniffily inquires again about the actor's condition and continues playing yo-yo. After that, Tom's work at the bed again and the effect is filmed several times.

+ 59.7 sec

64:51-65:06 / 57:07

A first part of the interview with Christine Romero was deleted.

+ 15.1 sec

65:30-65:49 / 57:31

Tom Savini explains earlier that it feels like hell when the film is torn away from you like this.

+ 18.3 sec

66:04-66:16 / 57:46

Also in the middle of it, a part of Savini's commentary was removed, where he talks more about the problems.

+ 12.4 sec

66:52-68:06 / 58:22

After the next part of the interview with Christine was included, it starts earlier again with George. He also explains how much creative limitations one sometimes has outside of independent productions.

+ 73,6 sec (= 1:14 min)

73:03-73:11 / 63:19

The hairdryer runs a little longer and the follow-up shot also a little earlier.

+ 7.8 sec

74:43-74:45 / 64:51

Gahan speaks a moment longer...

+ 2.1 sec

75:03-76:44 / 65:09

...and can be seen again after the shot with a longer further comment. After that, Steve Bissette has his say and the "Phantom of the Movies".

+ 101.3 sec (= 1:41 min)

77:43-78:02 / 66:08

Gahan addresses George directly in his last words a little earlier and praises him a little first.

+ 19.6 sec

78:22 or 83:51-84:03 / 66:28-66:39

At the end of the "old" material, you can already see here in the Definitive Cut how George goes to Roy with his yo-yo and says goodbye to him.
In the Original Cut, this only happened after the long end credits with more film scenes.

78:22-84:03 or -91:36 / 66:39-102:13

As just mentioned: Here, in the Original Cut the credits begin, with shots from other films being shown in between. This was completely removed from the Definitive Cut and only the short part at the very end was reinserted with George's farewell (see previous difference). It should also be noted that these final shots of George in the Original Cut also started about 20 seconds earlier with comments from George to the film crew. This was again not included in the Definitive Cut.

Afterwards, there are another 7.5 minutes of "Supplementary Section: Deleted Footage" as part of the film file, which in various releases of the documentary was only stored individually as part of the bonus material.

In the Definitive Cut, the new material starts instead. First, George's daughter Tina is interviewed, who tells how she was on the sets early on - for the first time on Two Evil Eyes. You also see a little movie shot at the Romeros' home, which shows how George had his own survival horror in the middle of the family.

Followed by a more recent interview with George on a street. This is interrupted by a clip in which George Bush's answers are turned into zombies. This is followed by various other imitators or variations, such as one with naked girls by Rodney Moore. Bill Lustig, Dennis Moore, Danny Boyle, Tom Savini, Dario Argento, the actress of Barbara from Night and various people from Day as well as other contemporary witnesses also speak about anecdotes.

In another interview with George, he says that he is very pleased with Simon Pegg's Shaun of the Dead, of which you can see some material on the set. Greg Nicotero also comments on newer effect possibilities with animatronics, followed by scenes from the shoot of Land of the Dead. After a few more insights into the set, George also comments on the Dawn remake, which he especially appreciates as an action movie.

Then a comment on Diary of the Dead and a train ride from Roy Frumkes to the set in Canada. No matter where he looks, he sees typical pictures from horror movies. The atmosphere on the set is not that great, because they work on one shot all day long and it just doesn't work out.

Finally, again Tina, who tells about how detailed she made George believe in Santa Claus as a child. Once a wallet with money from all over the world and credit card replica would have turned up. Another time, her brother would have insisted on putting up a video camera. George would have thought up something for that as well, so that in the end, through clever lighting on the private home videos, one would have had a moment when, as it were, Santa's sleigh took off and floated up to the sky.
The end credits are completely new with more shots from current sets in between.

Definitive Cut 20:20 min longer