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original title: Doragon bru Z: Kami to kami


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Oct 31, 2014 - Author: MajoraZZ - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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Pilaw and his gang are sneaking around in Bulma's house.
52 sec

Shu: "Come on!"
Mai: "Let's hurry!"
Pilaw: "Yeah! The Dragon Balls must be hidden someplace! Find them!"
9.5 sec

Extended shot of Shu and Mai searching.
12 sec

Extended shot of Pilwa's gang looking at Goten.
9.5 sec

Pilaw: "Oh, I get it! Mai, you're a genius! You big-time rascal!"
Mai: "Oh, no, not as much as you are, Pilaf."
Shu: "But that diamond was worth more than ten billion zeni, wasn't it?"
Pilaw: "You idiot! That huge amaount of money just means that much more stress, doesn't it?"
Mai: "Yeah! If we get so nervous that we pee our pants, are you offering to wash them for us?"
Pilaw: "I'm not so sure about that example. It seemed to be a little bit off-color."
Mai: "I beg your pardon."
Pilaw sees Bulma, Trunks and Son-Goten.
Pilaw: "Isn't that? It's him! What is he saying?"
57.5 sec

King Kai runs to Goku who raises his hands in order to prepare an attack (Fans of the show immediately recognize the position).
3 sec

Master Roshi: "Here, let me have a look."
Gohan: "Can you heal her, Turtle Hermit?"
Master Roshi: "I'll give her a mouth-to-mouth..."
Before Muten Roshi can finish his comment, he gets slapped by Bulma.
Bulma: "That has nothing to do with an injured leg! You haven't changed at all, you dirty old man!"
Master Roshi: "Neither have you! How could you do that do a great sage?"
15.5 sec

Pilaw: "This is a dream, right? A dream."
Shu: "But I thought we were dreaming before, and it was all real."
Mai: "By an chance, can you deflect bullets, too?"
Trunks: "Of course I can. You knew that when you started the act, right? And you there, the dog, you can't just stand there in a daze. You have to hurry up and come slashing at me!"
Shu: "Sorry."
Trunks: "And monkey, your intensity leaves a lot to be desired! What a shame. It could have gone over better."
Pilaw: "We'll try harder next time."
Change of scenery to Vegeta who serves his "guests" Beerus and Whis.
Vegeta: "What did you think? That was an entertaining show, right?"
33.5 sec

When the Z-Group is playing bingo, the close-up of Piccolo who can't wait for the results is missing.
2 sec

The Theatrical Version contains a tracking shot from the left to the right while the Extended Cut contains a tracking shot from the right to the left (no screenshots because the actual footage is the same).
But then the shot of Piccolo leaving in shame because he has lost is missing. He crushes the bingo field in the process and throws it to the ground. Bee (Hercule's dog) picks it up and runs off. Son-Goten chases the dog.
6 sec

Whis recommends Beerus to try some pudding. Beerus, who has never seen it before, wants to give it a shot of course. When they go to the buffet, they realize that there is no pudding anymore even though Whis allegedly saw lots of it moments ago. They take a look around and notice that Boo took it all.
27.5 sec

Boo attacks one more time but he fails.
8.5 sec

Piccolo hits the ground unconscious, then the Z-Fighters. Boo attacks again but Beerus ducks the attacls and grabs Boo's head.
14.5 sec

Goten takes Trunks and unconscious Mai with him.
8.5 sec

Vegeta: "This way, Beerus!"
5 sec

Vegeta flies off and Beerus follows. The fight does not start until then.
14 sec

Trunks and Goten decide to merge.
11.5 sec

Alternate Footage
The shot is slightly zoomed in and colored differently (please note the color of the aura) in the Extended Cut.
no difference

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut

Gotenks flies off.
6.5 sec

While the battle is taking place in the background, Whis is eating from Bulma's buffet.
7 sec

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