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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

original title: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


  • Theatrical Cut
  • Ultimate Edition (TV-Extended)
Release: Dec 04, 2009 - Author: Jason - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
For the free TV premiere of the first part of the Harry Potter saga, ABC had Chris Colombus integrate the deleted scenes which were already known from the previous DVD releases into the storyline.
This special Extended Cut was then aired as a 4 hours Harry Potter special, which besides the movie included several interviews, behind the scenes footage as well as making-ofs. This was clearly meant as advertisement for the third part of the saga,"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", which was then about to be released in cinemas. Therefore, some of the featurettes were about the third part. Even during the movie, some short interview sequences, each about 1 minute long, were aired. In those, the three young lead actors commented on the third installment of the series. Due to all those changes the total running time added up to 170 minutes. This created the rumor that almost 20 minutes of new material had been added to the movie. However, if one ignores all the behind the scenes footage and the interviews only 6 1/2 minutes of material has been added to the original version.

As for today, this as well as the Extended Cut of the second part have been released on DVD and Blu-Ray as so-called Ultimate Editions. Most likely, these versions are identical with the version that was aired on ABC.

The time references refer to the running time of the Theatrical Cut. The other differences result from the differences in speed between NTSC and PAL, the credits that are missing from the TV version,the cross fading that is longer in the TV version because of the commercial breaks and the rounding of the running time of each alternative scene to whole/half seconds.

Comparison between the uncensored Theatrical Cut from the German DVD and the US TV Extended Cut, aired on ABC on May 9, 2004.

Theatrical Cut: 2:26:04 min. (2:18:16 min. without credits)
TV Extended Cut: 2:33:13 min. (2:30:54 min. without credits)

7 extended scenes = 6 min. 32 sec.
title screen:

The title is different because it was changed for the US audience.

no time difference

the school uniform:
Vernon and Petunia proudly gaze at Dudley, who is wearing his new uniform; Petunia takes a photo of him. Both are very moved by Dudley's appearance. Harry enters the room and asks whether he would have to wear such a uniform, too. The others looks at him in a puzzled way and start laughing at him. Petunia explains to Harry condescendingly that he, in contrast to Dudley, would not need such a uniform in State School, where he belongs. Both of them go to the kitchen where Petunia washes Dudley's old uniform. She explains to Harry that she would give it to him. Harry complains that it is Dudley's old uniform but Petunia says that the uniform would fit him after she is done. Then she sends Harry to get the mail.
51 sec.

flood of letters:
Petunia opens eggs over a bowl. But each egg she opens does neither contain the yellow nor the white of the egg. The only things that are in the eggs are letters to Harry. Eventually, Petunia looks out of the window and sees dozens of owls. She starts screaming and runs out of the kitchen.
33,5 sec.

On the way to London:
Harry and Hagrid are in the metro. Harry checks his list for what he needs for the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Among other things he needs something from a real dragon. When Hagrid hears that he starts talking about dragons. He really loves them and thinks they are missunderstood creatures. He looks over to a woman. The woman takes a distrustful glance at him but then looks away again. This makes Hagrid smile.
34,5 sec.

The first lesson with professor Snape:

As a direct response to Snape's remark that fame wouldn't be everything, Harry says that Hermine (who is still raising her hand) would know the answer and that it is sad that Snape does not let her answer. The other students chuckle. Snape asks the students to be quiet and immediately after that the room is silent. Snape looks at Harry intensely, then leaves his recess and walks over to Harry. While walking he tells Hermine to put down her hand, which she does. Snape takes a chair, sits down next to Harry and explains to him in minute detail what the right answer would have been. The scene also contains inter-cuts between the suprised Ron and the gloating Draco. After that Snape pauses for a moment and asks rhetorically whether everybody has taken notes. The students panic, take out their books and start writing. The professor walks back to his recess and sits down at his desk. He then announces that 5 points would be deducted from Griffendore's due to the effrontery of one of their students. Draco is obviously happy but Hermine looks at Harry accusingly. At the end Snape writes something down and gives Harry one more threatening look.
86 sec.

After the fight with the troll:
Harry, Hermine and Ron go back to their rooms. They talk about how they got away lightly. Ron says that Harry has saved Hermine's life but she disagrees because she thinks that nothing would have happened if Ron had not insulted her. Ron asks what purpose friendship would have then. Finally, the two smile at each other.
17 sec.

Harry und the mirror of Erised:

In the dinner hall: Ron sits together with his classmates at one of the tables and has dinner with them. Harry sits far away at another table. He is alone. Ron notices that and goes to him. He asks Harry whether he would like to play chess or visit Hagrid; but Harry doesn't want to. Ron says that he would know what Harry was thinking and that he shouldn't do that because something would be wrong with the mirror. Harry nods wearily and so Ron walks back to the others. Harry pensively watches him walk away.
56 sec.

Research on Nicholas Flamell:

In the hall: Harry and Ron play cards. Hermine accuses them of not being prepared for the final exam. Ron responds by saying that she could ask him any question and he would know the answer. Promptly, Hermine poses him a question which he cannot answer. Therefore, Hermine asks him what he would do if such a question would be in the exam. Ron says that he would just copy the answer from her but Hermine opposes that. Furthermore, she adds that during the exam an anti-cheating spell would prevent anybody from cheating. Ron is angry that Hermine doesn't have trust in them.
Neville enters the hall jumping as if his feet are grown together.
Ron says something about a curse. As response Harry utters, "Malfoy". Neville jumps over to them. Ron thinks that Neville should take some action against all the bullying but Neville thinks he cannot do anything since he can hardly stand. The classmate next to Ron offers to ban the curse but Neville doesn't want that because his alleged saviour has accidentally put things on fire before. This makes the classmate angry and he points out that his eyebrows are already fully grown again. But then he turns around and many burned spots become visible on the back of his head.
When Hermine is still laughing about that, Harry suddenly finds a card in the game on which Dumbledore is mentioned in connection with Nicholas Flamell. After Ron has read out the card alound, Harry adds that he knew that the name sounded familiar; he had already heard it on the train to Hogwarts. Hermine tells the two to follow her and all three leave the hall in a hurry. Neville yells after them what they would do about his curse but before he can finish the sentence he loses his balance and falls over, which everybody in the hall finds funny.
114 sec.

In the US TV version only 2:20 min of the credits were shown. (After "A Chris Columbus Film" the screen faded out.)
347 sec.