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Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods

original title: Doragon bru Z: Kami to kami


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Oct 31, 2014 - Author: MajoraZZ - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB

Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Extended Cut.

Almost 18 years after the last Dragonball Z motion picture, Toei Animation released the 14th picture called "Dragonball Z - Battle of Gods". It is very different than the previous ones because the content of the manga influences the motion picture this time plus Dragonball creator Akira Toriyama was involved this time. With a length of 85 minutes (Theatrical Version) / 105 minutes, the 14th motion picture is also the longest Dragonball Z movie. Until then, it was the 8th movie Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan.

Almost one year after the movie started in Japanese theaters, Toei Animation, 20th Century Fox and Funimation announced an Extended Cut which has been released on 10/07/2014 in the US - both on Blu-ray and DVD.

The Extended Cut contains a lot of new content and is almost 20 minutes longer. Not just for fans but for any kind of audience, the Extended Cut is very recommendable. The Extended Cut often contains very funny scene that did not make it in the Theatrical Version but there are dialogs that actually help people who did not watch the TV show to understand the plot. Sometimes, there is insignificant additional footage though - such as a tracking shot that contains the exact same footage one gets to see in the Theatrical Version.

For fans, the Extended Cut is quite important because it contains additional or extended battle scenes with a very high quality that unfortunately did not make it in the Theatrical Version.

Some information for die-hard fans: Some fans could be bothered by Vegeta's appearance. At the end of the show, he already became more peaceful and softer (especially in episode 280 when he calls Goku number one). Several filler episodes of the Boo Saga presented Vegeta rather funny than combative as well (e.g. the filler episodes with Vegeta and Goku being stuck inside of Boo's body). Unfortunately, that new Vegeta gimmick has been mainained for the movie because it is build on the Boo Saga. Fans can look forward to his outfit known from the Cell Saga: the training outfit. Therefore, Vegeta is very clumsy - especially in the first 50 minutes. But he is also funny and submissive (almost scary). Some fans might really be bothered by it. But then again, this "new" Vegeta does his job very well and he is some kind of reminder of Krilin or Yamcha from the TV show. While the fan can't wait to see Goku, Vegeta keeps up the silence before the storm. But those who wat to know how and why better watch the movie themselves.

There is a differnece of 19 minutes and 41 seconds, caused by 55 cuts and 3 scenes with alternate footage (end credits not considered).

Time index refers to the Extended Cut (Blu-Ray).
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Recap with the highlights of Dragonball and Dragonball Z.
110 sec

Old Supreme Kai: "Have you sensed it too, Kaioshin?"
Supreme Kai: "Yes. He certainly is awake early this time, isn't he?"
Old Supreme Kai: "My word, peace truly is short-lived."
Supreme Kai: "And after they just created the world anew, too."
Old Supreme Kai: "I would think that Kaio and the others sense it, too, but tell him to be on the lookout, just in case."
Supreme Kai: "All right!"
43 sec

Goku, King Kai and Bananas have dinner together.
32 sec

Whis: "Well, I have prepared your bath. Please go take it."
Beerus: "No way. I hate baths."
Whis: "You are covered in bomb soot. It could contain mold. Come on."
Beerus: "What if I say no?"
Whis: "Someone will say "Beerus the Destroyer is amazing, but pee-yew!" and word woll spread around."
Beerus: "Whis, I'm tired of your unfunny jokes. I'll destroy you."
35 sec

Tracking shot of Beerus' empire.
3 sec

Beerus: "That's the planet which had something called dinosaurs, which took a rude attitude toward me, so I exterminated them, right?"
6.5 sec

Beerus and Whis fly off.
19.5 sec

Shot of Beerus' empire.
6 sec

Hercule eats meat.
Hercule: "Hey, you there!Don't just sit around, bring me another drink. I'll give you an autograph afterward."
Dr. Briefs: "All right, what kind of drink would you like?"
Ox King: "Mister Satan, this gentleman is Bulma's father, Dr. Briefs."
Hercule is so shocked that he drops his glass and falls off his chair.
Hercule: "The greatest genius in the world?"
Chi Chi: "Not to mention the richest man in the world."
Mrs. Briefs: "Oh, sweetheart, you're the richest man in the world?"
Dr. Briefs: "I'm not too sure of that, myself."
Hercule: "How terribly rude of me!"
Dr. Briefs: "By the way, what kind of drink would you like?"
Hercule: "Don't be absurd! I will bring you something to drink! What can i get for you?"
Dr. Briefs: "I'm fine right now."
Hercule: "Oh, not at all! What would you like to drink?"
Dr. Briefs: "Okay, a cola."
Hercule: "A cola! Right, as you wish! I will bring you a whole case, right now!
Videl: "Ah, geez, Papa. How embarrassing."
77.5 sec

Goku: "Oh, no!"
King Kai: "What is it, Goku?"
Goku: "Today is Bulma's birthday party! This ain't good! She'll be mad at me!"
King Kai: " Don't startle me over something like that!"
Goku: "She's scary. Probably. It would be a close contest between her and this destroyer guy. Kaio?"
37.5 sec

Goku watches Whis through the window in King Kai's house.
7.5 sec

Goku: "That's the guy who is called Beerus?"
3.5 sec

Whis: "However, considering that you restored your world earlier, and you did not bring it back to its original size, you must prefer it to be this size, don't you?"
11 sec

King Kai jumps.
2 sec

Beerus: "Whis, how long to reach earth?"
Whis: "Roughly three minutes."
Beerus: "Three minutes? All right, then."
8 sec

King Kai rushes to wounded Goku.
3.5 sec

Additional shot of King Kai's wasted planet.
7 sec

King Kai: "I warned you, over and over! Just be grateful you weren't killed!"
Goku: "To get any stronger, there ain't no choise but to merge witch Vegeta, ist there? No, even at that, I doubt I could beat him."
King Kai: "Let's hope the people on earth don't do anything foolish."
Goku: "He said something about "Super Saiyan God", didn't he? Is that something I can arrive at with training? Or is it the name of a Saiyan called "God" ? Is there another...?"
Goku loses consciousness. Bananas finds a bag with magic beans in Goku's bag and passes one of them to Goku.
Goku: "I'm better! Kaio, we have to let everyone on earth know!"
King Kai: "I've already told Vegeta. He's the one most likely to step over the line, after all."
Goku: "Things ain't looking good. I'd better get back to earth right away. Or maybe I should train a bit first."
86.5 sec

Vegeta is looking for Beerus and Whis until he finds them at the pool.
16.5 sec

Hercule is drunk and wants to challenge Beerus for a fight. The situation gets calmed dow pretty fast because Hercule is so wasted, he just drops and falls asleep.
23.5 sec

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