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Two Disc Special Edition (Uncut)

The Burning

So I Married An Axe Murderer


The Last Starfighter

The Truman Show


Batman Forever


  • German DVD
Release: Apr 03, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Cut UK DVD (BBFC PG) and the Uncut German DVD (FSK 12), both released by Warner Home Video.

To get the PG rating, several scenes are cut on the UK DVD. Since 2005 the Uncut Version is also available on DVD in UK and rated BBFC 12.

Running Time Cut UK DVD (credits excluded): 111:10
Running Time Uncut German DVD (credits excluded): 112:44

29 Cuts = 93.64 sec

The time index refers to the Cut DVD.
After the credits, when we see Batman's dress and weapons, a short scene which shows Batman taking a knife is missing.
1.68 sec

The guard asks Two Face if he was going to kill him. Two Face's answer's missing in the UK Version.
He replies that that decision wasn't made yet because they had had different opinions about that. Then a shot of the scared guard, Two Face asks him if he was a gambler.
8.04 sec

Missing close-up of Two Face's disfigured face.
3.08 sec

Extended shot of Two Face and the guard.
1.64 sec

While his men are carrying the guard in the safe, Two Face flips a coin and says that the bat could be caught with a living decoy.
2.64 sec

Two Face's laughter is missing.
1.48 sec

Two Face orders to kill them when the elevator arrives.
1.28 sec

Extended shot of the men shooting on the door of the elevator.
2.6 sec

The first frames that show Two Face escaping from Batman are missing.
0.44 sec

Batman kicks his enemy with his knee in the stomach.
0.48 sec

Batman grabs the attacker with his legs, knockes him down and kicks his nuts. Then he grabs another one from behind and pulls him up.
5.52 sec

Batman finally headbutts the man.
1.28 sec

A man gets kickes in the stomach, another one in the face.
3.16 sec

Extended shot of Two Face in the chopper.
1.6 sec

Two Face mentions that he's going to show the effect of the same acid that had made him and the others to what they were.
4.52 sec

Extended shot of Two Face before the chopper flies through the glas eye.
0.68 sec

Two Face's third gunshot is missing in the UK Version. He hits the pilot and the devices, sparks are sent out.
2.24 sec

The last frames, that show Fred (cuffed at a chair) falling out of the window, are missing. The wire, which is connected with the device on his head, thightens up. In the meanwhile he calls for help.
3.08 sec

Missing shot of the scared Fred who's looking down the abyss. Furthermore the shots of the water fall and the building are missing.
2.28 sec

Edward Nygma stands close to Fred and fires him. Then he removes the device from his head and Fred falls into deep.
14.68 sec

Missing shot of Two Face's men when they're attacking the circus.
1.88 sec

Edward Nygma watches Two Face's speech at the circus on TV. He announcues a surprising act which makes Edward laugh.
8.2 sec

After Two Face informed the mayor that he wanted Batman, he adds some further words.
3.88 sec

Bruce knocks the man down and punches his face.
2.8 sec

After having caught his coin, Two Face says that day was their day. He turns around which makes the viewer able to see his disfured face.
2.64 sec

Bruce knockes an attacker down and kicks him.
3.28 sec

Before Two Face's bazooka missile hits the car with his men in it, a shot of the horrified is missing in the UK Version.
0.64 sec

Missing shot of Two Face's diabolical laughter.
1.4 sec

Two Face hits the rock. Robin grabs him, impresses a line on him and headbutts him.
6.52 sec