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  • US Version (Movie 3)
  • Japanese Version (Movie 3)
Release: Jun 13, 2011 - Author: Jim - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
In the year 1999, animation stuidio TOEI created Digimon Adventure - and probably didn't really believe that it was going to be a huge hit themselves. After all, Pocket Monster (Pokemon) was a huge competitor, since this show was already there for about 3 years and it's creators were about to release the first Pokemon movie. Still, Digimon became a huge hit and was successful worldwide. By now, there are several Digimon seasons and movies.

FOX Entertainment bought the rights to distribute the series in the USA. When they were about to release the Digimon movie, no one could have known that they bought the rights of the first three Digimon movies which they then cut together to release it as one single movie. They completely ignored the fact that the third movie was based on events that took place in the series "Digimon 02" and therefore had nothing to do with the first 2 movies. Instead they used the dubbing as well as the postponement of several scenes to connect the movies together. In fact, the first "movie" which is only 20 minutes long could rather be seen as a bonus episode than a real movie. Chronologically it takes place before the first season "Digimon Adventure". Therefore it makes sense that each movie always contains characters of the seasons they're connected to. For the final movie, the US producers deleted all the new characters from the third movie - along with a complete subplot.
The US version of the series was always edited/censored since the series was not child friendly enough for the US censors.

Hurricane Touchdown! The Golden Digimentals! Here, things really went crazy. This was the first movie for the second Digimon series, “Digimon 02” (or “Digimon Zero-Two”). This movie's original running time was 64 minutes, only about half of which survived the editing for the second version. At first, the side plot about the Digiknights from “Digimon Adventures” was removed completely. They have but a very short appearance in a recapitulation at the beginning. All of the references to them were removed as well. In one scene, this is especially annoying: Mimi is spending time in New York with T.K. and Kari when she disappears. They are standing at a public internet terminal and want to send pictures home. Suddenly Mimi, holding the laptop, vanishes and the computer falls down, held only by a cable before T. K. picks it up. In the edited version, the scene starts with the laptop hanging at the cable without explaining how it got there.

Additionally, Davis and the others originally were called to the US because they were supposed to rescue Tai and the other disappeared Digiknights. Instead, they are now just called there by Willis. All references to hitchhiking were edited, too. The explanation for the first car drive is that Jolei's uncle had recommended a taxi company because they could use them for free as he has good contacts. The driver offers to turn the music on and Cody asks for something calm, he puts on a fast Country/Folk song and it seems as if he drove to the music. In the Japanese Version, the driver is just an America fan who just likes to drive mad. The second time, when they are stranded in Colorado, the hitchhiking covered up as a Pizza taxi ordered by Willis, who also asked whether it could pick them up on the way to his house. The scene in which Willis is on the train without a ticket was removed without substitute.

But the main changes consist of an increible amount of scenes which were shortened by only a few seconds, not changing the story but giving the movie a much faster pace at certain times. Then again, many plot scenes were left out and the dubbing changed quite a bit, too.
One could say that the edited version tells a completely different story. Willis says that Chocomon, the third movie's villain, had just disappeared and been infected with a virus, transforming him into Diabolomon, the bad Digimon from the Boku No Wargame movie. This is why Diabolomon says "Back to the beginning" in the edited version the same way Chocomon is doing it. He also says that the people coming close to Willis would just disappear (maybe a hidden allusion to the Digiknights?), however, this never happens. Originally, Chocomon was abducted and infected by a malicious program, resulting in a Digimon featuring only a black heart. Chocomon himself is unhappy about this and is now looking for Willis. However, it only knows the young Willis which always had cared for it. That is why it has abducted and rejuvenated the old Digiknights – as an attempt to find Willis. The only clues it finds are the digivices every Digiknight – except Willis – owns. All this is not mentioned in the edited version.
Not mentioned as well is the fact that Willis does not want to fight Chocomon at the beginning and that Davis even judges him for wanting to kill his friend in one scene. During the last fight, however, Willis realizes that killing him is the only way he can help his friend. This can be seen as a very nice example of the mature thoughts sometimes conveyed in the series – but was removed.

It's a common thing for the US to edits of Digimon that the editors added new dialogues to e.g. make a scene more funny. However, they really edited the dialogues immensely for the movie. The cut of the scenes is awful and often results in inconsitencies. If you look at the scene of the third movie where Mimi disappeared, there's a dialogue where they used several scenes of a dialogue which follows later on (it's a scene where T.K. and Kari talk to each other). In this added scene Patamon sits on T.K.'s shoulder while in the original scene he just holds him in his hands. This results in a chain of scenes where Patamon at first sits on the shoulder, then suddenly is held and then "jumps" back on the shoulders again.
Additionally, the picture quality is awful, too. The color saturation was reduced (most noticeable in the third movie). Also, they zoomed the image so that about a third of the frame (!) is lost. Here are a few examples (the images on the left represent the US DVD and the images on the right represent the Japanese versions):

There doesn't seem to be any explanation to why they zoomed the image so heavily. Not only doesn't it make any sense but there are also scenes (e.g. close-up shots of faces) where the effect looks downright weird.
Please excuse the extremely bad image quality of the thrid movie, but the only source for this movie was an old VHS tape. Anyone should be quite familiar with the "quality" of VHS tapes.

The soundtrack was completely changed as well - the original music is all gone. Instead you hear English Rock/Pop songs or other new music creations. The same thing also happened for the US version of the TV series (amongst anime fans the English song that is played during the evolution of the Digimon is said to be the worst replacement ever and the US version of Digimon in general is famous for it's bad soundtrack). Due to the alternative soundtrack a lot of scenes have an entirely different mood.

Interestingly enough, most of the cuts don't seem to be made due to censorship but rather to trim the movie down to a more appealing runtime. There are only very few cuts that seem to be cuts due to censorship and the harshest ones (e.g. the close-up shot of the split of Diablomon's head) still made it into the US version. If you consider the fact that the movie is only 84 minutes long while most of the children's movies are 90 to 100 minutes long, they really didn't have to cut away that much.
Runtime of Movie 1 (uncut): 0:20:11
Runtime of Movie 2 (uncut): 0:40:50
Runtime of Movie 3 (uncut): 1:04:34

Runtime of Digimon - The Movie: 1:24:38

Overall missing footage of Movie 1: 338 seconds (5 minutes 38 seconds)
Overall missing footage of Movie 2: 374 seconds (6 minutes 14 seconds)
Overall missing footage of Movie : 1641 seconds (27 minutes 21 seconds)
Overall missing footage (combined): 2353 seconds (39 minutes 13 seconds)
Because of the conjunction, the logos and the title screen are missing.

I apologize for the poor quality of the screen shots, unfortunately the footage was not available in a better quality. I will upload better pictures later if possible.

26 sec

Willis can be seen on the field longer.

6 sec

Willis looks around, the wind starts to blow a little.

5 sec

Willis looks at the wind anomaly longer and then goes a step towards it. The following shot of him starts later as well.

16 sec

The flowers shaken by the wind can be seen longer.

3 sec

The following can only be called disgusting. At first, the edited version features a text overlay stating "Present Day".

+5 sec

The Japanese Version contains a prolog with the intro song as background here. The US shows these scene partially, but in a completely different order. The order of the scenes is now taken from the altered version. In the US Version, Kari says something about the visible characters from the off.

Tai is playing football longer.

The beginning of Sora's scene is missing.

At the end, she looks at her work getting less and less satisfied with it.

The close-up of Izzy's hand was removed. He clicks a few times.

Joey's scene is missing completely. He gets a can out of a vending machine and drinks from it.

Matt is practicing guitar longer.

Jolei and Davis are playing beach volleyball with the Digimon longer. The last 5 sec of this scene were used shortly afterwards in the US Version.

The beginning of Jolei's scene was removed, the shadow of her flying digimon approaching can be seen in the background.

Cody builds his sand castle longer.

Scene order overview:
Japanese VersionUS Version
[Davis, Jolei, Cody][Tai]
[Sora][Davis, Jolei, Cody]
[Matt][Davis, Jolei, Cody (Szenenende)]

All in all 38 sec are missing.

The US is adding a scene which can be seen at the end of the original movie, showing the group saying goodbye to each other.

After the picture of T. K. And Kari was taken, an important part of the movie is missing. They want to upload the pictures at the internet terminal, when Kari says that a crying digimon was nearby, looking for something.

Suddenly, Mimi's digidevice is beeping. A wind hose surrounds her and she vanishes. On the playground where Tai was playing earlier only the football can be seen. A friend enter Matt's roo, but there is no one as well. The same applies to Sora and Izzy. After that, we can see Joey's digidevice beeping and him disappearing the same way Mimi did.
Tracking shot through the empty street.

Afterwards, a wisp of wind can be seen around a hydrant. This was used later in the US Version, the following close-up of Willis was removed.

82 sec

The US Version starts when all the guys have disappeared. The dialog was rewritten as if Mimi had never held the laptop, which is rather stupid because no one would treat a laptop like this and just let it hang on a cable. This scene was mixed with a shot of the removed dialog (showing Kari). The mixing was done rather poorly, however, because T. K. is sometimes holding Patamon and then the laptop again.

After the inserted dialog, some scenes were used earlier than in the original version.
The scene with the mail box and the traffic lights directly follows after the front view of Willis (which was reversed in the US Version). The scene with Kari is also taken from later in the movie the same goes for the scene with the one way street-sign. In the US Version these scenes are all shown before the frontal shot of Willis.

Chocomon is muffled by even more smoke.

1 sec.

You can see an explosion among the houses.

2 sec.

At this point you would normally see the dialogue between T.K. and Kari after Mimi disappeared.

Then follows a shot of a sign which was shortened for the US version so that it doesn't interrupt the battle (in the way that it was re-cut for the US release) too long.

4 sec.

You see a back alley; the shot is accompanied by Chocomon screaming.

4 sec.

Willi watches the Digimon a little longer.

2 sec.

You see T.K. running after Kari a little longer. The following shot of a puddle was cut out as well.

4 sec.

The beginning of the scene where you see Chocomon inside the puddle before Willis steps into it was cut out.

< 1 sec.

In the edited version the beginning of this scene was cut out. The US version starts when Kari appears on the screen again.

2 sec.

Chocomon raises its claw as if it was about to attack. Then follows a cut to Terriermon.

5 sec.

Another shot of Terriermon was cut out.

2 sec.

The alley is shown a little longer after Chocomon disappeared. Willis is stunned and stands around a little longer; then follows a cut to the puddle.

5 sec.

T.K. turns to Kari. She tells him that she just heard the voice of her brother: T.K. replies that this guy might have something to do with it.

8 sec.

You see the Digi-knights (which were teleported away) inside a strange room.

Tai asks where they are. Yamato replies that he can't see anything. Izzy says that he can't think right now. Joey comments that it feels cold in there. Mimi wants to know why they are there while Sora asks how they got there in the first place. Izzy replies that he doesn't know.

Now follows a long shot. Matt says that T.K. should watch out while Tai says the same thing to Kari.

The beginning of the following tracking shot of the skyscrapers was cut out. The edited version continues when Patamon can alreay be seen.

50 sec.

Patamon watches Willis phoning from the traffic light.

7 sec.

At this point the Japanese version shows teh scene where Davis is informed at the beach. The US version uses this scene at a different point and here instead cuts to T.K. and Kari inside the train.

However, you don't see Davis, Jolei, and Cody try to hitchhike. Davis says that he shouldn't use a sign that says "with monsters" because no one would want to take them along when they knew that they have monsters.

Additionally you don't see Willis stowing away in the train. Terriermon tells him that it's tired and wants to know if they go to the field of flowers.

The train stops while a woman is already waiting at the platform.

Terriermon asks Willis if they want to go now. Willis gets up and goes away. Terriermon asks what's wrong with him. Willis replies that Terriermon annoys him. He doesn't know if Chocomon even knows that it is attacking them. Terriermon replies that it is serious and will do anything to find Willis. This is why he protects him. Willis says that he doesn't even know what Terriermon is talking about and that it was not necessary to attack Chocomon.

Again you see the woman at the platform. Terriermon says that Chocomon is no longer who it's used to be. Willis doesn't really care. After sitting down next to Willis Terriermon mentions that he won't say anything else about it. Outside you can see the landscape which the train passes. Terriermon adds that Willis' mother is probably worried. Willis says that he will call her later.

In the Japanese version you now see the scene of Willis and Terriermon in the desert - again, the US version shows this a little later. Subsequently the Japanese version shos a close-up shot of a laptop. Kari presses enter twice. Then the movie cuts to the train. In the US version you first see the train and then follows the close-up shot of the laptop.

113 sec.

At this point the American version shows the scene of Jolei, Davis, and Cody at the beach who receive the message.

The edited version now shows Willis and Terriermon in the desert.

After Terriermon ran into Willis from behind, the edited version offers a cut.
In the Japanese version, Terriermon is extremely exhausted because of the heat. Absentminded it takes a few more steps after running into Willis before it stops. Then it says that they only have all this trouble because Willis wants to call his mother.

13 sec.

Another cut. Willis says that it is not THAT bad. He wipes some sweat off his forehead. Then he asks if Terriermon thinks that Chocomon will wait for them at the field of flowers tomorrow.

18 sec.

Another part of the scene was cut out. Terriermon replies that Chocomon will probably not be able to deal with the heat. Willis walks on without saying anything else.

18 sec.

The US version now shows a short shot of the train.

1 sec.

However, this shot of the train was cut out.

4 sec.

Another shot of the train was cut out. This time you only see the train's windows.
The smooth transition to the next shot is gone, too.

8 sec.

After the train stopped, the US version shows the following images and this part of the plot is finished off by one of the characters saying that he believes that somebody tries to prevent them from arriving in Colorado. Originally, this shot of the train follows a little later.
Instead the US version now shows Davis, Jolei, and Cody travelling by plane and by car. Instead of hitchhiking they call a cab company Jolei's uncle is in contact with.

In the Japanese version the scene goes on a little longer.
At first you see a completely different shot of the train. Kari runs to the end of the wagon and opens the door. She notes that there is no one else in the train. Now you see the shot of the train that was already used in the US version.

18 sec.

In the Japanese version Davis screams a little longer.

3 sec.

The beginning of this shot was cut out.

1 sec.

In the Japanese version a part of the scene where the truck dives on was cut out.

1 sec.

After Davis, Jolei, Cody, and Willis got off the truck, the US version at first shows a shot of the highway. Then you see Willis talking. Originally, this takes place a little later.

Cody says that he seems to be a nice guy. When Davis says that Cody shouldn't be so naive, Jolei is surprized that he also speaks Japanese.

7 sec.

The beginning of the shot of Willis talking was cut out.

3 sec.

This scene with Willis (where he asks what the Digiworld is) was cut out.

2 sec.

The beginning of this close-up shot of Willis was cut out.

1 sec.

Cody asks Willis if he knew anything about other Digimon.

5 seconds

In the edited version, you see Willis on the phone while in the Japanese version, Cody makes a car stop so it picks them up. In the edited version, though, the situation is like this: Willis orders a pizza that is supposed to be there within two minutes, otherwise the delivery would be free. He ordered the pizza to his adress and the pizza-taxi should just pick them up on the way there. The scene, in which Willis is talking on the phone, was originally from another part of the film.

You can see the "old" tamers again. Tai returns to the group. He says that he just woke up and then Mimi faces him, telling him he looked differently than before. Only now it is that Tai realizes he got younger.

Subsequently, the actual scene of Willis on the phone begins. He actually calls his mother. Terriermon asks Willis if this really was neccessary, while Willis tells his mother to listen to him. Terriermon continues trying to get Willis' attention, then turns to Deviveemon, telling it that Willis should listen to Terriermon once in a while – but his mother was much more important to him. Deviveemon comments that Daisuke's mother was nice, Terriermon answers that either was Wallace's.

After that, the telephone scene itself starts, which was also contained in the edited version. A subsequent scene with Terriermon and Deviveemon is missing.

Terriermon says that Wallace's mother was scary sometimes, Deviveemon's adds that she was also strange.

48 seconds

Willis is shown longer in the Japanese version.

2 seconds

Chocomon strikes out and punches for Veemon.
2 seconds

In the edited version, there was a scene implemented here, that was actually only shown in the end of the fight in the Japanese version. Veemon is flying through the air dangling on Terriermon's feet and the two crash into a road sign. In the US-version this happens now and Davis says that now it was time for plan B, Now Veemon transforms, in the Japanese version it does so directly.

Chocomon goes under in the flames of Flamedramon's attack.
The scene actually begins with Davis pulling Terriermon and Willis to the side. This shot was used shortly after that, though.

2 seconds

Chocomon steps out of the flames.

Then you can see the other tamers again. They all have become a little younger by now. Suddenly, their surroundings turn red.
Tai asks what this was and Sora notices it's getting bigger. Joey says that he felt it for a second or so, too and Matt asks what all this was. Finally, you can see scared Mimi.

Subsequently, you can see Davis, Willis and Terriermon running over the meadow.

21 seconds

Chocomon gets up again while Flamedramon presses it.

4 seconds

Chocomon turns around.

2 seconds

Davis tells Flamedramon not to give up.

1 second

A close-up shot of Chocomon was removed.

1 second


Wallace begs Chocomon not to do that. It continues to walk towards Wallace, Terriermon also runs to him.

5 seconds

Terriermon tells Willis to watch out – he asks Chocomon where it brought the Japanese children and why it did something like this. Chocomon continues walking towards Willis, Terriermon grabs his leg, begging Willis not to do it and saying this was not the same Chocomon from before.

18 seconds

Willis asks Chocomon if it didn't recognize him any more, Chocomon only continues to walk towards him.

6 seconds

Subsequently, there was a scene of Davis implemented in the US-version, in which he calls Willis to use his Digivice. The Digivice starts glowing and Terriermon jumps into the air for its transformation. In the Japanese version, the scene with Davis is not here, Terriermon jumps in the air and only then the scene with the Digivice takes place.

A few frames of a shot have been removed. The edited version starts only as Chocomon covers the sign.

2 Frames

The shots' smoke covers Chocomon, Willis shouts stop.

5 seconds

Alternating cuts from Willis to Gargomon and Chocomon.

8 seconds

Willis tells Chocomon he will wait for it on the flowerfield.

8 seconds

Willis thinks that it will wait, Gargomon is shown once more.

Cut back to the old tamers. The surroundings change colors again.
Tai notices that it has stopped. As he sits down on the ground and his hand touches it, the surroundings change color again.
He notices the sky was blue. Mimi remarks that it felt like summer, and Sora agrees. She loves the summer. Tai asks what was going on here and Izzy guesses that this might be somebody else's world.

Back in the real world, Davis walks after Willis, asking him why he stopped them and if there was anything he didn't tell them. Willis says it was none of their business, but Davis continues asking. He wants to know if he called it Chocomon. Again, Willis repels, its name was none of their concern and he has to go now anyways.
Veemon runs in the foreground, calling Davis' name. He asks what they were doing there.

43 seconds

Now the flying scene, which was shown earlier in the edited version, takes place. After Veemon has taken off, a view of Davis saying this looked like fun has been removed.

Then the bird's-eye view is shown, of which the end was removed as well, though. They are flying past Willis, Davis runs after them. Willis tells Terriermon to be careful, but Terriermon light-heartedly just says it was okay. Davis runs past Willis, shouting at them to wait for him.

The situation is shown from a little distance and after a few seconds a crashing noise sounds. The sign in the foreground gets out of place.

At that, a view of Willis, which had been used before in the edited version, follows. You can see Veemon, Davis and Terriermon – all of them with bumps.
Willis says that this is why he told them to be careful, and Davis tells him to say it a little louder next time. Deviveemon moans that it transformed back. And Terriermon says that Willis was always this silent. He tells Terriermon to be quiet and then asks everybody if they were okay. Terriermon says the were.

42 seconds


Willis turns to Terriermon, it says that there probably won't be another truck passing here. It tells him to look at what the street looks like.
Willis takes a loot at the destroyed street.

10 seconds

Terriermon suggests going together.

3 seconds

You can see the dented display board. Davis asks Willis why he had to go to Summer Memory, and wants to know what there was.

In the next scene, Veemon is carriying Terriermon on its head. Terriermon is happy and shouts out it was like a bird – Veemon complains that it was better the other way around and Terriermon agrees.

Davis and Willis are sitting together.

Davis wants to know what Willis meant when he mentioned something about a flower field. Terriermon lifts its ears, which makes Veemon drop. Terriermon apologizes.

Veemon says that was okay and asks if Terriermon knew anything about Chocomon.
It wants to say something but Willis interrupts it. Terriermon suggests that if Willis told them, that would help getting the children back. Willis wants to know what it meant by that and Terriermon says that Chocomon wanted something from the children.
Davis asks how it knew about that but Terriermon does not quite know how to answer. It exchanges views with Willis and after having watched that for a short while, Davis says this didn't matter anyways and that they better move on to Summer Memory.

60 seconds

You can see Davis, Willis and Terriermon riding Lightdramon.

3 seconds

Lightdramon is shown longer running away.

2 seconds

Again, there was a scene simply shortened. Davis calls for Kari, asking to wait for him.

4 seconds

A sign of the Summer Memory Farm is shown.

Offscreen, Jolei pinpoints that they didn't come and Cody remarks that it really was pretty boring. Cody then notices something and wonders what it is.

9 seconds

Jolei says that they wrote, they beleive that Chocomon has stopped their train.

2 seconds

Cody steps into the screen. In the background, Veemon tries to help Terriermon up, but fails.

4 seconds

Willis wants to know if there was more.

2 seconds

The view of Wallace was swapped.

No time difference
Edited versionJapanese version

The earlier replaced view of Wallace was implemented here in the edited version.

The scenes that were shown in the beginning of the film in the edited version (Willis takes care of his Digimon) are shown here in the Japanese version.

Subsequently, an old scooter is shown.

Following this, the order of the scenes was swapped. Originally, Willis walks along the house wall and Davis follows him (also contained in the edited version), then you see Terriermon saying that Chocomon will probably look for people with a Digivice. Davis turns to it and realizes that Chocomon wants to see Willis again – it misses young Willis.
Willis turns around and drops the backpack. Davis says that they still had to find Tai and the others.

Absentmindedly, Willis stares at a pump and remembers how the two Digimon used to play with it. The part in which he sees the Digimon at the pump is shown later in the edited version.

At that, a close-up shot of Davis follows, Willis picks up his backpack and goes and then another shot of Terriermon (all contained in the edited version).
The edited version first shows the close-up of Davis, then Willis picks up his backpack and walks along the house wall. Terriermon looks after him and then the film fades to the forest at night.
26 seconds

In the original version, there was a flashback shown here, in which Willis is riding his scooter with his two Digimon. This is shown later in the edited version.

After that, the forest is colored like the red of the dusk and you can hear the children offscreen. Davis says they will go as well and Jolei remarks it was time for another hike. Cody says they didn't get any more news from Kari and wants to know from Davis if they should do something about that.

A pickup drives across the hill, you can see the tamers on the load area. Davis asks Willis if he had called his mother, but Willis says he didn't find a phone anywhere.
Now the Japanese version fades to the forest at night.

16 seconds


You can see the lake's shore. Willis and Terriermon are leaned to a stone. Terriermon says it wanted to go somewhere else and then that it was tired.
It clinges to Willis and immediately falls asleep. Willis blankets Terriermon and then sneaks away, but Davis wants him to wait.

Willis stands still and turns around, Davis is in the thicket, asking if Willis was by himself.

40 seconds

Both a view of Davis as well as a following view of Willis have been shortened.

10 seconds

Davis doubtfully says twin digimon.

2 sec

Now the flashback of Willis patching Chocomon up in the US Version. Then a shot of Willis and the two digimons on the scooter, the two are playing with the engine.

The Japanese Version contains a shot of Willis and the two digimons jumping around in the field.
Willis says from the off mom said they'd always been with him.

Most parts of the following flashback appears later in the US Version, except for the last shot of the flower. The following shot of Davis today has also been removed. Actually he makes a step forward and the wind blows some leaves over the see.

The following shot of Davis appears later in the US Version as wll.

13 sec

Added shot of Diaboromon because Willis says in the US Version a virus had attacked one of his digimons, which had turned into Diaboromon, the villain from the first movie, because of that.

Then the before-removed shot of Willis in the US Version. He's playing with his digimon in the meadow, suddenly Chocomon vanishes. Subsequently a further shot of Chocomon.

Actually Davis turns to Willis here and Willis comes closer while he's explaing what happened earlier.

2 sec

Now the recently-removed shot of Davis in the US Version.

Davis turns to Willis and makes clear they were fighting one of Willis' digimons. He emphasizes that it was Willis' digimon. Then he gets angry and points out it was one of his (Willis') friends.
Then a high angle shot, the wind blows over the lawn.

12 sec

Davis hits a tree with his head.
He says he couldn't destroy him that though Veemon wasn't Veemon anymore. He starts crying while he's talking. Davis lets is head slide down. As a result of that his aviator googles slide down his forehead.

13 sec

Willis approaches Davis, who's still leaning at the tree.
Dabis says they had to destroy the Chocomon to save Tai.

6 sec

Davis turns ti Willis.

Davis: "But..."

4 sec

Willis says there was a way. He explains he could re-transformate if they met him flower field one more time.

9 sec

The shot of Willis is actually longer while he's talking. The following shot of Davis and Willis is completely missing.
Davis says they could defeat him, Willis is surprised Davis could recover that fast.

8 sec

Then a close-up of Davis. That close-up is in both versions but the US Version is 1 frame longer for some reason. That's why here's a comparison of the first frame of the following scene (which also illustrates how much it is zoomed in).

US VersionJapanese Version

Slightly extended shot of the lawn, followed by a shot of Davis.
Davis tells Willis not ot go on his own and he agrees.

5 sec

Davis walks in front of Willis.
Davis rhetorically asks what to do. Then a close-up of Terriermon.

5 sec

Willis smiles.
He says they had to go back because he wanted to see Kari's face one more time.
The glasses of Davis' aviator goggles shatter.

5 sec

Willis says they had to go back or Terriermon got a cold.

3 sec

Missing shot of Davis. The US Version contains a smooth transition to the next whereas the Japanese Version just simply cuts from one scene to another - without transition.

3 sec

Shot of Willis, Davis, Jolei and Cody waiting at the flower field. The first shot has been shortened, the second one entirely removed.

Again the busted Digiknights. They have become younger again.

Voice (from the off): "Willis! Willis!"

Tai: "Who's there?"

Voice (from the off): "Willis! Willis!"

The young Chocomon shows up. He jumps to the Digiknights and asks for Willis. But he determines disappointedly that the person wasn't Willis at all.

Tai: "Who are you?"

The young chocmon explains he was the wrong guy and adds he wasn't Willis, even if he was smaller.

The young Chocmon leaves gloomily and vanishes in the dark. Change of scenary. Shot of Chocomon's silhouette the way he currently looks. He steps back from the camera and vanishes after a couple of seconds.

Chocomon yells none of them were right.

48 sec

A shot of Chocomon. Flowers are flying through the air. In the US Version, this scene appears at the end.

Shot of Willis in front of Chocomon.

Willis: "Chocomon..."

Chocomon: "W... W... Willis..."

6 sec

Willis says they'd been together all the time. Chocomon steps forwards and asks "To... gether?" Willis says "Yes!"
Chocomon says they needed to go back to that time. Suddenly Chocomon speaks with the voice of young Chocomon and says that's why he'd come and adds it was pretty warm there.

17 sec

Chocomon tries to reach for Willis but Terriermon pushes him back and tells him not to do that. Chocomon replies Terriermon should mind his own business and pushes him aside. Willis goes after him. Chocomon screams out.

Willis asks Chocomon why he'd done that. Chocomon says "going back" three times. Chocomon wambles while repeating "going back" with two different voices (the voice of young Chocomon and his current voice). A flower soars but it gets destroyed by an invisible force. Willis gets up.
This part of the scene, totally out of context, also appears at the end of the US Version.

Willis tells Chocomon to stop because they couldn't go back. Chocomon insists on being there but Willis replies he couldn't do that.

45 sec

Shot of Chocomon and a distance shot of the entire canyon while Davis and Deviveemon are on their way to Willis.

8 sec

The shot of Chocomon in the bubble ends earlier. The bubble bursts and Chocomon's new form surfaces.

2 sec

Daisuke stands next to Willis.

1 sec

Davis nods. The beginning of the following scene has been removed.

2 sec

A shot of Chocomon's new form has been removed.

3 sec

A distance shot and a close-up of Chocomon have been removed.

5 sec

Another missing close-up of Chocomon.

1 sec

Extended shot of Flamedramon setting the attack. Chocomon makes one step forward.

7 sec

Chocomon defeats Flamedramon.

4 sec

Chocomon runs between Drillmon and Halsemon and crushes against each other.

2 sec

Shortened shot of Gargomon. The US Version starts when he's just about to attack.

1 sec

The beginning of the scene has been removed: the shots hits the ground of the cliff.

2 sec

The shot of dust wreckage going over the cliff has been shortened. To be exact, the beginning of the shot is missing.

1 sec

Gargomon shots at Chocomon several times but Chocomon can duck.

3 sec

Shot of Gargomon hitting the water in the distance.

5 sec

Gargomon hits a stone wall and goes down roughly. Chocomon lands on the water in front of him.

19 sec

Shot of Chocomon. His silhouette starts to become blurred. The shot over Gargomon's shoulder has been shortened so that he lifts his weapons immediately in the US Version.

10 sec

Chocomon makes a step forwards. Flamedragon jumps in that direction.

2 sec

Extended shot of Halsemon flying to Chocomon. Drillmon drills a hole in the rocks above them.

5 sec

Jolei says he was going to have his moments. Then a shot of Gargomon und Chocomon.

10 sec

Davis looks down at Chocomon who is responsable for the wave in the water. The shot of Davis appears later.

4 sec

Now the previously removed shot of Davis on top of the cliff in the US Version.
The Japanese Version contains another shot of Davis instead. A shot of Flamedramon follows.

6 sec

The Digiknights are looking at the water. Shot of Gargomon, still standing at the by the water. Suddenly sth. starts to bubble up. Water comes up, the water drops are flying through the air in slow motion. Then everything gets colorized negatively.

14 sec

Distance shot of the environment which gets colorized negatively.

4 sec

Chocomon's new form surfaces.

16 sec

Davis says it was a threat for the entire world and they didn't have a choice anymore. The camera tracks over the environment. Cody asks "Black snow?". Jolei explains that Digimon seems to deliver energy from his heart. He adds he had a black heart.
Jolei lets one of the snow flakes fly close to her hand. As a result of that the hand changes its color partially. The camera slowly tracks from Chocomon. Terriermon asks "Who... are you?".

47 sec

Shot of Terriermon, then Willis. Willis asks what he was trying to do.

6 sec

Shortened shot of Terriermon who tries to get away from Chocomon.

a few frames

The distance shot has been slightly shortened as well plus it begins slightly later in the US Version.

1 sec

Chocomon leaps up into the air.

1 sec

Chocomon touches down on the sea and wambles. The Digiknights are watching that act.

8 sec

Now the recently removed close-up of wambling Chocomon.

Distance shot of Chocomon juggling with the Digimons.

4 sec

Chocomon looks up to Willis and leaps up into the air.

6 sec

Terriermon smashes the rock on the other side.

Willis: "Terriermon!"

Chocomon sinks and Willis watches him. Suddenly Chocomon reappears behind them.

Davis tells Willis to look out.

Chocomon slowly hovers to the Digiknights.

24 sec

Slightly extended shot of Chocomon before he ducks Terriermon's green energy ball.

1 sec

Terriermon's attack hits the ground behing Chocomon.

Terriermon says he was still there.

3 sec

Willis: "Terriermon!"

1 sec

Chocomon's black energy ball hits the ground and the ground around the hit turns black. On his lowest level, Terriermon falls down on the ground in front of Willis but he asap jumps off the ground and retransforms into Terriermon when he hits the ground. Then a cut to Chocomon.

8 sec

Terriermon says that's why he was going to protext Willis.

6 sec

Extended shot of Davis on his way to Veemon.

2 sec

Hawkmon's landing is longer in the Japanese Version.
(The cut is pretty sloppy because the first frame of the scene is also in the US Version.)

3 sec

Willis: "Just like me." He stands in front of Terriermon and explains he'd just met David and the others but Chocomon wasn't the Chocomon he'd known in former times anymore. He adds Chocomon had never been alone and it didn't exist anymore, whatever had happen to him. Then he says he was going to fight and destroy Chocomon because Chocomon couldn't return until he (Chocomon) got defeated. Willis finally says he needed power. Terriermon is standing next to him now. He explains to Willis that's the reason why he was there and adds he was Willis' power.

Willis looks at Terriermon. Then Davis arrives and tells Willis it wasn't his fault beccause he'd always tries to make Chocomon happy and he'd never given up. Jolei replies anyone has someone he wanted to protect. Davis says that only power was not the issue and adds they never gave it if they had to protect someone. Chocomon leaps up into the air and Terriermon prepares for the attack.

70 sec

Chocomon gets hit and lands on his back.

5 sec

Davis realizes sth. is wrong. The beginning of the following scene has been removed.

1 sec

Missing close-up of Chocomon.

2 sec

Shortened shot of Chocomon's severed arm.

1 sec

Shot of Chocomon's other severed arm while the Digimons are landing.

3 sec

The beginning of the scene has been removed. Chocomon's hand flies away after Angewomon's just avoided getting hit.

1 sec

When Chocomon turns black, the US Version contains a smooth transition after the screen got black.
The Japanese Version also contains a shot of Chocomon decomposing in any number of black balls. The ground turns black when it got hit by the balls.

21 sec

Willis says Chocomon was still there and he was solitary. Kari explains it was still their world but everything was the way Chocomon wanted to have it. The Digimons return to the Digiknights. Cody determines he was Upamon again and adds that had presumably to happen.

Veemon and Terriermon retreat as well while sth. manifests itself out of nowhere. Kari says that Digimon didn't have any feelings.

32 sec

Terriermon says to Willis he was going to protect him from Chocomon and warns him to be careful.

2 sec

The US Version contains an added shot of Willis here. He turns around and asks David what he was doing there. Young Jolie and young Cody are in the background.

In the Japanese Version instead, Chocomon keeps rising. Angemon and Angewomon are on their way to him and start glowing which causes apparently causes pain to Chocomon.

1 sec

Actually now comes the before-added scene with Willis.
Then a shot of a younger Willis running to Davis. This scene is also in the US Version, but later.

After Davis and Willis realized they were younger, the scene with Angemon and Angewomon flying to Chocomon has been added. The beginning of the shot (he starts rising) is missing here.

Now the shot of Angemon and Angewomon attacking Chocomon in the US Version.

Here actually comes the scenes of Angemon's and Angewomon's retreat and evolution. The US Version contains some scenes with younger Digiknights and their Digimons (Jolei tries to patch her Digimon up and Cody chases his).

After the evolution. T.K. and Kari are disbelievingly starring at their digimons, which have reached their megalevel in the meantime. This scene has been used at 1:15:46 in the US Version.

Shortened shot of Davis and Willis. A voice says from the off that was the digiegg of miracles.

2 sec

Removed shot of Chocomon.

1 sec

The US Version contains a close-up of Gatomon here which comes later in the Japanese Version.

Added close-up of Chocomon in the US Version.

The Japanese Version contains a shot of Chocomon. It gets hit and falls backwards. The bleeding hand tries to get some grip.

7 sec

The US Version contains a shot of Jolei's Digimon which has to deal with his wounds. That scene is also in the Japanese Version but slighty later.

The Japanese Version shows Willis' and Davis' Digimon getting eaten by Chocomon instead. This scene is also in the US Version but later. What a surprise.

The shot of the Digimon getting eaten has been added here.

And again some exchanged scene. The US Version shows scared Willis, followed by Jolie who takes care of her Digimon. Then the interior shot of Chocomon. Before the actual shot, the US Version contains a shot of Willis taking care of wounded Chocomon as a kid.

The Japanese Version contains a shot of Kari here. She says that was one black heart. Then a shot of Chocomon, he pieces his limbs together. Not until then the interior shot of Chocomon in the Japanese Version.

7 sec

Shot of a Digimon inside Chocomon. A voice asks who Willis was.

Then the scene with Willis being scared, already been used in the US Version. Now a distance shot. Chocomon hovers over the water. Cody and T.K. gather with the other, their Digimons included.

Now the shot of Jolei patching up her Digimon, the shot has already been used in the US Version.
The kids gather.
Davis tells Veemon to hang in there because they were tryingto save him.
Willis tells Terriermon he was worried about him.

Now the golden versions of Terriermon and Veemon inside Chocomon. The darkness is slightly lit up.
Veemon says he could hear a voice. He asks who it was ans mentions Davis' name. His shield turns golden again.
Terriermon: "Willis..." And Willis' shield turns golden as well.

As soon as Veemon's shield is golden, the footage is also in the US Version but later.

Here actually comes the scene with Gomamon being headed to the camera which has already been used in the US Version but Kari's reaction is exclusively in the Japanese Version.
She says to Tailmon he went on and on and on, otherweise they'd probably never met.
The kids assemble in front of Chocomon but he strikes a blow. The Digimons aren't a real threat to him. Being paniced, the kids try to protect their Digimons (here actually comes the shot of Cody chasing Upamon but that's already been used earlier in the US Version.

Chocomon keeps hitting. He also hits Jolei's Digimon.

Noe actually the shot of the Digimon pulling himself together but Jolie helps out and gets it up. Then a further shot of flailing Chocomon which is exclusively in the Japanese Version.

After that a shot crying Jolei in the Japanese Version plus a transition to the inside of Chocomon, been used much earlier in the US Version.

After the flashback to young Willis patching up Chocomon, another shot of Willis in front of Chocomon, yelling for Chocomon and Terriermon. Davis calls for Veemon and goes for the flaling Chocomon.

Inside Chocomon, Veemon and Terriermon can hear than. Their shields starts glowing. This scene is also in the US Version but later.

90 sec

The Japanese Version shows Veemon and Terriermon in the entire image. First Veemon turns his head aside, then Terriermon.
In the US Version, the scene starts with Veemon looking aside. Because of the zooming in, Terriermon isn't in the image and camera needs to track to him.

3 sec
Japanese VersionUS Version

Now the end of the shots of the Digimon turning gold again in the US Version. Then a repetition of the other scene with Chocomon.

+1 sec

While Chocomon is happily smiling, the goes down in the explosion. Davis runs screamingly to Chocomon. Chocomon twitches.

8 sec

Chocomon bends over.

1 sec

Chocomon still bends over Davis who is lying on the ground.

2 sec

The pollen flying past in the background are white in the Japanese Version (unfortunately hard to recognize on the screens) but they are black in the US Version.

no difference
US VersionJapanese Version

Added black screen in the US Version (no difference counted).

That scene is sligthly shorter in the US Version.

1 sec

And so is the distance shot.

2 sec

And the shot of the bridge.

5 sec

Cut from the high angle shot (after Willis left) to the beach in the US Version.
In the Japanese Version, the camera keeps zooming out, then a close-up of Davis.

9 sec

As an introduction to the credits, a before-removed scene has been added here. Beind watched by Willis, Chocomon wabbles. The song "Hey now, you're a rockstar" from "Smash Mouth" plays in the background, it kind of looks like Chocomon is dancing to that song. Then the credits.

+18 sec

Of course the credits are different in either of the versions. The credits of the US Version are shinier and accompanied by songs like "Kids of America".
The Japanese Version shows some usual images plus the song in the background is Japanese.