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Death Wish 2


  • US TV Version (Extended)
  • Unrated
Release: May 01, 2022 - Author: Superjolle - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut/extended US TV version and the uncensored Unrated version (both included on the US Blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome)

79 changes, including 18x alternate footage and 9x audio censorship
* Additional material in the US-TV version: 548.3 sec (= 9:08 min)
* Additional material in the Unrated: 330.9 sec (= 5:31 min)

Death Wish 2 is more or less even better known than the previous film due to its censorship history. The Unrated version is 3 minutes longer than the R-Rated. A curious version was shown on US TV, in the style of several other genre titles of similarly notorious films such as RoboCop or Don't Go in the House. More than 5 minutes of violent bits and, of course, the rape scenes were rigorously censored here. Several instances of audio censorship were also objectionable. However, this version also offered over 9 minutes of exclusive material.

On the one hand, there are several plot extensions here. Most notably, Paul and Geri's relationship is deepened a bit. You also get to see more police investigations and how Paul makes intensive efforts for his revenge plan. In addition, you'll find some alternate footage, mostly to balance out explicit scenes with more innocuous shots. The TV version is thus quite an interesting bonus version, although the main film (in uncensored Unrated form) is clearly to be preferred. Greek TV found a version that added some of these scenes to the Unrated, though unfortunately not all of them.

The 4K Blu-ray premiere, available in the U.S. since April 26, 2022 from the aficionado label Vinegar Syndrome, includes the uncensored Unrated version as the main film. The Blu-ray included in the set also includes a new 2K scan of the alternate TV version as a bonus. This version is thus still comprehensively censored, but is by far the best looking option to date for getting a look at the exclusive TV supplemental material. The release will also be available from Amazon and other retailers from the end of May 2022, while the first print run was released exclusively by the label.

Runtimes are arranged according to
US TV cut on Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray / Unrated on Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray

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By way of introduction, a small image comparison, even though this is of course only of limited significance with the compressed screenshot size. The TV version is a separate scan with slightly different colors, but also quite respectable HD quality. Especially in bright scenes, the new 4K scan shows an increase in detail, because the glasses, for example, simply disappear in the white of the tablecloth in the TV version of the second comparison picture.

US TV version - Vinegar SyndromeUnrated - Vinegar Syndrome

Audio censorship
05:12-05:23 / 05:12-05:23

At the first meeting with the gang, various insults were defused in quick succession.
* The last word of "Out the way, motherfucker" is muted.
* "Watch out, asshole!" was reduced to "Watch out. Jerk!". However, the newly recorded insult clearly comes from a different speaker, so that there are effectively two separate comments here.
* Another "Asshole!" has been muted.

Images for orientation

10:16 / 10:16-10:18

The TV version breaks off the shot a bit earlier: Finally, Rosario's panties are actually pulled down.

2 sec

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
10:18-10:20 / 10:20-10:22

After an identical close-up of Rosario, the theatrical version again shows in half-total how the guy examines her butt. The TV version has an exclusive shot of the blond guy (Nirvana) at the window, nervously turning around.

No runtime difference

US TV Version - Vinegar SyndromeUnrated - Vinegar Syndrome

10:38 / 10:40-10:43

Now the theatrical version also has a shot of Nirvana at the window. However, it is a different, shorter take. After that, the two guys push Rosalia's head down.

2.9 sec

10:47 / 10:52-10:55

In the long shot, Jiver pulls Rosalia's skirt off her body. In frontal shot he then unbuttons his pants.

3.1 sec

10:48 / 10:56

Probably without censorship background, the follow-up shot (guy sitting on the sofa reaching for his pants) is also missing a few irrelevant frames at the end.

0.3 sec

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
10:50-10:54 / 10:58-11:07

Jiver jumps on Rosalia in the medium long shot. This can be seen from two closer perspectives.
The TV version has two additional reaction shots as a substitute.

Unrated 5.1 sec longer

US TV Version - Vinegar SyndromeUnrated - Vinegar Syndrome

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
11:00-11:02 / 11:13-11:25

Again, the TV version offers an additional shot of Nirvana at the window and thus suppresses various shots of the rape.
In the process, one laughingly comments "Getting it good. Jiver, getting it good!" before Jiver climaxes.

Unrated 9.7 sec longer

US TV Version - Vinegar SyndromeUnrated - Vinegar Syndrome

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
11:07-11:17 / 11:30-11:36

Until Rosalia is led into the bedroom, there are several alternative shots and thus censorships one after the other.

* First, in the unrated version, the shot is a bit longer, so that the guy on the left in the picture runs towards the camera more clearly with his pants down.
* How Nirvana goes between them is alternatively shown on TV first with a close-up and then from a side perspective. Unlike the Unrated, Rosalia's abdomen is out of frame here below.
* How Rosalia is pushed away can also be seen in another take. The TV version is longer and changes again to a close-up of Nirvana.

TV version 3.5 sec longer

US TV Version - Vinegar SyndromeUnrated - Vinegar Syndrome

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
11:26-11:28 / 11:46-12:33

The TV version offers here for transition a shot of the house from the outside.

In the Unrated meanwhile, as just agreed among the gang, it continues in the bedroom. They tear Rosalia's clothes and one of the guys starts beating her with a belt. Two rape her, while in the background there is again stupid laughter from one of the guys (young Laurence Fishburne). Shortly after, Laurence also mounts Rosario while the other continues to whip her with the belt.

Unrated 45.7 sec longer

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
11:38-11:57 / 12:43-13:18

In the TV version you see Nirvana and then the dark-skinned man at the window. They sit down and wait a bit. Nirvana hits his hand with his crowbar.

The Unrated offers another shot of Nirvana instead. Then you see the action in the bedroom again: Laurence takes Rosalia from behind. Afterwards the blonde comes back into the next room and asks Nirvana if he wants to have a go. Nirvana cynically asks "Is there any left?" and then goes into the room. There Rosalia is pulled up from the floor by her head and dragged to him. He pulls down his pants and she is forced to perform oral sex.

Unrated 15.6 sec longer

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
12:43-12:46 / 14:04-14:07

An alternate take as Paul attacks the gang. The TV version is longer, while the Unrated version switches to the other perspective earlier. The kick in the genital area of one guy is better seen in the unrated version.

No runtime difference

US TV Version - Vinegar SyndromeUnrated - Vinegar Syndrome

12:50 / 14:11-14:14

Before Paul is knocked to the ground by Nirvana, he receives a few more blows.

3 sec

12:52 / 14:16-14:19

Rosalia comes crawling down the aisle.

3.2 sec

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
12:52-12:59 / 14:19-14:29

When the guys want to step on Paul while Rosalia reaches for the phone and Nirvana then gives her a knee kick in the face, completely alternative takes were used. So, of course, some nudity was concealed and you also don't get to see the hit in Rosalia's face on TV. In the Unrated version you can also hear the following comments "Smack the whore!" and "Get her, man!"

Unrated 2.9 sec longer

US TV Version - Vinegar SyndromeUnrated - Vinegar Syndrome

Audio censorship
13:00 / 14:30

The comment "Let's get the fuck outta here!" was shortened to "Outta here!" in the TV version.

Image for orientation

13:08 / 14:38-14:40

Another shot of the dead Rosalia on the ground.

2.4 sec

14:33 / 16:05-16:07

The baddie moves his hand a little further towards Carol's genital area.

1.6 sec

14:39 / 16:13-16:19

When Carol's legs are spread, the shot is a bit longer. The baddie still starts to unbutton her blouse.

6.1 sec

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