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Death Wish 2


  • Unrated
  • Extended TV-Version
Release: Apr 13, 2010 - Author: Superjolle - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Like many other feature films, Death Wish II was aired in a special extended TV version on US television. This version contains some new scenes that are not included in any other version. These scenes were added in order to have more time for commercial breaks. In contrast to that, the more violent and sexual scenes were trimmed or replaced with tamer footage. However, the latter will not be of interest here as this censorship report focuses on the exclusive extended scenes OF the TV version.

The US-TV version was also aired in other countries, such as Poland. For this comparison, the Polish recording was used. That's why the Polsat logo is shown in the pictures.

Running time of the VMP version: 87.45 sec (incl. credits)
Running time of the Polsat version: 91.20 sec (incl. credits)

Difference in the running time: 434 sec
Additional cuts: 12 (only dialog)
Here, the scene with the woman from the minivan was shot two times. One time with an intact blouse and the other time with a torn one.

41 minute

The scene in which some people attend a lecture is missing.
45 sec.

42 minute

First a conversation in the police station is missing and after that Kersey is shown at work as an architect. He shows the main entrance to the wife of the publisher and afterwards they tour the building site and talk with each other. After that,the scene in which the police officer from the first movie enters the room is missing. The normal version continues when the policeman closes the door.
153 sec.

42 minute
Here, a short dialog from the conversation between the police officers is missing.
4 sec.

43 minute

The end of the conversation, after one of the police officer has asked the other one whether he wants to kill Kersey, is missing from the normal version.
12 sec.

45 minute

The dinner which Kersey had promised his girlfriend was cut out completely.
62 sec.

46 minute

Again, a conversation between the police officers is missing. One of them takes some medicine.
10 sec.

47 minute

The normal version doesn't show Nichols lying in bed and reading a book. After that, she tries to call Kersey with the telephone on the night table. Furthermore, the scene in which Kersey puts his clothes into the trunk of his car is missing as well.
15 sec.

52 minute

Nichols leaves the car and says goodbye to Kersey. Afterwards, the scene in which Kersey drives away with car and his followed by the police officers is missing.
21 sec.

52 minute

Here, the scene in which Kersey stops the car, leaves it and then watches the street is missing.
42 sec.

67 minute

After Kersey has been given the receiver, he goes to his secondary apartment to place it there. Here, there is something missing from the Polsat version as well. Kersey doesn't pull out the antenna from the amplifier here. 40 sec.

74 minute
During the visit at the hospital, the conversation between the doctor and Nichols is missing. 27 sec.