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Release: Jun 19, 2008 - Author: magiccop - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored R-Rated version and the uncensored Unrated version (both distributed by 20th Century Fox).
Over a short period of time Troy Duffy's gangster film gained a cult following after its release on home video. Until 2006 there was only an R-rated version available in the USA. Then the unrated version found its way on DVD. In the UK only the R-rated version has been released.

R-Rated version: 108:13 Min.
Unrated version: 108:18 Min.
00:00 The unrated version (UV) begins a little earlier (black screen).

1 sec.

42:18 There's a different shot of the bold Russian getting shot in the R-rated version (RV) during the shootout in the Russian mob's hotel room. The RV presents it from the side whereas the UV has a frontal shot.

Unrated: 1 sec.
R-Rated: 0,8 sec.



42:19 Shot of two bad guys in the UV. The right one receives a bloody bullet wound.

1,7 sek.

42:19 More shots of the shootout. The UV shows bloody bullet wounds whereas the RV shows the McManus brothers hanging from the rope (appears in the UV as well, but slightly different) followed by two shots of the Russians.

Unrated: 10,4 sec.
R-Rated: 3,3 sec.



42:25 Shot of the McManus brothers in the UV. One of them pulls out a knife to cut the rope.

1,1 sec.

58:05 In the shootout at the bar the RV misses the end of a shot as David Della Rocco shoots one of the guys through his coat. Blood splatters against the wall. Afterwards the guy falls on the table with a bloody head wound.

2,5 sec.

Die following scene in which Rocco shoots the other guy at the table is differently shot in both versions. In the UV the shot is presented from the side and it's way bloodier. In the RV there's a shot of the backrest of the chair as the bullet bursts through followed by a shot of the guy falling off the chair. The RV is longer in this scene.

Unrated: 3,3 sec.
R-Rated: 16,6 sec.



62:03 Shootout at the peep show. The beginning and ending of the shot in which Vincenzo (Ron Jeremy) is killed are missing in the RV. He is drilled by much more bullets.

2 sec.

64:28 The RV misses a viewer getting shot in his booth as well as a shot of the shooting Rocco.

2,4 sec.

The following shot in which another viewer is killed run differently in the both versions. In the RV there's not much seen due to the smoke.

Unrated: 1,1 sec.
R-Rated. 1,4 sec.



74:35 Pool room shootout: the guy who opened the door receives bloody hits in the UV.

1,3 sec.

74:46 The bad guy with the phone receiver in his hand receives a bloody gut shot.

1 sec.

98:40 A black screen is a little longer in the RV.

+ 2 sec.