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  • Unrated
  • Greek VHS
Release: Oct 28, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: brainbug1602 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Unrated version and the greek VHS released by MCA.

After his daughter and housemaid have been raped and killed by a group of muggers, Paul Kersey sees himself forced to take again the law into his own hands. Armed with a pistol, he walks night for night through the Bronx to find the human scum...

First of all, there are four different versions of this movie.

  • The R-Rated version. This one was released by MGM on DVD. This is a censored version, in which mainly the rape scenes have been tamed down or removed.

  • The Unrated version. This version can be found on most of the european DVDs (released by Columbia Tristar) and can be considered as the regular uncut version of the movie.

  • The TV version. This is a special edited version for US television. Scenes with sex and violence were removed or tamed down, but to keep up the running time, new (mainly dialogue) scenes were included.

  • The greek VHS. This version is based on the Unrated with some scenes from the TV version.

    Running times:

    Unrated: 87:56 Min. (PAL)
    VHS: 94:46 Min. (PAL, but in NTSC speed)
  • [00:21:35][00:20:14]

    Alternate scene of the crystal cat in Pauls hand. In the VHS version, he turns the cat with his hand, while in the DVD version, he just holds it.



    VHS: 3 sec.
    DVD: 3 sec.


    More dialogue in the office.

    Mankiewicz: "We don't need outsiders in on this."
    Hawkins: "You know, Mankiewicz. I had a partner, years ago, who always used to say to me 'you don't need anybodys help'. Just do things yourself. You know where he is now?".

    Mankiewicz shakes his head. Hawkins points with his thumb to the ground.

    Hawkins: "Did everything himself until he got killed. Now I'm a wantless man, Inspector Mankiewicz. I know when I need help. Check it out. I want to know, what New York has to say."

    After that scenes, there is a cut to New York. Ochoa stands in an office.

    Secretary: "The district attorney will see you now."

    Ochoa walks through the door into the bureau of the District Attorney.

    D.A.: "Inspector Ochoa."
    Ochoa: "Mr. district attorney."
    D.A.: "You know the police commissioner, of course."

    52 sec.


    Some dialogue is missing, after Ochoa said, that Paul lives now in L.A.

    Commissioner: "Oh, my god."
    Ochoa: "Yes."

    4 sec.


    There's more dialogue in the office.

    Ochoa: "I don't think I heard that question, sir."
    Commissioner: "And I don't think you asked it, Mr. District Attorney.

    12 sec.


    The complete diner scene between Paul und Geri is missing.

    Paul: "Looks good. Tastes good, too."
    Geri: "It's a special occasion."
    Paul: "What's the occasion?"
    Geri: "It's the first time I see you in four weeks."
    Paul: "I've been seeing you in the office."
    Geri: "Oh sure and I think you sent me a memo."
    Paul: "Two memo. I understand."
    Geri: "What's happening to us, Paul?"
    Paul: "Can't stop thinking about Carol."
    Geri: "Well, it hasn't stopped you discussing building services with Elliot and it hasn't slowed your work down. I'm the only one, who has been shut out. I miss you Paul. Darling, at least stay the night."
    Paul: "I need more time."
    Geri: "If this weren't my appartment, I would go now."

    1:06 min.


    The dialogue between Ochoa and Mankiewicz starts earlier.

    Mankiewicz: "So you never fount out who that vigilante was?"
    Ochoa: "Never."
    Mankiewicz: "I heared rumors, that you did get the guy."
    Ochoa: "Just rumors."

    13 sec.


    Ochoa coughs and leaves the room.

    5 sec.


    Geri lays in the bed, calls Pauls number and gets up.

    Paul puts his cloth in the trunk of his car.

    15 sec.


    The camera pan onto the street starts earlier. There's also an alternate dialogue between Paul and Geri.


    Geri: "Why did you change the locks on your door."
    Paul: "Wouldn't you after what happened?"


    Geri: "Do I get a key again?"

    In the VHS version the last sentence of Geri („Do I get a key again?“) follows during the next scene.

    VHS: 6 sec.
    DVD: 4 sec.


    Geri leaves the car and sees Ochoa, who followed them, in a car.

    Geri: "Darling, it's him. Ochoa."
    Paul: "Well, never mind him. Let him play his little games. Will you call me, when you get back?"

    Geri walks to the bureau. Paul pulls out and Ochoa follows him.

    21 sec.