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Season 2 Blu-ray Box Set with the Uncut Versions

Hump Bang

Deadly Manor


Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

Fall, The

2.06 What is in me Dark Illumine


  • Recut
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 02, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
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Alternate Footage
51:26 / 36:18

Alternate footage when Stella is watching Paul being interrogated. Eastwood's comment is the same though.

no difference

Alternate Footage / Removed Scene
52:19 / 37:10

More alternate footage when Paul explains to Eastwood he only talked to Stella. Furthermore, the Recut only contains a single close-up of Stella whereas the Uncut Version contains further footage. At first, there is a close-up of Stella as well but is also a shot of the monitor that shows Paul who addresses Stella directly here.

7.8 sec

Removed Scene
52:26 / 37:25

The Recut lacks a scene with Stella: She enters an office and puts a piece of clothing at the filing cabinet.

10.52 sec

Extended Scene
53:19 / 38:30

Stella's conversation with Jim regarding Paul is a little longer in the Uncut Version.

21.08 sec

Removed Scene
54:26 / 39:58

After Stella's conversation with Jim, she leaves the office to talk to Spector but a cop stops her. She informs Stella that the hair they found is a familiar match with Paul. Stella then goes to Paul, sits at the table in front of him and Jim watches via monitor.

104.76 sec resp. 1 min 44.76 sec

Extended Scene
54:26 / 41:42

Paul and Stella earlier.

2.2 sec

Extended Scene
55:15 / 42:35

Stella earlier.

1.88 sec

Removed Scene
55:29 / 42:51

Stella interrogates Paul. They talk about all kinds of stuff like his mom and Father Janson.

97.12 sec resp. 1 min 37.12 sec

Removed Scene
58:29 / 47:28

Paul explains to Stella what he did to keep himself busy and why it took him so long to start killing women in the first place.

35.8 sec

Removed Scene
58:57 / 48:32

Paul reveals further details of his secret life as a serial killer. He insists on not being a rapist.

153.68 sec resp. 2 min 33.68 sec

Removed Scene
59:30 / 51:39

Stella asks Paul if Sarah Kay was perfect for him. Stella also points out she was pregnant which does not make any sense since he claims to feel the need to protect children.

22.56 sec

Removed Scene
01:02:07 / 54:48

Stella with Paul again. Paul talks about Jo Brawley.

167.8 sec resp. 2 min 47.8 sec

Extended Scene
01:03:49 / 59:08

Tom longer when Jim has left.

8.24 sec

Extended Scene
01:06:14 / 01:01:41

Stella longer.

2.16 sec

Removed Scene
01:06:39 / 01:02:09

Katie's conversation with her friend Daisy is missing. They are talking about her day in court and Daisy wants to know if Paul did it. Katie says he did.

61.76 sec resp. 1 min 1.76 sec

Removed Scene
01:10:45 / 01:07:16

After Eastwood informs Stella that Spector has made an offer, the scene continues in the Uncut Version. Stella tells Tom to get dressed and she asks Eastwood, who is still on the phone, for the details.

8.88 sec

Removed Scene
01:11:24 / 01:08:04

Stella and Eastwood are discussing Paul's transport. Tom points out this was just another one of his games, Stella explains she was aware of that.

46.4 sec

Extended Scene
01:11:27 / 01:08:54

Stella and Olivia much longer.

19.24 sec

Removed Scene
01:14:39 / 01:12:24

Stella brings Olivia bck to Sally Annand thanks her. Then Sally Ann and Olivia leave.

Now Eastwood who is organizing Paul's transport.

41.04 sec

Removed Scene
01:16:25 / 01:14:52

Missing exterior shot of Paul being transported.

8.04 sec

Removed Scene
01:22:05 / 01:20:40

Missing shot of Stella taking a look around in the woods.

10.32 sec

Removed Scene
01:22:11 / 01:20:57

Missing shot of Paul and Tom.

15.56 sec

Removed Scene
01:26:16 / 01:25:17

Jim and Eastwood are being informed about someone sneaking around in the woods (Ned, the reporter). Hagstrom and her partner Mitchell check it out.

Rose on the stretcher. Stella tells the medics to be careful.

38.96 sec

Removed Scene
01:26:42 / 01:26:22

Missing shot of Rose being carried away on the stretcher.

Now Ned who is running from the cops. Hagstrom stops the car and gets out. She tells him to drop whatever he has in his hands and then to put his hands behind his head. Ned follows her instructions.

18 sec

Extended Scene
01:27:34 / 01:27:32

Stella slightly longer.

0.96 sec

Removed Scene
01:28:37 / 01:28:36

Missing bird's-eye view.

5 sec

Extended Scene
01:28:37 / 01:28:41

Both the beginning and the end of the shot are longer. At first, Paul's wound a little longer.

Also, the camera pans back to Paul.

7.68 sec

End Credits
01:28:47 / 01:28:59

End Credits + black screen in the Uncut Version.

30.96 sec
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