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Caligula 2 - The Untold Story

original title: Caligola: La storia mai raccontata


  • Italian Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Apr 26, 2010 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
"Caligula 2" was released by "X-Rated" for the first time in Germany. Fortenatly, this release contains footage which was believed to be lost for a long period. As a result of that, the German release contains the ultimate version of the film. The reinsert footage aren't less provopactive than D'amato's controversial film "Emanuelle in America". Thanks to the reinsert footage, some images from the Italian Version are lost. That's not pretty bad because the running time of these scenes is below 1 second. Furthermore the Italian Version is also available, so it's no big deal at all. These missing scenes aren't mentioned in this comparison.

Unfortenately, footage with a running of approx. 1 minute has been forgotten to add, but this scene is in the Italian Version. See the comaparison for more details.
Caligula's dreaming. In his dreams he's running across the beach. Suddenly a man with a helmet, bow and arrows appears on a hill. Caligula's exhausted and collapses in front of the hill. The man grabs an arrow and bends his bow. Caligula tries to crawl away, the man's going to shoot. The dream's interrupted by a shot of Caligula, who lies sleepimg in his bed, several times.
1.00 min

Again Caligula, who's dreaming that a man aims at him with a bow, at the beach. He lies in the sand and fears for his life. Suddenly the dream changes and he walks into a sinister cave. In there two kids appear and he thinks that he's responsable for their deaths. They walk up to him, then the dream's interrupted. Caligula rolls from one side to another in his bed.
1.01 min

Caligula enters the room full of senate members and checks the plans for his new Rome.
27 sec

Caligula wants to sacrifice the state security for his construction plans. One of the senate members admits that the state security wouldn't be enough.
25 sec

Caligula opens a curtain with the assassin, whose strings and tongue were cut off by Caligula's order, behind it. Caligula looks at the mayhem he's responsable for and starts laughing. Then he talks to him and praises himself and his work.
1.42 min

Hardcore scene:
The blond female sex slaves satisfy the male slave orally.
2.09 min

Cut in the Extended Version:
The female sex slave and the male slave are still having sex. Another woman in the background touches herself, Laura is watching everywatching. Finally, the trainer seperates the couple and Laura replaces the woman. She walks straight to the slave and puts her clothes off.
58 sec

Hardcore scene:
The orgy conitnues. A lot couples kiss each other while others are watching a brown-haired female has sex with a horse.
2.08 min

Hardcore scene:
The orgy reaches its climax. A lot of shots that show oral and vaginal sex, all of them end with an orgasm of the males.
6.51 min

Hardcore scene:
Further shots of the orgy.
2.07 min

Caligula tells a senate member that he felt like a god. Then his dream where he's playing at the beach again. But there are several corpses lying around this time. Now the dream changes. Caligula stands in some sinister ruins and other people press and touch him. He runs away and finds a knife on the ground He picks it up, then he wakes up.
4.18 min

Caligula's dreaming again. He recognizes the bodies on the ground and runs away. Change of location. The assassin rushes in while Caligula's lying in his bed. The assassin tries to attack him and Caligula yells that the assassin was already dead. Caligula chokes him and leaves the room.
1.51 min