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Yards, The


  • Director's Cut
  • Theatrical Version
Release: Aug 27, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Director's Cut and the Theatrical Version. Both versions are available on the German Blu-ray (FSK 16) by Studiocanal.

6 alternate scenes = 1 minute and 12.5 seconds +Theatrical Version.
2 cuts in the Director's Cut = 42.5 seconds.
Different credits = 8 seconds +Theatrical Version.

The Director's Cut is about 2 minutes shorter than the Theatrical Version.
9 Min
Additional shot of Leo on his way to the factory in the Director's Cut. In the Theatrical Version, the exterior shot of the factory is 1 second longer though.
Director's Cut: 6 sec
Theatrical Version: 1 sec

Director's CutTheatrical Version

16 Min
When Leo, Willie and Erica enter the club and walk through, there's different footage in either of the versions.
Director's Cut: 11 sec
Theatrical Version: 17 sec

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

27 Min
Leo talks about the way Willie's doing business (from the off). It's mostly about making people feel important and needed. He figures out what they really want and gives it to them. Tickets for a baseball game, fur fot the Misses, an expensive bottle of wine. Even those you're only after money. There'a enough for all of them.
41 sec

58 Min
After Erica told Frank about the plan to get married, he tells her and his wife to get ready. Then he leaves. The Theatrical Version only shows Erica having a smoke while Kitty asks Erica about Willie's occupation in the Director's Cut. If she knew he was doing all the dirty work for Frnk. Erica pretends not to have a single clue but that doesn't really matter anyway.
Director's Cut: 44 sec
Theatrical Version: 7 sec

Director's CutTheatrical Version

83 Min
The Director's Cut shows the news anchor permanently while the shot of the news anchor slowly fades out in the Theatrical Version. Then Leo greets Hector and they have a talk. What they're discussing remains unknown because the dialog has been replaced by accompanying music.
Director's Cut: 2 sec
Theatrical Version: 13 sec

Director's CutTheatrical Version

84 Min
Extended shot of Leo talking to Hector on the pay phone. One can also hear Hector tell Leo it was already too late.
1.5 sec

97 Min

At the funeral, Frank speaks with Leo.

Frank (Director's Cut): "You've got nothing to worry about. Because I have friends and they are gonna make sure this animals gets what he deserves."

Frank (Theatrical Version): "You've got nothing to worry about. Because I have friends and they can protect us. Listen. I've heard rumors. Some people from the Attorney Generals office gonna wanna talk to you. You can't loose your head. Just stick with us."
Director's Cut: 4 sec
Theatrical Version: 12 sec

Director's CutTheatrical Version

99 Min

While the Director's Cut only shows the train with Leo in it when the funeral is over, the Theatrical Version also shows him making his statement in front of the committee. He says he had never been deeply involved in the case but he had important information about the corrupted system anyway. He keeps explaining he also knew he'd made a mistake but he'd paid for it and now he was hoping to become a valuable society member and that was he'd ever wanted.

Then the chairman asks him to give them the names of the conspirators. Leo names everyone who participated, Frank's name is also coming up.

Finally, he adds he was very well aware that, where he'd grown up, snitching was a no-go but too many lives had already been destroyed by the system and Leo thinks that's the reason he would never regret it.
Director's Cut: 13.5 sec
Theatrical Version: 101 sec

Director's CutTheatrical Version

100 Min
The end credits are different. Only the Director's Cut shows a hangar with several wagons in it. Furthermore, there's a tracking shot across a room, the shot of the court room and finally the dining room. Then the Director's Cut fades to black, followed by the remaining end credits. In the Theatrical Version, the background is black the entire time. Moreover, the Theatrical Version is 8 seconds longer than theDirector's Cut.
Theatrical Version: +8 sec

Director's CutTheatrical Version