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Fall, The

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  • Recut
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 02, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Recut (German Free TV) and the Uncut Version (German DVDs by Studio Hamburg).

41 differences, consisting of
- 24 removed scenes (incl. 2 recuts)
- 10 extended scenes
- 2 removed scenes in the Uncut Version (= recuts)
- 1 scene with alternate footage
- 1 removed scene & alternate footage
- missing recap and credits (as a result of the recut)
- Total difference: 1868.52 sec resp. 31 min and 8.52 sec

The Fall is a British TV show shot for BBC Two. Its first episode aired on 05/13/2013. The second season started to air on 11/09/2014, a third season has already been announced.

In Germany, the first two seasons also aired but the German network ZDF did not broadcast the original BBC Versions. Instead, they decided to recut the two seasons to longer episodes with an approximate length of 90 minutes each. In order to do so, cuts/alterations were made. Episode 1 (ZDF) consists of episode 1&2 (BBC), episode 2 (ZDF) consists of episode 2-4 (BBC) and episode 3 (ZDF) consists of episode 4-5 (BBC). The chronology of events remains the same (except for a few recuts but I will go into that in the actual comparison) but the Recuts always end during the actual episode (BBC Version) - except for the final episode 5, of course.

The second season does not consist of 5 but of 6 episodes. This made it a little earlier to recut. Now, there always 2 episodes used for 1 recut episode. In other words, episode 1 (ZDF) consists of episode 1&2 (BBC), episode 2 (ZDF) consists of episode 3&4 (BBC) and episode 3 (ZDF) consists of the two final episodes 5&6 (BBC).

Every single episode - whether Recut or BBC/Uncut Version - contains the same opening credits. The title is the same as well. Due to the process of recutting the episodes, the credits are placed differently in the Recut Version. The actual footage however remains unchanged. For that reason, the credits will be mentioned in the comparisons but I will not go into detail and will not be any screenshots for that either. Same goes for the end credits: They will be mentioned but that is it. I would also like to point out that only the Uncut Version contains the end credits. In the Recut Version, they have been cut.

Last but not least, a few words regards the differences of these two versions. Basically, the Recut Versions are OK to watch. Except for the last two episodes of season 2 because there is just too much stuff missing - espcially when it comes to Katie's and Paul interrogations.
Both the US and UK Blu-ray/DVD release contain the Uncut Version.

Time indes refers to
Recut – Uncut Version.
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30:29 / 00:00

Missing recap in the Recut.

49.52 sec

Extended Scene
30:29 / 00:50

The beginning of the subequent shot is missing. When Stella gets out of the car, the versions are back in sync.

Das Ende der Einstellung ist ebenfalls etwas länger.

10.96 sec

Removed Scene
32:29 / 03:01

Stella and Ged enter the premises. Ged opens the door resp. the lock with a bolt cutter.

28.16 sec

35:42 / 06:42

Title + credits in the Uncut Version.

2.96 sec

Removed Scene / Recut
36:01 / 07:04

Stella tells Ged to secure the premises. She believes Rose was there.

Paul in his cell.

Now James.

Then Liz.

Back to James. A friend is calling because he has found Liz. James hangs up in the middle of the conversation and destroys his phone.

Stella enters the police station. Katie still refuses to talk to her mom, Sally Ann is being brought upstairs plus Tom Stagg is waiting for her. Then Stella goes upstairs to talk to Tom.

Stella informs Tom that an arrest had been made and she believes they had the right guy.

Ned, a reporter, is talking to a witness in front of Paul's house. He calls a friend who happens to be a prison guard to confirm his intel about Paul and Sally Ann. Then Ned finds James hiding behind a tree. They talk and James grabs Ned's phone and car keys and drives off with his car.

305.96 sec resp. 5 min 5.96 sec

Removed Scene Uncut Version / Recut
38:15 / 14:24

Now the footage from the previous alteration in the Recut. First James, then Liz, then James again who is being informed about Liz's whereabouts on the phone. Then he destroys his phone. (no screenshots)

Recut 70.88 sec resp. 1 min 10.88 sec longer

Removed Scene
39:26 / 14:24

The beginning of Katie's interrogation is missing. Tom explains the light shows that the interrogation was being recorded, then he asks about Katie's first encounter with Paul.

16.04 sec

Removed Scene
42:25 / 17:39

More footage of Katie's interrogation. She is being questioned about the evidence she destroyed, about her break-in in Paul's house etc. but she is not helpful at all. At the end of the scene, Stella tells Tom the entire was more complex than originally assumed.

95.16 sec resp. 1 min 35.16 sec

Extended Scene
42:25 / 19:14

Sally Ann slightly earlier in the Uncut Version. Here, the interrogation takes place completely on-screen while it starts from the off in the Recut.

2.76 sec

Removed Scene Uncut Version / Recut
44:36 / 21:28

Now the scene with Ned in the Recut: He is questioning some kind of witness in front of Paul's house. He then calls his buddy who works in jail and finally his encounter with James who drives off with Ned's car. (no screenshots)

Recut 89.48 sec resp. 1 min 29.48 sec longer

Removed Scene
46:57 / 22:19

Paul enters the interrogation room, McNally is already waiting for him.

11.72 sec

Removed Scene
48:34 / 24:08

Another part of Paul's interrogation is missing. McNally wants Paul to explain his fingerprints on the scissors but he remains silent.

Back to Katie. Tom gives her some details but Katie still refuses to cooperate because she loves Paul.

Last but not least, some footage of Stella watching the interrogation.

239.12 sec resp. 3 min 59.12 sec

Removed Scene
51:08 / 30:41

Stella talks to forensics about the evidence.

Paul peels and eats an orange.

Olivia is being questioned about the necklace Paul gave to her and about things she saw.

Paul is being taken away by a guard.

Stella and Eastwood believe Sally Ann may be a little naive but innocent.

318.12 sec resp. 5 min 18.12 sec
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