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Frightened Woman, The

original title: Femina ridens


  • Theatrical Version
  • UK Version
Release: Jan 29, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version (German DVD by Koch Media) and the UK Version (UK DVD by Shameless).

14 differences, consisting of
- 4 additional scenes
- 4 extended scenes
- 4 extended scenes in the Theatrical Version
- 1 additional Logo in the Theatrical Version
- longer black screen in the UK Version
- Laufzeitdifferenz: 83.92 resp. 1 min 23.92 sec

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 1 sec that have not been considered in the following comparison.

Recently after its release, the film was banned. As a consequence thereof, cuts were made and a shorter version was re-released. One of the very first VHS releases contains said shorter version which is identical with the Theatrical Version. According to director Piero Schivazappa, the cuts were required to be able to release the film theatrically in the first place. In addition to that, he claims the Theatrical Version is the only version anyone has ever shown to him. With that in mind, the note on the cover of the UK DVD "This IS the version of my film to watch" is doubtful at the very least. But either way, the UK DVD is longer than the German DVD with the Theatrical Version but it is still not complete because the UK DVDs lack some footage as well. But then again the additional footage is not really worth mentioning resp. the additional footage on the UK DVD is much more interesting. Unfortunately, I can't tell for sure whether the UK DVD contains the Original Version (before the required cuts in order to release the film in the first place were made) or not.

Time index refers to
German DVD (Theatrical Version) – UK-DVD (both in PAL).
00:00 / 00:00

Additional logo in the Theatrical Version.

Theatrical Version 10.96 sec longer

Extended Scene
07:53 / 07:42

Earlier beginning of a shot.

2.36 sec

Extended Scene Theatrical Version
08:47 / 08:39

After Sayer's "What's this all about?", Maria explains in both versions: "I'm sorry I have to bother you but I have to have better material for that story on male sterilization in India."

The UK Version instantaneously continues with Sayer while the shot of Maria is longer in the Theatrical Version. She makes a further comment.
Maria: "I'd like to have some professional publications."

Theatrical Version 3.52 sec longer

Extended Scene Theatrical Version
13:53 / 13:40

The close-up of Sayer starts a bit earlier.

Theatrical Version 1 sec longer

Extended Scene
15:44 / 15:31

The blade longer on Maria's body. Sayer's explanation is longer as well.
Sayer: "(They'll be able to deposit the thing in a special machine.) Yes, they're working on that, too. And then back you come eight months later and pick it up when it's right."

10.04 sec

Extended Scene
19:54 / 19:51

Longer shot.

1.2 sec

Additional Scene
23:27 / 23:26

After Sayer forces Maria to hug and kiss the doll of him, the scene continues in the UK Version. Sayer makes Maria have sex with the doll (resp. she is supposed to simulate sex). The camera then zooms in on Sayer and he says that he (Sayer is refering to the doll) resists because Maria destroys him (the doll) - just like she does with other men. Sayer then seperates the rooms via partition again.

32.64 sec

Extended Scene Theatrical Version
45:24 / 45:54

The close-up of Maria is longer. Even though her comment "No. Please." is identical in both versions, she only gets to say that on-screen in the Theatrical Version. In the UK Version, her "Please." is audible at the beginning of the subsequent shot which shows her in profile.

Theatrical Version 1.72 sec longer

Additional Scene
01:04:26 / 01:04:54

Two additional shots in the UK Version.

14.2 sec

Extended Scene Theatrical Version
01:07:14 / 01:07:56

Sayer and Marie longer. In the Theatrical Version, he turns his head to her one more time.

Theatrical Version 1.84 sec läonger

Extended Scene
01:14:25 / 01:15:04

The water longer.

1.4 sec

Additional Scene
01:15:16 / 01:15:56

The Theatrical Version only contains the beginning of this scene resp. the first two shots. In the UK Version, further shots follow. In addition to that, Maria's voice-over is audible during the two shots in the Theatrical Version. In the UK Version, her voice-over starts during one of the exclusive shots.

27.6 sec
Theatrical VersionUK Version

Additional Scene
01:15:31 / 01:16:39

After single identical shot which shows Maria topless, the UK Version contains further additional shots.

13.52 sec

Subsequent to the end credits, the UK Version contains a longer black screen. The reason is simple: When the Theatrical Version fades to black, the song played during the end credits ends while it keeps playing in the UK Version - length difference not considered in the calculation of the length difference of the two versions.

10.56 sec