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Pan's Labyrinth



original title: Pik Lik Fo


  • International Version
  • Chinese Version
Release: Apr 29, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the International Version (German DVD by Kinowelt and the Chinese Version (Chinese DVD by Thakral

Thunderbolt (1995) was shot shortly after Rumble in the Bronx resp. before Jackie Chan become a huge star due to the delayed international theatrical release of the latter. It was a worldwide hit and even though Thunderbolt is probably not one of the best movies he ever made, there are a few nice stunts (obviously a lot of car stunts), a nice level of violence and many familiar faces from Hong Kong cinema. As opposed to many other Jackie Chan movies, the international releases are uncut.

In addition to a Japanese Version with cuts of more than 10 minutes, which makes this version absolutely useless, there is something worth pointing out - hence the following comparison. It is anything but spectacular though: For some reason, there is an alternate shot of the end of the movie in the Chinese Version. The Malaysian VCD contains the very same version version and it is likely that further Asian releases do (except for the Japanese Version that is). The here compared German DVD (= International Version) is based on an international export master, as implied by the credits, which contains a few jump cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec each. Those will not be listed in the following comparison.

It is pretty self-explanatory that importing the Chinese DVD is a waste of time money - even for die-hard Jackie Chan fans. In addition to the incredibly redundant alternate shot, the nasty fullscreen does the rest. The Taiwanese DVD is in widescreen but the label is known for a lack of quality so that is not really an option either. The Hong Kong laserdisc could be though, if one has the required player of course. So far, there is no HD release worldwide for either of the versions.

Time index refers to
International Version (German DVD) / Chinese Version (Chinese DVD)

Please note: For some reason, the Chinese DVD runs with PAL speed (25 fps).
Additional logo at the beginning of the International Version.
Not considered as length difference.

+ 13.5 sec

Subsequently afterwards, the opening credits differ. In the Chinese Version, there are additional Chinese characters and there are more credits as well.

International VersionChinese Version

After the opening sequence, the aspect ratio of the Chinese Version changes to "beloved" fullscreen. To be more specific, the aspect ratio has been fitted resp. it changes during a shot when the person on the right starts speaking and then the one on the left responds. A nasty relic from the VHS era which appears to have been pretty common in China, even in the late 90s.

International VersionChinese Version

43:12 / 43:00-43:01

Apparently a reel change in the International Version (hence the mark shortly before): Cougar's goon insignificantly longer.

0.7 sec

62:02 / 61:53

Insignificantly longer shot of the track right before Jackie appears.

0.5 sec

64:05 / 63:56-63:57

The shot of Amy on the phone is a little longer in the Chinese Version.
As compensation, the subsequent shot of Cougar and his goon starts a bit earlier in the International Version.

Chinese Version 0.7 sec longer

85:42 / 85:35-85:36

Cougar a little longer.

1 sec

87:33-87:38 / 87:27-87:32

Before the shot at the finishing line, there is an entirely alternate shot of the race with a length of almost exactly 5 seconds.
For the sake of information, there are screenshots of the previous and subsequent shots as well.

no difference

International VersionChinese Version

And now the exclusive shot from the Asian Version in Widescreen on the Malaysian VCD:

During the outtakes, the Chinese Version switches to widescreen one more time - and once again, the credits are different as well.
Much earlier again in the Asian Version.

International VersionChinese Version