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Release: Aug 25, 2008 - Author: McClane - Translator: jack ass - external link: IMDB
The Swedish DVD (Midget Entertainment), which features the unrated version, is compared to the UK DVD from ILC Prime (BBFC 18 = R-Rated version). The time indications are according to the runtime of the Swedish DVD. The scenes described in square brackets are not cut material but appear before or after the censored sequences to clearify context.
Time difference: 4 cuts = 6 seconds

Note: The US DVD, despite being labeled "R-Rated", features the unrated version of the movie!
0:46:27 [James has his hands on his belly.] James begins to puke. [Tommy and Alex watch.] 1 s

0:46:35 [Alex and Tommy laugh.] James keeps on puking. [James spits out some more pieces.] 3 s

1:00:08 [The bad guy with the ponytail shoots.] James has two fingers shot off his hand. [James gets hit in the shoulder.] 1 s

1:00:10 [The black bad guy shoots.] James takes several hits in the chest. [The bad guy with the MP 5 keeps on shooting.] 1 s