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  • French VHS
  • German DVD
Release: May 10, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored French VHS from Fil a Film and the uncensored version on the German DVD from Schröder Media (Asia Line Vol. 16)

- 4 material-defects
- missing scenes time: 50,1 sec

On 8 November 2018 a reconstructed, uncut version of the film appeared in the collection line "Asia Line" as Vol. 16 for the first time worldwide. For years, the French VHS was in great demand among collectors because, unlike most other options, it is 2.35:1 in the original image format. On the other hand, it was considered to be one of the very few options to see the film uncut.

Unfortunately, the latter wasn't quite the case. The violent peaks are indeed complete but obviously due to reel changes there are a few missing scenes. Only the penultimate one basically justified the present cut report: Here a longer piece of 40 seconds was lost in one fell swoop and thus a complete short scene. Since the action was all there, you could still live well with it back then - but one way or the other, the lovingly reconstructed German DVD today gives you a much easier and better opportunity to watch the film.

Runtime specifications are arranged according to the following scheme
French VHS in PAL / German DVD in PAL
Additional RCS film hint for the 35mm.
Not included in cut duration/amount.

4.6 sec

Different pre credits shortly thereafter.

French VHSGerman DVD

08:40 / 08:49-08:51

Probably thanks to the FR's first change of reel, the beginning of a shot outside is lost after the boss has clenched his fist inside.

2.4 sec

26:31 / 26:41-26:45

Apparently reel change no. 2: The shot outside a few insignificant frames longer, then our heroes enter the room inside a little earlier.

4.3 sec

46:58 / 47:13-47:53

After the death of the girl in the snow there is apparently the roll change no. 3 and here it goes beyond only a minimal moment of error: immediately a longer piece with dialogues, which is contained in both German and Italian version, fell under the table. So the baddies first talk about the new situation with the miners hurrying to the rescue. The fighter "Red Hand" is discussed as a solution to the problems.

40 sec

73:38 / 74:28-74:31

After the thug was grounded and then mobilized himself up again briefly, the start of the follow-up shot is missing, where you can see the feet of our heroes scurrying through the picture in close-up.

Note: In the German VHS this scene is also missing and already the last 2 seconds of the previous shot of the Baddie. With the DE-35mm again there was the last reel change and so the DVD finally uses the best picture source again. In the end this moment was only to be found on the Italian 35mm.

3,5 sec