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  • Old BBFC 15 DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Nov 10, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the shortened British DVD (BBFC 15) released by First Independent and the uncut German DVD (FSK 16) released by Warner Home Video.

The movie's first DVD release in the UK offered several cuts. Besides the "usual" UK-cuts (e.g. the usage of nunchakus), they also cut out 2 "harmless" scenes. In 2003, they re-released the DVD (also with a BBFC 15 rating) that in cluded a completely uncut version of the movie.

Runtime of the UK DVD (without credits): 1:27:33
Runtime of the German DVD (without credits): 1:27:48

5 cuts = 15.08 sec.
Time Index: British DVD / German DVD

When Johnny faces the guys on the movie set, a sequence (shot in bird's-eye perspective) was cut out because the man in the middle uses a nunchaku.
1.4 sec.

Subsequently, there's a missing close up shot of the guy with the nunchaku. Then follows a shot of the other two men followed by a cut to Johnny.
2.04 sec.

A short sequence of the guy attacking with the nunchaku.
0.72 sec.

During Johnny's fight against Scorpion in the forest, there's a missing sequence of a snake growing out of Scorpion's that then dashes towards Johnny. Then there's a missing shot of Scorpion. After that you see the snake trying to snap at Johnny. Also, there's a missing shot of Johnny, followed by a cut to the snake ripping the bark off a tree.
4.2 sec.

During Art Lean's fight against Goro there's a missing shot of him lying on the floor - he anxiously looks up to Goro. He gets up and starts running. Goro looks at him. Then, Art dashes at Goro and kicks him. Sonya, Liu and Johnny cheer for him.
6.72 sec.