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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Feb 16, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncensored theatrical cut (represented by the US-DVD by Warner Bros.) and the Director's Cut (represented by the German FSK 18-DVD by Warner Bros.)

Theatrical Cut: 110:56 min w/o credits (114:31 min w/ credits) in NTSC
=> equals 106:22 min w/o credits (109:49 min w/ credits) in PAL

Director's Cut: 109:49 min w/o credits (113:10 min w/ credits) in PAL

- 3 new scenes
- Length: 207 sec (= 3:27 min)

Parts 1-3 of the cult action-series were presented in longer Director's Cuts-versions on DVD. Like with the other two films, only three new plot scenes were added. All three scenes add a little comedy to the movie, but are more or less minor additions. But more screentime for Joe Pesci as Leo Getz is surely something.

Runtime designations are ordered like this:
Theatrical cut in NTSC / Director's Cut in PAL
11:17 / 10:50-11:20

Before the two enter Murtaugh's house, they first go to his car in the DC, which was poorly patched up by a mechanic before.

Murtaugh sighs and the mechanic greets him: "Hi, Murtaugh!"
Murtaugh: "Thought I'd get a new windshield."
Mechanic: "Don't worry, it'll be fine."
Murtaugh, while Riggs checks the windshield's stability: "The hood."
Mechanic: "We got a new hood on order."
Murtaugh: "No bumper."
Mechanic: "We got a bumper on order."
Riggs: "See you back at your place, Rog."
Murtaugh: "Okay"
Riggs: "If you ever get there."
Riggs goes away, and Murtaugh comments: "Thanks. Thanks a lot."
He furthermore says to the mechanic: "Oh yeah, thank you!"
Mechanic: "Be careful. The mirror's got tape around it."
Murtaugh says "Oh boy. Shit!" and gets in.

30 sec

25:57 / 25:23-26:39

The DC features an additional scene in Leo Getz' hotel's lobby. Riggs and Murtaugh gaze at a few girls in the pool and the former one flirts a little with them.

Riggs: "Oh."
Murtaugh: "What a joint!" - to a girl: "Excuse me, ma'am, where's the lobby?"
The girl points to the left
Murtaugh: "That's this way."
Riggs, buried in thought, watches a girl ascending from the pool.
Murtaugh: "Hey, come on. Come on."
Both leave and Murtaguh comments: "What I wouldn't pay to have this pool in my back yard."
Riggs: "You can't swim."
Murtaugh does some movements with his arms: "I could get my stroke down."
Meanwhile Riggs approaches a pool with three girls: "Hi."
The girls: "Hi."
Riggs: "What's the water like?"
The girls answer: "Great."
Riggs: "How's the temperature?"
Die girls: "Great. Why don't you come in?"
Riggs: "As an employee, I can't get into these
things. If I get caught, I get fired."
Murtaugh picks up Riggs from the pool, meanwhile the girls answer: "Horrible."
Riggs continues to talk to them: "No problem? Nothing I can do for you?"
Murtaugh: "Excuse me."
Riggs: "Yes?"
Murtaugh: " I see you're coming out of your shell."
Riggs explains: "Hotel psychiatrist."
The girls to Murtaugh: "Join us also."
Murtaugh: "Our patient, Mr. Getz, is waiting for us upstairs. Want to talk to Mr. Murphy?"
Riggs: "Yeah, I gotta go to work. Bye."
Murtaugh waves: "Bye."
The girls: "Come back. We'll be waiting."
Riggs turns around once more; "Can any of you cook?"
The girls: "Oh yes, very good!"
Murtaugh zieht ihn zurück; "Let's go. Murphy."
Riggs says: "The girls in this place. This is where they live in the day."
Murtaugh: "This is where my tax money goes too. Leo lives like this."
Murtaugh to an employee: "Where's the elevator?"
Employee: "Down the hall to the right."
Murtaugh: "Thanks."
Employee: "Are you gentlemen guests of the hotel?"
Riggs shows his police badge on his belt.
Employee: "Yes, Sir."

With the boy in the hallway the theatrical cut continues again.

75,7 sec

33:50 / 34:12-35:53

In the DC, you also see the three successlessly looking for the house named by Leo and discuss a little about the street.

Murtaugh: "That's downtown L.A. How'd you like to have a house here?"
Riggs: "It'd be okay three days of the year when you can actually see it. Get a fresh breath."
Murtaugh: "It's been two hours and six places. You sure of the address?"
Leo: "I told you I wasn't sure of the exact address."
Murtaugh: "What are you sure of?"
Leo: "I'm sure the numbers add up to 28. I remember because I was 28 when I became a certified public accountant."
Murtaugh: "Ok, ok."
We can figure this out.
Leo: "We can figure this out. Es sind vier Zahlen. There's four numbers. The first one has to be a nine. Nine is my lucky number. I was born on the ninth day of the ninth month."
Murtaugh: "This is ridiculous."
Riggs: "Hang on. Maybe not, maybe not."
Riggs gets a telephone book from the car, Leo continues talking in the background
Riggs: "There aren't many streets in Bel Air that begin with nine with four numbers in the address."
Murtaugh: "How many's not that many?"
Riggs, while breezing through the book: "Let's have a look. Well, I meant more than 10 or 12 streets."
Murtaugh: "This is thin, Riggs. This is very thin."
Riggs: "This is anorexic."
Leo continues to work with the calculator; "Such as 739, 658. Okay, that's it. That's it."
He jumps up to the two and says; "Look. This is it. See? The last three numbers have to be either 739 or 658. - eine von diesen beiden, The first number's gotta be a 9 because 9 was my lucky number. I was born on the ninth day...
See, that's it."
Riggs: "And they add up to 28."
Leo: "I tell you, I could do it."
Riggs: "Ok."
Leo: "I knew it."
Murtaugh: "Take us there."
Leo: "We need a street, that's all."
Murtaugh: "Oh, yeah"
Riggs: "Is that all?" - he blindfoldedly chooses one from the telephone book - "How's that?"
Murtaugh: "Good enough for me."
Leo: "Yes, good. You see?"
Murtaugh: "Leo, this is the seventh place."
Leo: "We have the numbers."
Murtaugh: "And the seventh time."
Leo: "Just jumble them around."
Riggs: "It's a lucky number."
Leo: "Now we've got it"
The three get in.

101,3 sec