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Universal Horror Collection: Volume 3



The Mummy's Shroud

No Retreat, No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder


  • BBFC 18 DVD
  • M15+
Release: Oct 31, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the censored UK DVD (BBFC 18) by Universal and the uncensored Australian DVD (M15+) by Force Video.

- One cut
- Runtime difference: 53,9 sec


With No Retreat, No Surrender 2 - Raging Thunder the fun started. Originally, both Jean-Claude van Damme and Kurt McKinney were supposed to be back, but the marginal security precautions for filming in Cambodia were a deterrent. It was better that way, because thanks to these circumstances Loren Avedon, who was also present in both sequels, could enter the field. Together with Cynthia Rothrock, he's a more than adequate replacement. Both of their martial arts skills also fit much better into the typically wild Hong Kong production of Ng See-Yuen and Seasonal Films. On the other side, Hwang Jang-Lee is another Asia heavyweight to be seen. No Retreat, No Surrender 2 - Raging Thunder is a highly entertaining non-stop action firework in the jungle, as you hardly ever saw it after the 80s. Genre fans are left with only a few other choices, such as the similarly uninhibited follow-up movies No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers and No Retreat, No Surrender 4: The King of the Kickboxers with Loren Avedon.

Annoyingly, the film is generally only poorly available in terms of quality, but also in terms of the available releases. The German version is censored by 13.5 minutes in pretty much all action scenes. Only one Australian DVD is uncut, but the British DVD is probably the most affordable one for those interested. This one is complete in violence and action, only one scene with animal violence had to be removed for the BBFC's sake. So the snake blood is drunk, but the killing of the animal was removed. Basically a version which most prospective customers can arrange themselves with.

Note: On VHS, a version tightened by more than 15 minutes of plot scenes was released in the US and also Great Britain, so that quasi really only one fight scene follows after the next. And of course, the British miss out on a bit more, like the killing of the snake. This curious "action-only" version gets a separate comparison from us.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: British DVD in PAL / Australian DVD in PAL
The shot with the film title is frozen on the UK DVD and the international title overlaps it.

British DVDAustralian DVD

29:19 / 29:19-30:13

After two shots of the snakes on the market, the UK only shows the beginning of the shot, where one snake is hung in a loop. This can be seen longer in the original version, then the older man covers its head, wipes off its skin and prepares his tools. He now cuts open the snake and the boy catches the blood below. It is put into small cups and the man stands up to give it to Mac and Scott. The UK DVD starts again in the middle of the shot when the camera is so far up that you can't see the dead snake anymore.

53.9 sec