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  • Theatrical Version
  • Japanese VHS Version
Release: Jul 02, 2017 - Author: Magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the uncut Theatrical Version and the Japanese VHS Version (both available on the German Blu-ray/DVD by Digidreams).

This British Predator rip-off is quite entertaining. In Japan, a VHS with approx. 4 additional minutes of footage was released. This has nothing to do with censorship though. Instead, it is likely that said tape originates from a different source. Unfortunately, this version is only available on tape and a Blu-ray or DVD release in acceptable or good quality is rather unlikely. At least, the German Blu-ray/DVD combo contains the Japanese VHS Version (with hardcoded Japanese subtitles) as bonus - in VHS quality.
61:07 Compared to the Japanese VHS Version, the Theatrical Version lacks two longer scenes: At first, Det. Durkin's girlfriend Robyn is on the phone. After a while, Durkin and Stone show up. Robyn is upset because he has not reached out to her in days and slaps him. Durkin introduces his parter tells her to leave the apartment asap for her own safety. He grabs her and carries her up the stairs.

Change of scenery: Stone is waiting for his partner in the car who then shows up with lunch. In the car, they talk about the monster. Cut inside the sewer system where a guy is being chased by some creature and finally killed (no details). Stone knows that something has happened so they hurry down into the sewer system where they find the guy's body with his heart missing. Via radio, they contact HQ.

281 sec in total