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Calamity of Snakes

original title: Ren she da zhan


  • Theatrical Version
  • Alternate Uncut Version
Release: May 06, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the theatrical version (HD main feature) and the uncut alternate version - both available on the US Blu-ray by Unearthed Pictures.

- 7 differences
- Difference: 16.1 sec (without credits deviations)

Other master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the cut report.

Many different versions of CALAMITY OF SNAKES

Calamity of Snakes was made in Taiwan in the early '80s, and as with many such productions, the viewer is often left rather speechless. On the one hand, there are muddled and crazy ideas like the attack of a huge rubber snake in the completely crazy finale. On the other hand, the film is known for its scenes with unnecessary animal snuff. Right at the beginning, lots of snakes are killed with a backhoe shovel and skinned or eaten in the further course. Of course some violence, sex scenes and silly comedy also found its way in the spectacle, of course. A typical exploitation snack for the video market.

Maybe partly because of the drastic scenes of violence against animals, the film has hardly been released outside Asia. In some countries, individual scenes are only known from the cut'n'paste flick The Serpent Warriors, where half the film was integrated into a stupid plot playing in the Nevada desert (!). The Koreans also got to see an alternate version of the film under the title War Between Men and Snakes, which also tells its own story around it and comes up with alternate material. But that's not the main reason for the following report.

In Japan, the original film was available on VHS and DVD in different versions. The DVD is said to be censored in a sex scene. Presumably, that is exactly the version that is now the centerpiece of Unearthed Films' US HD premiere, available since April 25, 2023, as the "theatrical version." It's a new HD scan with the expected signs of wear, but considering previously available alternatives, an absolute delight for such a title. Needless to say, the clearly preferred choice for the film in terms of quality.

Three versions on the US Blu-ray - The alternate export version

On the back cover, an "Alternate Version" is mentioned as a bonus, and in the Blu-ray's menu, it called the "Uncut Version". This is what we are dealing with in this report. In SD quality, this is more or less the version that collectors already know from the Japanese VHS or various US bootlegs which used said VHS as their source.

The credits differ and a sex scene is a bit longer here. Even in the uncensored version, the scene is quite harmless, but here the sexual intercourse is implied a bit more. An alternative shot with exposed breasts can be found here. It's absurd that this was even an issue while the other moments of violence and animal cruelty remained untouched. The version with more nudity was probably originally intended for export countries. It is also interesting to note that the Japanese VHS and the US bootlegs with the same, longer version had Japanese subtitles in the picture throughout. On the Blu-ray's "alternate version," this is only the case for a few brief moments.

Additionally, the Blu-ray offers a "Cruelty Free Cut", as was done with the similarly themed Asian shockers Centipede Horror and Red Spells Red. So if you want to see the film without the animal snuff, you get an alternative here as well. The few instances of censorship during the sex scene in both HD versions are not really a big deal, so this should be the preferred option for most viewers. There's also a newly produced feature-length documentary on the Blu-ray about the weird excesses of Chinese horror in the early '80s. A highly recommended release for those interested.

Running time details are arranged according to the scheme
Theatrical Version Blu-ray in 24fps / Alternate Version Blu-ray in 23.976fps

The Uncut version has an additional production logo to start. The credits are completely different.

Uncut version 13.3 sec longer

Theatrical Version (Blu-ray)Alternate Uncut Version (Blu-ray)

10:01-10:18 / 10:15-10:32

Some of the dialogue in the uncut version has burned-in Japanese subtitles. The rest of the film has no subtitles and the scene itself is exactly identical in the main HD film, so that's just a peculiar sidenote and not a "real" difference.

Theatrical Version (Blu-ray)Alternate Uncut Version (Blu-ray)

This is interesting in that we also have the Japanese VHS and can thus confirm that here the Japanese subtitles are in the picture throughout. The aspect ratio differs a bit as well. Here is a comparison image from another scene in the film.

Japanese VHSAlternate Uncut Version (Blu-ray)

14:53-14:54 / 15:07-15:08

After the woman drops the towel and you see a few shots where nudity is cleverly hidden, the Uncut version then shows her exposed breasts for a brief moment. The HD theatrical version instead tamely shows her in a closer perspective, as with the shots just before.

No runtime difference

Theatrical Version (Blu-ray)Alternate Uncut Version (Blu-ray)

15:23 / 15:37-15:41

A shot of the two of them frolicking on the bed starts a little earlier.

3.4 sec

15:34 / 15:52-16:00

Various quick cuts between the two.

8.1 sec

15:36 / 16:02-16:05

Between the many shots of the snakes, the lovers are actually shown again.

3 sec

15:38 / 16:06-16:08

And again, before the snakes bite.

1.7 sec

15:40-15:41 / 16:11

A short cut to the man deviates.

No runtime difference

Theatrical Version (Blu-ray)Alternate Uncut Version (Blu-ray)

15:41-15:42 / 16:12

The next cutover as well.

No runtime difference

Theatrical Version (Blu-ray)Alternate Uncut Version (Blu-ray)

19:36-19:42 / 20:07-20:13

Here, the Uncut version again has a shot with burned-in subtitles.

Theatrical Version (Blu-ray)Alternate Uncut Version (Blu-ray)

28:06-28:11 / 28:37-28:42


Theatrical Version (Blu-ray)Alternate Uncut Version (Blu-ray)

48:07-48:09 / 48:39-48:41


Theatrical Version (Blu-ray)Alternate Uncut Version (Blu-ray)

Regarding the finale, it should be briefly mentioned that some scenes (without censorship background) are way darker in the alternative version and hardly anything can be seen.

Theatrical Version (Blu-ray)Alternate Uncut Version (Blu-ray)

In the final ending note, only the HD master resp. the theatrical version still has a copyright from Golden Sun Films.

Theatrical Version (Blu-ray)Alternate Uncut Version (Blu-ray)

Cover of the US Blu-ray with three versions (O-ring slipcase):