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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: May 14, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Habek - external link: IMDB
Comparison between R-rated and uncut, unrated edition.Both were published by Shriek Show in the US. Hershell Gordon Lewis, who has invented splatter movies, created a sequel for his over 40 years old splatter movie named BLOOD FEAST. The sequel does not only contain a lot more blood and violence than the first part, but it is also very funny and real "trash movie". The effects are quite good and you see alot of gore, but the film is not too heavy due to it's comic parts. In the US you can buy an unrated and an R-Rated version of the film, the unrated one is 7 minutes longer than the other. The unrated edition is also available as a 2 Disc Special Edition.
R-rated Edition = 92:11 Min.
Unrated Edition = 99:17 Min.
Duration of cut scenes = 7:06 Min.
01:06 The light-skinned man cuts the dark-skinned man's chest with something incognizable and leaves laughing. Then, the dark-skinned man pulls out his his bowels out from under his T-Shirt. The beginning of the shot showing the man grabbing for the bottle wrapped in paper is missing.
24,5 Sek.

You can see the laughing man with a bottle being in his throat, while blood comes out of the wound and splashes against a wall.
3,5 Sek.

After Misty's hand was put into a masticator by Fuad Ramses the third, there are some bloody details missing in the RF(R-Rated Edition). Closeup of the masticator Fuad uses and out of which the meat emerges, falling on a tray. Misty yells loudly.
32 Sek.

You can see Fuad stab Misty's stomach with a knife longer. Then he tears her garments apart and takes all organs out of her stomach until he finds the liver necessary for his paté. Then there is an insert and you can see the statue of the goddess Ishtar whose Eyes glitter.
31,5 Sek.

22:40 In the Unrated Edition you can also longer see Fuad Ramses killing the nacked woman with a corkscrew and then taking parts of the brain out of her ear. Afterwards he slahes her stomach with a knife, takes organs out of her and fools around with her open body, whilst you can hear music from the radio.
74,5 Sek.

38:11 You see bloody closeups of Fuad taking the woman's eyes out using a spoon. Then he rips out her tongue making nasty comments.
50 Sek.

43:37 The scene with Fuad slitting the blond woman's throat unless he has totally cut of her head is longer here.
23 Sek.

The scene showing Fuat standing in front of a chipper and putting a chopped of leg in it is competely missing. Blood and pieces of meat splash around. Fuad talkes weird stuff, when suddenly the door bell starts to ring.
55 Sek.

69:14The scene showing him attacking the ginger woman with a knife has also been cut. Then he puts her hair over in front and takes of the whole skin of her face, so you can see her face without any skin and her mouth wide open. Then there are inserts showing gagged Trixie who is watching anxiously. Then, Fuad opens the woman's head and her brain is visible. He takes the brain out and strokes it. Afterwards he goes to Trixie and says he was sorry she has to see all that, but he was to do this. He also states there were huge things Ishtar was willing to do with him. Then he takes a cloth and puts it on her face, dazing her.
104 Sek.

In the R-Rated Edition you cannot see Fuad slit Trixie's throat the whole time. In the Unrated edition he cuts her much longer. Blood splashes and he kisses her face.
23,5 Sek.

87:04 Bloody closeup with Ms. Lampley getting needles put into her eyes.

87:07 Another closeup of her face. . Blood splashes out of her eyes and she tilts forward.
3 Sek.