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original title: Wu gong zhou


  • Animal Cruelty Free Cut
  • Uncut
Release: Dec 21, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Animal Cruelty Free Cut and the original uncut version, both included on the U.S. Blu-ray of Error 4444

- 7 cuts
- Cut duration: 35.2 sec

Back in our report for Red Spell Spells Red, we pointed out that American fan label Error 4444 has released a new HD scan of Hong Kong shocker from the '80s and included a version with the questionable animal snuff scenes removed. Centipede Horror was also filmed in Hong Kong in 1982, similarly revolves around black magic and is exclusively available in Error 4444's label store.

Also included on the disc, in addition to the original uncensored version, is a bonus Animal Cruelty Free Cut, made from the same image master. In this case, there aren't as many scenes of unnecessary violence inflicted on animals. A rooster is plucked a bit and the finale is missing some shots of suffering centipedes on the ground. The same conclusion applies as with Red Spells Red: the Animal Cruelty Free Cut doesn't change anything about the unnecessary practice during the filming, but those who can "enjoy" the film better this way will get a nice alternative here.

Even more interesting in terms of censorship is the bonus featurette, which shows the ritual scene in the middle of the film in an extensively edited version with alternate takes. Unfortunately, it is not clearly stated from which Asian release this footage originates. Anyway, we have included the quite interesting differences as an appendix as well.

Running time information is arranged according to the scheme
Animal Cruelty Free Cut Blu-ray / Uncut Version Blu-ray

Apart from the title insert after about 2.5 minutes, both versions of the film use a "clean" master from OCN without any credit. This is a bit irritating, because the picture freezes several times when credits are supposed to appear. In the bonus section of the disc there is another version with credits inserts from a different image source.

Credits (Bonus featurette)Uncut HD scan + Animal Cruelty Free Version

46:25 / 46:25-46:37

The rooster is still grabbed at the end of the shot and plucked a bit. Then the man drags him over to the cleaver.

12.3 sec

89:58 / 90:10-90:14

A centipede lying on its back can be seen a bit longer and the next tracking shot of other centipedes also starts a bit earlier.

3.7 sec

90:11 / 90:27-90:29

Another shot of the animals starts a little earlier.

2.3 sec

90:26 / 90:44-90:47

Again, the centipedes loll on the ground.

3 sec

90:38 / 90:59-91:05


5.4 sec

90:40 / 91:07-91:11

Between two shots of Wai, there is another cut to the almost motionless animals.

4.6 sec

90:48 / 91:19-91:23

At the end of the shot, Wai wipes away some animals with the towel.

3.8 sec

Notes: The infamous final scene where Chee vomits centipedes, however, was then left untouched.

The final freeze frame (around 1 minute long) also comes without any credits in the main HD versions.

Credits (Bonus featurette)Uncut HD scan + Animal Cruelty Free Version

Also included in the bonus section is a featurette on Asian censorship in the 80s, where clips from a different version of the film are presented in split screen. Unfortunately, it is not explained from which release the material originates. It starts with a small intro.

After an identical opening to the scene where the woman loses her little dress under the influence of magic, you see alternate takes of just that. The censored version has more close-ups of faces or the naked body is obscured by something in the frame. When the man walks around her, the uncensored version stays in the covered up shot the whole time, while the uncut has close-ups and other perspectives where her body is not covered. The chicken plucking is also mounted with slightly more graphic shots. The further "treatment" of the woman deviates just as extensively. Here it also gradually becomes apparent that the split screen is no longer useful, because... the end it is still briefly mentioned that the Uncut version is also two minutes longer in total for the scene and thus in part was obviously simply heavily cut without any alternate takes.

Packshots of the two cover options offered by Error 4444: