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  • UK DVD (Contender Entertainment)
  • German DVD
Release: Mar 23, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the German/French Free-TV Broadcast from ARTE (30.03.2006), which equals the UK DVD by Contender Entertainment and the Uncut German DVD by KSM / Astro / Attraction Movies

The imdb lists the exact same cuts for the old UK DVD by Contender Entertainment. The length of the TV broadcast is equal to that release. That's why I suppose the UK DVD by Contender Entertainment was used as mastertape and that the differences to the Uncut Version were not intended by ARTE.

ARTE/UK DVD: 89:37 min without final credits (91:09 min with credits)
German DVD: 94:04 min without final credits (95:52 min with credits)

- 4 cuts
- Length: 37.1 sec

Further differences refer to the fact that the German DVD operate with 24 fps (NTSC-like) while the UK DVD doesn't.

There's nothing to say about George A. Romero's legendary ...of the Dead series. So let's talk about the following comparison.

Here's what the imdb says about the cuts on the UK DVD by Contender Entertainment:
Despite being billed as the 'Collectors Edition' and containing many extras the UK Contender DVD appears to be missing several sequences including most of the cannibalism scenes following the attack on the car, as well as heavily reducing the trowel murder from 14 blows to 3. None of these cuts were imposed by the BBFC as all video/DVD releases in the UK have always been uncut.

Time index:
UK DVD / German Uncut DVD
71:50 / 74:54-75:01

The following scene is entirely missing. A zombie gnaws on some guts and has to pass some to another zombie.

7.3 sec

71:59 / 75:10-75:20

Missing shots of eating zombies before the story inside the house continues.

10.4 sec

81:18 / 85:03-85:05

First a shot of Helen, then her daughter Karen again. She stabs out again.
The first couple of frames from the following shot of Helen are also missing.

1.5 sec

81:20 / 85:07-85:25

Still Karen stabbing out her mother.

17.9 sec