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Demons 2

original title: Demoni 2


  • International Version
  • Italian Version
Release: Mar 03, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the international version and the original Italian version (both included on Arrow Video's UK 4K UHD).

- One differing scene + different credits
- Runtime difference: 2.4 sec

A couple of additional master errors, each under 0.5 sec in duration, were not listed in the report.

Besides his own directorial work, Dario Argento was also busy as a producer and Demons 2 (or Demons / Demoni) by Mario Bava's son Lamberto was a big hit there in 1985. Immediately a sequel was commissioned with Demons 2 / Demoni 2. In any case, both films are genre darlings and so the 4K UHD premiere, available since 22 February 2021, was already sold out as a pre-order item.

Unsurprisingly, both parts are available uncut in this set (as well as the Blu-ray version released in parallel from the same 4K master). As a little treat, however, you can choose between the original Italian version and the international version in each case, which differ in small details. For Demons 2, there are even three different options on board, with the only differences worth reporting from our point of view being here to the once again separate US version. But more about that later.

In the second part, you can find some alternative material in the first half at the guest appearance of director Lamberto Bava. The content is the same, but you see different takes of this short dialogue. So, not very spectacular, yet absolutely commendable that Arrow Video has archived this feature for worldwide releases for eternity.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: International version on British 4K UHD / Italian version on British 4K UHD

The credits in English vs. Italian. Also, the Italian version has an additional company note at the beginning. Nevertheless, at the end there is...

no time difference.

International versionItalian version

28:09-28:32 / 28:09-28:29

After an identical distant long shot, the versions have a different entry into the scene at the market where Lamberto Bava makes his guest appearance.

The international version shows a long shot driving down the Hamburg City Hall to the two. The dialogue then runs throughout this shot.
In the Italian version, it is driven down a little farther from the building. After a brief dialogue in this shot, it switches to the same perspective as in the international version. However, it is not exactly the same take, as can be seen, for example, by the fact that Lamberto looks down at his food for longer in the Italian version.

International version 2.4 sec longer.

International versionItalian version

The credits also again in English vs Italian.

International versionItalian version