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original title: Demoni


  • US Version
  • Italian Version
Release: Mar 06, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the shortened US version and the original Italian version, as well as the international version (all three versions included on Arrow Video's UK 4K UHD).

- 3 cuts
- Runtime difference: 10 sec

A few additional master errors, each lasting less than 0.5 sec, were not listed in the report.

Besides his own directorial work, Dario Argento was also busy as a producer and Demons 2 (or Demons / Demoni) by Mario Bava's son Lamberto was a big hit there in 1985. Immediately a sequel was commissioned with Demons 2 / Demoni 2. In any case, both films are genre darlings and so the 4K UHD premiere, available since 22 February 2021, was already sold out as a pre-order item.

Unsurprisingly, both parts are available uncut in this set (as well as the Blu-ray edition released in parallel from the same 4K master). As a little treat, however, you can choose between the original Italian version and the international version in each case, which differ in small details. In part 2, you get to see a slightly alternative guest appearance by Lamberto Bava. With part 1, it gets even more complicated with even three versions, although in the end only one of them really has relevant differences. Here, the Italian and international versions are frame-exactly identical and you won't find any differences or alternate material across the film either. The only difference is the different language used in the opening and closing credits.

The US version, on the other hand, also has a few other differences, which we'll address in this report. An additional Ascot logo makes nostalgia hearts beat faster, but then there are three small cuts in the film itself. These are by no means moments of violence or nudity, but instead only close-ups of a Coca-Cola can. This is filled with cocaine in the said scenes and possibly the US distributor wanted to prevent possible lawsuits by the beverage manufacturer in this way. This can still be seen in the shots that were included, but the logo is clearly visible in the three places that were removed.

Beyond that, there are quite a few audio differences, but we won't go into them in detail. Some of the actors have been dubbed for the US release, and there are a few noticeable dialogue discrepancies, although these are not due to censorship. Music cues and sound effects also deviate in several places, songs sometimes start a bit earlier or later and the like. Noticeable are, for example, a loud demon screech at the introductory title fade-in or that more threatening noises can be heard during exterior shots of the cinema. A very detailed and descriptive overview purely of these sound changes can be found in the article on Eerie Erik's Review Blogspot.

Last but not least, it should be mentioned that the US Blu-ray by Synapse also had this American audio track on it. The film itself was uncut here with the three close-ups of the Coca-Cola can.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: US version on UK 4K UHD / Italian and International version on UK 4K UHD.

Introducing again the repetition of the note on the intro: For the audio differences that are hard to show here, please visit the article on Eerie Erik's Review Blogspot.

Only the US version has an additional company credit to Ascot at the beginning - not included in cut duration/amount.
The credits themselves then follow in English vs. Italian - with the same English credits appearing when the international version is selected from the menu.

US version 14 sec longer.

US versionItalian version

40:28 / 40:14-40:20

The Coke can is passed through the car in two more shots.

6.1 sec

43:29 / 43:21-43:22

Another close-up with the Coke can being held right next to the steering wheel.

1.3 sec

45:55 / 45:48-45:51

And again, the good stuff is passed around in close-up.

2.7 sec

The credits again in English vs Italian.
Again, the Ascot logo appears at the end for the US version - not included in cut duration/amount.

Note (not depicted): as a final overlay on a black screen, the international version refers to Intra Films World Sales, as an alternative to the RCA overlay.

US versionItalian version