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original title: Bakjwi


  • Original Version
  • Extended Version
Release: May 09, 2010 - Author: azog - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The story:
Priest Sang-hyun volunteers for an experiment to research the Emmanuel Virus. Due to the experiments he gets infected with the virus and dies on the operating table of the research faciliy. After a short period he ressurrects because he accidentally got some vampire blood. That blood makes him the only one who survives but he's still infected. If the Priest doesn't get more blood, the symptoms return. Further desires awaken in Sang-hyun.

The Korean release contains the Theatrical Cut and the Extended Version which was shown at the Pusan Filmfest 2009. As the name implies most of the differences are just extensions.

The comparison:
Compared are the Theatrical Cut (US DVD released by Focus Features) with the Extended Version (Korean DVD released by CJ Entertainment). The images of the US DVD are brighter.

The running times of the cut scenes are rounded and the spelling of the names are based on the subs of the DVDs. Sometimes one frame of the advanced shot is missing. These scenes are mentioned just for the record.
Theatrical Version (TV): 0:00:00
Extended Version (EV): 0:00:00
The order of the logos is different (US: Focus Features/CJ Entertainment, Korea: CJ/Focus).

Theatrical Version: 0:03:28
Extended Version: 0:03:28

In the TC Priest Sang-hyun (Song Kang-ho) grabs his flute and then, after he left the room, a cut to the room of Hyo-sung (Seo Dong-soo). In the EV he also walks up the stairs.

3 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:10:21
Extended Version: 0:10:23

Sang-hyun loses a fingernail while he's writing a letter. He opens the drawer and puts the fingernail in a box with two further fingernails in it. The Priest starts closing the drawer but he reopens it to pick a rosary to look at.

9.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:11:32
Extended Version: 0:11:43

Before Sang-hyun's heart stops beating the tracking shot from the ceiling to the medical devices is extended. Due to that the moment when the heart stops beating is different in both versions. In the TC it stops with the look at the blood patch (after the shot of the devices). In the EV it stops beating with the shot of the devices.

7.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:11:56
Extended Version: 0:12:15

Missing footage in the EV: longer shot of the doc pulling off his gloves. As a result of that the Priest's appearance is extended.

Theatrical Version: +1 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:12:55
Extended Version: 0:13:13

After the Priest left the lab, a confession of Professor Ku (Lee Hwa-ryong) follows. Ku reports to the Priest he should take it slow when Hyo-sung has another seizure.

Professor Ku: "You know how much he talked. Saying the pain is killing him, but still on and on about the sponge cakes, this and that. That very day, I was about to doze off after a long night shift when I was paged. A thought crossed my mind. What if I walked a little slowly, just a little. If he passed away now, he'd only be two months earlier than expected. I thought my life would be a lot more bearable without him. By the time I arrived on dragging feet hypoxia had lead to a brain damage and he had already gone quiet. He's been in that state for a year now. He's still my patient, and... every time I see him, I feel..."
Sang-hyun: "You feel terrible about it?"
Professor Ku: "Not... terrible, but uncomfortable. Thought I'd let him go two months earlier and he's still around after a year. It's a miracle that he is still alive. They say it's thanks to your prayers."

Then Sang-hyun's follow-up exam. The Professor removes the bandage, he looks at his face and seems to be satisfied.
He asks what it felt like, Sang describes he had become very sensitive when it came to noises and smells. Ku looks smilingly at him and says these symptoms didn't fit to the virus but to a pregnancy. The Priest looks at him, he's confused. In the background we hear that sb. opens a bottle of wine (the bottle Noh holds in his hand in the following scene).

Professor Ku: "Dermatologists would be happy to see this. All the numbers indicate you're healing up incredibly fast. What's it like, being a man of miracle?"
Sang-hyun: "I've become strangely sensitive to sound and smell. It makes me feel dizzy and nauseous."
Professor Ku: "The symptoms aren't related to EV, but more like a pregnancy."

total lenghts of the cuts: 116.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:14:13
Extended Version: 0:16:27

Tae-ju (Kim Ok-vin) wants to give Kang-woo (Sin Ha-gyoon) some medicin but Kang-woo denies to take it. That's why Tae-ju says "Look" and takes the medicin on her own. Kang doesn't care and switches the TV channel.

13.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:30:06
Extended Version: 0:32:33

Another shot of the Priest on the car after Tae-ju decided to walk again. He smashes the front window of the car and tosses it on the ground. Then he puts his glasses on and leaves. He grabs his neck while he's leaving.

22 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:41:57
Extended Version: 0:44:44

At the end of the first evening of Mah Jongg a short peek at Tae-ju is added. Sang-hyun tells Priest Noh (Park In-hwan) about his first intimate contact with Tae-ju.

Noh: "Did you touch her?"
Sang-hyun: "I kissed her and held her."
Noh: "Undress her?"
Sang-hyun: "Not completely. The Good Book says to cut off the hand that sins...but no matter how many times I do...I can't control my heart."

For the record: There's one more frame of Sang-hyun in the TC before the new footage starts.

Theatrical Version: +1 frame
Extended Version: 24 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:42:28
Extended Version: 0:45:39

Different footage when Tae-ju arrives at the hospital. In the TC she asks for directions, after that she and Sang-hyun walk in Hyo-sungs's room.

In the EV Tae-ju passes the nurse and walks in the Kapelle of the hospital. Sang-hyun, who's lying on one of the banks, finally finds her. In the background Noh's conversation with Sang-hyun continues.

Noh: "Sin of heart is okay. That is a common sin so it can be easily forgiven. But you must not taint your body with sin. Once you fall, there's no stopping it. Keep cutting and cutting. Cut away anything and everything, to keep your body from sins."
Sang-hyun: "Holding her is like being in the water. Almost doesn't feel like a body. Anyway, I cannot believe it's a sin."

Sang-hyun's explanations are audible while he's moving Tae-ju on the bed. The TC only contains the background music here.

Theatrical Version:
17.5 sec
Extended Version:
25 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:59:58
Extended Version: 1:03:16

Extended shot of Tae-ju at Kang-Woo's and his mother's house, he speaks about life. Sang-hyun brings Tae-ju to the top floor of the building. For the first time he mentions he was going to kill them both. They hug and Tae screams out because Sang-hyun "nibbles" her.

Tae-ju: "I lived as their dog my whole life...feeding the idiot, washing him and even helping him masturbate. You know...I'm practically a virgin. He's...Such an idiot, he won't take his medicines unless I take them first. I don't know how I can still be alive after all the weird medicines I took. That idiot doesn't like me doing volunteer work."
Sang-hyun: "I'll kill them both, Kang-woo and his mother!"
Tae-ju: "We don't have much time. Hold me, now."

The TC contains Tae-ju's words till she recognizes that she's actually a virgin.

Theatrical Version:
6 sec
Extended Version:
65 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:03:20
Extended Version: 1:07:37

After the question if they should do it once again, Tae-ju turns her head around and asks herself why she always got the "freaks". One only wants to do it once every 5 years, the other five times a day. Then she sighs.

Tae-ju: "Why do I always get mixed up with the freaks? One does it once every 5 years and the other 5 times a day..."

Earlier beginning of the shot of Kang-woo in the next scene.

20.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:03:26
Extended Version: 1:08:03

Extended shot of the blundering Kang-woo. Then a conversation with Sang-hyun and Tae-ju.

Sang-hyun: "Did you think about what I said?"
Tae-ju: "Let's say I run away with you, Father."
Sang-hyun: "Told you I'm not a priest anymore! You can sleep during the day. There are many people who live like that. Poets, writers, they all work at night. Or, pretend you've been in New York till now, and haven't got used to the time difference. I'll take care of everything at night. I feel like I can do anything. I could drive a night cab."
Tae-ju: "And suck the blood off customers when you get hungry? Why would I run away with a cab driver? When this house will eventually be mine."

59.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:09:20
Extended Version: 1:14:56

After Kang-woo was killed and after the blood was completely drunken, Sang and Tae have a little conversation. Sang-hyun asks Tae-ju if she really wanted to see Kang-woo dead because it wasn't too late yet. He also doubts his death would make her happy. But Tae-ju is fine with it, her face says so as well. She even starts teasing Sang-hyun, she spills some water on him. Sang-hyun's replies by pushing her in the water.

Sang-hyun: "It's not too late...If I pull him out now, he'll live. Tell me now! You really want him dead? If we do this, it'll make us happy?"
Tae-ju: "For sure."
Sang-hyun: "Really?"
Tae-ju: "Of course, silly."

51.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:09:54
Extended Version: 1:16:21

In the TC the investigation at the scene ends with Seung-dae's (Song Yeong-chang's) statement that he would take care of everything.
In the EV he also says "Such a terrible thing, this..." and leaves.

Sang-hyun walks to the water without saying anything. Finally arrived, he lifts a huge rock and tries to go in the water but the present police men stop him.

Police man: "Hey, what are you doing?"

Then a shot of the police station. Seung-dae in the background, he talks to a police man.

Seung-dae: "Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, eh? You need the body to close the case. Can it be so hard to find?"

The police man at the front table sends Sang-hyun home and says they would be informed when the body had been found.

Police man: "You can go home now. We'll call you if we find him. Even if we can't, he'll eventually float up. It's a lake. He can't go anywhere. You need to see a dermatologist."

The police man calls his name while Sang-hyun's leaving. He's a bit terrified and turns around but the police man just informs him that he has to expect a fine.

Police man: "Wait! You'll be fined for fishing in a restricted area."
Sang-hyun: "Yes."

total lenghts of the cuts: 69.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:14:02
Extended Version: 1:21:38

After Noh's murder the TC switches to the hospital immediately. The EV switches from the image of the two priests to a navigation system. Sang-hyun brings Noh's body to the cliffs and tosses the body in the water, a voice-over (where he talks to himself) is audible all the time.

Sang-hyun: "Living as a vampire is like...Well, in one word...I feel like I've been chosen."
(He looks at Noh and changes the tone of his voice) "I wasn't neglected, after all."
(Now he switches the voice permanently) "I feel like I've been given a special role in this life.
What role?
I've no idea.
Maybe to love a married woman.
I've no idea. If I live truthfully as a vampire, maybe I'll find out some day."

Theatrical Version:
5 sec
Extended Version:
62.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:15:10
Extended Version: 1:23:43

Extended shot of Sang-hyun. He prays in front of Tae-ju's bed.

1 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:15:15
Extended Version: 1:23:50

In both versions Kang-woo's mother watches the divers looking for her son. The scene which shows one of the divers passing by to report is new. She turns around to them but the body language makes clear that the result is negative.
Then Sang-hyun leaves the hospital, only the EV shows how he finishes the prayer for Tae-ju (close to Kang-woo's mother's face).

Sang-hyun: "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Theatrical Version:
2.5 sec
Extended Version:
16 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:15:46
Extended Version: 1:24:34

Before Tae-ju changes his clothes for the memorial ceremony she steps on the doorknob and turns on the light.
One more frame in the TC before the new material begins (Sang-hyun drinks some blood).

Theatrical Version: +1 frame
Extended Version: 6.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:22:21
Extended Version: 1:31:16

In the hospital Tae-ju puts some make up on Miss Ra in the EV. In the TC she just watches at her.

Tae-ju: "How's that? You look pretty..."

With the last words Tae restarts powdering but she's so tired that she finally falls asleep.

Theatrical Version:
3 sec
Extended Version:
32 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:22:28
Extended Version: 1:31:51

In both versions follows they look at Kang-woo's mother, but only in the TC Tae-ju sleeps on her lap. Then the sex scene with Tae-ju and Young-du (Oh Dal-soo).

Theatrical Version: 5 sec

In the EV Tae-ju gets waked up by a call and in anticipation of the interrogation the lie detector is mentionend here.

Tae-ju: "Hello? A lie detector?"

Now Young-du's house where Tae-ju makes some weird movements on the couch which scares Young-du.

Young-du puts an envelope on the table and tells her to take it. Tae-ju asks what that was for while Young-du is taking a seat besides her.

Young-du: "Take this for now..."
Tae-ju: "What's this for...? Where is Evelyn?"
Young-du: "She's visiting her parents...It's not easy for a woman to be alone...with your body getting all hot, yeah?"

With the last word he puts his hand on her breast.

Not very amused about Young-du's intrusiveness, Tae-ju wants to leave but Young-du grabs her. Tae-ju can block the first attack with two kicks, but when she's almost outside Young-du grabs her again and tosses her on the ground.

total lenghts of the cuts Extended Version: 76.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:35:45
Extended Version: 1:46:20

Tae-ju's first day as a vampire begins with an "awakening for two" in the closet, she and Sang-hyun look happily at each other.

Tae-ju: "The sun's down already?"

27 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:37:43
Extended Version: 1:48:44

Extended shot of Miss Ra in the theater, then the death of the Comissioner by Tae-ju.

Theatrical Version: 3.5 sec

There's an interrogation in the EV before the attack of the Comissioner. Both have to answer questions seperately while they're connected with the lie detector. Due to their new skills they can still hear each other. The Comissioner sits between the rooms and watches everything.

Beamter: "You shouldn't look at this (the lie detector). Do you love Tae-ju Park?"
Sang-hyun: "Of course not."
Change to Tae-ju.
Beamter: "I heard the priest came by all too often to the house...what is your relationship with him?"
Tae-ju: "I didn't like the priest from the beginning."

The couple leaves the police station and Sang-hyun says Tae-ju should better take a taxi.

Sang-hyun: "Take a cab home. They'll suspect us if we leave together."

Cut from Tae-ju in the taxi to the Comissioner. Tae-ju has called him to make him tell her about his whereabout because she needs to talk to Priest Hyun urgently.

Kommissar: "Should it matter which route I take? I'll get there in time..."
Tae-ju: "I just wondered whereabouts you are."
Kommissar: "I'm going up the hill on the highway...Why did you want to see so urgently?"
Tae-ju: "It's about the polygraph test earlier..."
Kommissar: "Yeah."
Tae-ju: "I just remembered something else."
Kommissar: "You did?"
Tae-ju: "It's about Father Hyun..."

In the EV the conversation continues till the collision of vehicle and Tae-ju which is also in the TC. If you look excactly you can notice Tae-ju's cell phone close to his ear.

total lenghts of the cuts Extended Version: 67 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:37:57
Extended Version: 1:50:01

Before the collision Tae-ju says the last sentence of the advanced dialog ("It's about Father Hyun...").

2 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:42:13
Extended Version: 1:54:19
One more frame of the bleeding Tae-ju.
Theatrical Version: +1 frame

Theatrical Version: 1:42:19
Extended Version: 1:54:25

Sang-hyun fixes Tae-ju's nose after the dispute. Then Tae-ju refers to Sang-hyun's last statement ("You're the only one I've got, now.") and replies he should let her eat whatever she wanted.

Tae-ju: "Then let me eat what I want."
Sang-hyun: "No!"
Tae-ju: "No? Even if I die?"

31 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:58:28
Extended Version: 2:11:04

Extended shot of Tae-ju besided the railing after Evelyn (Mercedes Cabral) died.

5.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:58:31
Extended Version: 2:11:11

In the TC Tae-ju is quiet on the ride to the cliffs. In the EV she is worried about the house.

Tae-ju: "They'll barge into the house without dusting off their shoes...What will happen to the house?"

Theatrical Version:
4 sec
Extended Version:
15.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 1:58:41
Extended Version: 2:11:33

Extended shot of Miss Ra on the back seat of the car.

0.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 2:00:02
Extended Version: 2:12:54

Different order of the scenes in both versions before it's clear that Sang-hyun didn't bite Evelyn.
The TC shows the couple's victims, including the doc, the EV shows the car driving. Tae-ju notices symptoms of the virus at Sang-hyun and asks if he hadn't had his fill from Evelyn. She gets angry because he doesn't reply.

Tae-ju: "Didn't you have your fill from Evelyn? Won't you ever answer me?"

Theatrical Version:
8.5 sec
Extended Version:
23 sec

In both versions Evelyn puts the jacket away and gets up.

Theatrical Version:
Extended Version:

Theatrical Version: 2:00:33
Extended Version: 2:13:40

Shot from Evelyn to the car and the noticing of the symptoms in the TC. Tae-ju's second sentence's missing.
In the EV Evelyn keeps on walking and notices her husband and Seung-dae in the bath room, no shot of the doc. Evelyn weeps while she's looking at herself in the mirror. She rubs a shirt on her neck and looks at it afterwards. Now it's absolutely obvious that Sang-hyun didn't bite her.

Theatrical Version:
8 sec
Extended Version:
36 sec

And now the most important information: the Korean DVD contains approx. 3 seconds more of black images at the end of the credits.