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Killer Condom

original title: Kondom des Grauens


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Sep 01, 2023 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the theatrical version and the Director's Cut.

Killer Condom

In a shady motel in the heart of New York, various clients are attacked by bloodthirsty condoms. The police believe that aggressive prostitutes are biting off their clients' penises. Only the homosexual police officer, Luigi Mackeroni, realizes that the acts are being perpetrated by condoms.

Kondom des Grauens is amusingly absurd nonsense based on the comic of the same name by Ralf König. The story of murderous condoms is delightfully offbeat with many great jokes. The presence of numerous German actors in the New York setting lends a surreal touch. The cast includes various familiar faces, such as Iris Berben, Leonard Lansink (from Wilsberg), Peter Lohmeyer, Hella von Sinnen, and even Ralf Wolter (Sam Hawkens from the Winnetou films). Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik) was responsible for the effects.

Director's Cut Released in the USA

Kondom des Grauens was released in the USA by Vinegar Syndrome on UHD/Blu-ray under the international title Killer Condom. For the first time, the Director's Cut is included, which runs over 10 minutes longer than the theatrical version. The UHD contains only the Director's Cut. Additionally, there are two Blu-rays in the set containing both the theatrical version and the Director's Cut. It's quite remarkable that a US boutique label like Vinegar Syndrome is needed for a successful German production like Killer Condom to finally receive a proper release.

The Director's Cut features various new plot scenes. Particularly interesting is a scene where the woman with the injured nose actually witnesses a condom appearing in the chapel. In another scene, Sally informs Luigi about the reasons why the church was demolished, explaining the attack on the politician McGovern. In the hotel, when Luigi discovers the killer condom, the Director's Cut includes slightly more explicit shots. It's possible that these scenes were censored for the theatrical version. The image quality is slightly poorer in these moments compared to the rest of the film.

Occasionally, a few frames are lost, which isn't mentioned in the report. The Director's Cut is clearly the superior edited version, as it fills in certain narrative gaps. The UHD/Blu-ray release from Vinegar Syndrome is currently only available through direct sales.


Theatrical Version: 107 minutes and 54 seconds
Director's Cut: 118 minutes and 41 seconds


In the theatrical version, Luigi is seen for a longer duration after he storms into the hotel room. Afterward, the scene of the client being attacked by the condom is shown earlier.

Theatrical: 2.08 sec.


In the Director's Cut, the camera pans from the prostitute to the killer condom she is holding in her hand.

Director's Cut: 1.33 sec.


In the theatrical version, the client whose penis was bitten off and the prostitute are shown earlier.

The Director's Cut shows the condom with the bitten-off penis landing on the ground.

Theatrical: 0.45 sec.
Director's Cut: 0.45 sec.


In the theatrical version, the camera pans from a newspaper to the severed penis on the ground, focusing mainly on the blood trail.

In the Director's Cut, the camera pans from the blood trail to the penis.

Theatrical: 2.29 sec.
Director's Cut: 2.75 sec.


McGouvern's speech is longer. He states that America should be made into what God's will is. The building is shown for a longer time, followed by an earlier scene of the police chief walking around in the entrance hall.

Director's Cut: 17.75 sec.


The police chief is shown for a longer duration after giving instructions to one of his men.

Director's Cut: 2.95 sec.


After Billy and Luigi leave the hotel, the theatrical version shows Luigi in a taxi driving through New York. He lights a cigarette. In the Director's Cut, this scene appears at [01:25:27] as Luigi drives to the hospital.

The subsequent scene of Luigi and Dr. Riffleson walking through the hospital follows in the Director's Cut at [01:12:40].

The red curtain is shown longer in the Director's Cut.

Luigi and Billy stand in front of the Hotel Quickie. Billy remarks that it wasn't bad. Luigi tells him it was only half the power since he only has one testicle. They get dressed. Luigi asks if Billy sleeps with everyone, but Billy says it's not the case. Luigi invites Billy to dinner, but Billy is hurt by Luigi's comment and emphasizes that he doesn't sleep with just anyone. Billy mentions he has an appointment and leaves. One of the prostitutes says she sleeps with anyone. Luigi leaves.

Director's Cut: 1 minute, 24.29 seconds


In the Director's Cut, Sam takes the yellow cloth from Luigi and puts it in his pocket.

Luigi gets a ride to St. Patrick's Hospital from Sam. He gets out and tells Sam he'll see him at the station. Sam asks if he doesn't want to come along after all. Sam mentions Luigi has to go through this alone and that they'll surely let him into the club since he looks sexy. Sam drives back in his car.

Next in the Director's Cut is the scene of Luigi and Dr. Riffleson in the hospital.

Director's Cut: 50.37 seconds


In the Director's Cut, the hospital scene continues. Joe, one of the patients, recognizes Luigi. Luigi asks what Joe is doing there, and Joe asks if that's meant as a joke. Luigi says he'll solve the case. Joe says he now knows what penis envy is. Luigi says he lost a testicle. Joe gets angry, shouting that he has nothing left, while Luigi can still drive men crazy with his penis. Luigi leaves and briefly sees the Asian guy sneaking out of the door. Luigi enters the hospital chapel, saying that Sam has it good since he can have fun. The next shot shows Sam earlier in the club.

Director's Cut: 1 minute, 28.95 seconds


The Director's Cut continues to show Sam walking through the club, desperately grabbing a chair at the bar.

Sally comes to Luigi and shows him a picture of the church. She explains that it was demolished exactly 20 years ago. Although the community advocated for its preservation, it was demolished overnight by order of politician McGouvern. Luigi thanks Sally for her good work and says he can use her help on this case. Sally says she has to go back to the Bronx. As she leaves, she asks Luigi where Bob is. Luigi hesitates, saying he's on vacation for a few days. Sally says goodbye and leaves.

The woman with the bitten-off nose prays in the hospital chapel. Suddenly, she sees one of the condoms on the floor. She hides behind a church pew. She watches as a secret door opens under the altar. The Asian guy comes out and lures the condom into a bag.

Sam is seen in the club. The bartender places a beer on the counter and taps Sam on the shoulder. He quickly turns around and reaches for his weapon. Sam notices the beer and smiles.

DC: 4 minutes, 24.91 seconds


Sam is still visible, giving a thumbs-up. The other man smiles at him. The woman runs panicked out of the chapel. Then an earlier shot shows Luigi by the window.

DC: 12.75 seconds


In the Director's Cut, Luigi is now shown driving through New York in the car, which was moved forward in the theatrical version.

Then a cut to Sam, who is trying to understand what the woman is saying. Luigi's taxi is seen earlier.

DC: 8.66 seconds


Sam continues to listen to the descriptions of the two women. He lights a cigarette.

DC: 17.04 seconds


Sam continues to tell Billy that he wasn't the first small-time criminal in Luigi's life. Others looked just like him and took advantage of Luigi.

DC: 13.33 seconds


In the chapel, the woman describes in Spanish to Sam and a police officer how she saw the Asian guy catching the condom. Sam and the officer don't fully understand. Sam suggests the woman needs a priest or a neurologist. He intends to go back to the station, but the woman rushes to the front of the altar.

DC: 33.75 seconds


The prisoners continue to shout for Luigi to press the button up. Luigi finds the right button, and the prisoners are pulled up by the ropes.

DC: 5.91 seconds


In the theatrical version, there's a scene here where the police chief mentions that Luigi has earned a few days' vacation. In the Director's Cut, this scene appears at [01:51:57].

In the Director's Cut, Sam and Bob are still shown.

DC: 1.54 seconds


In the theatrical version, there's a scene where the police chief is attacked by a condom. In the Director's Cut, this scene appears at [01:52:23].

In the Director's Cut, Bob continues to say how moved he was and how he didn't know Luigi could give such moving speeches.

DC: 5.20 seconds


Bob tells Sam that he has a pleasant pine needle bath oil at home. Sam is about to leave, but Bob continues to extol the virtues of pine needle oil. Luigi sees Billy getting a bandage. Bob says his mother smelled of pine needle oil and asks how Sam's mother smelled. Sam says she smelled like fish since she worked as a fishmonger in Queens. Then an earlier shot shows the police chief approaching Luigi.

DC: 45.08 seconds


Bob tells Sam that he surely smells more like fish than his wife on some days.

DC: 4.75 seconds