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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers


  • US TV-Version
  • Theatrical Version
Release: Nov 26, 2011 - Author: The Undertaker - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The US-TV-airing has been compared to the uncut theatrical version (Rated R), represented by the German 18+ DVD by MAWA.

US-TV-Cut: 91:01 min. (NTSC) 87:02 w/o credits
Ger. 1+8 DVD: 84:19 (PAL) 80:47 w/o credits

Runtime designations of the cut scenes relate to the US-TV-Cut.

The rest of the runtime difference results from the respective rounding of single cuts' runtimes to whole resp. half seconds. Short scene extensions / -shortenings of less than a second are not considered in this report for missing relevance.

New scenes: 88 sec.
Extended scenes: 187 sec.
Censorings: 69 sec.

Even the theatrical version was cut in violent scenes before release in the US, to warrant an R-rating. This version is the only officially released version in the world. The unrated version is only available as a bootleg in the US.
The US-TV-Cut on the other hand is sort of a mixed version. It is based on the already cut theatrical version, but then the violent and the sex-scenes were additionally censored. Furthermore, there are some scenes here, that are found in the Producer's Cut, too - they were added to increase the runtime for the broadcast to be able to show more advertising; a typical approach in the US.
Vor der Einblendungen des Dimension Films-Logos erscheint ein Hinweis, dass sich dieser Film von der Originalversion unterscheidet und fŁrs Fernsehen geschnitten wurde.
Before the Dimension Films-logo is faded in, there is a note, stating this film is different from the original version and that it was censored for TV.
2 sec. (not counted in)

0:36The US-TV-version shows the title coming from the background and getting bigger.
The theatrical version on the other hand has the title come from the foreground.
No time difference

US-TV-Cut:Theatrical Version:

New Scene: 3:47
The US-TV-broadcast shows a scene from the Producer's Cut after the priest has painted the Thorn-symbol onto the baby. Fade: October 31., 1989. You can see the mysterious "black man" from Halloween 5. Then, young Jamie walks into the police station. She passes several dead policemen while a deep voice says: "Jamie, come to me." She then passes Michael's burst-open prison cell and goes to a door. As she opens the door, the voice says "Jamie, come to me." again. Jamies notices two men pulling Michael Myers into a van. She keeps going towards the car as the "black man" grabs her and she screams. The van leaves and the police station explodes. Afterwards, this version continues as the theatrical version does, so you see Jamie lying on the chair after the birth of her child.
+36 sec.

Censoring: 5:07.5 (Theatrical Version)
After Michael Myers has lifted the nurse by her neck and moves her towards the metal point, the US-TV-version immediately cuts to Jamie running up the steps. The part of Michael pressing her head against the point and observing her for a while is missing.
-12.5 sec.

Alternate Scene: resp. Censoring: 6:22 (Theatrical Version)
The US-TV-version shows a less brutal scene from the Producer's Cut. Michael Myers grabs the man's head and twists it sideways. His neck breaks and the man drops to the ground. In the theatrical version, Myers twists the head to the side and then to the back, so he almost rips his head off and a bloody piece of the spine is visible.
-1 sec.

US-TV-Cut:Theatrical Version:

Alternate Scene: 8:26-8:32 resp. 8:09-8:14 (Theatrical Version)
After Kara has folded and put away the drawing, the US-TV-version shows an alternate shot of her taking of her glasses and putting her hands on her face.

No time difference

US-TV-Cut:Theatrical Version:

Extended Scene: 8:32
Afterwards, an extended scene from the Producer's Cut is shown: Kara gets up and goes to the mirror. She takes off her clothes as the radio show is running.
This longer scenes moves the talk show on the radio, the content is identical to the one in the Theatrical Version, though, except for the following:
The woman says: "No, I just want Michael. I wanna know whatís behind that mask" and then something else:

Caller: "Deep down, I think heís just like you and me, Barry. He just needs someone to understand him. Someone to love him."
Barry: "Ya, deep down, yeah, I... Iím sure thatís true. You know, you're talking about one of this nation's most notorious serial killers like... like he belongs in some kind of an (unintelligible). Y'know, I hate to be the one to break the news to you, lady, but Michael Myers has been dead for six years!"
+25 sec.

Extended Scene: 10:24
Following the phone call between Tommy and Barry, is a longer tracking shot through Dr. Loomis' house. During that, the talk show keeps running, the dialogues are different, though:

Barry: "Dwayne. What's on your feeble excuse for a mind tonight, Dwayne?"
Dwayne: "Just like to say that I listen to your show every night, Barry. I think you're the best. I can't tell you how excited we're are that you're paying a little visit to our little town tomorrow night."
Barry: "You have a point to make here, Dwayne?"
Dwayne: "Hehehe... Barry, you're too much! I'd just like to say that I understand how things have changed in the 90s. Gays in the military. Cut off your husband's (unintelligible), become a national hero. I just can't see any sense in bringing Halloween back to Haddonfield!"
Barry: "Wank, wank. Thank you, Dwayne. You may leave me now. Next caller."
Caller: "I say it's about time they had a Halloween revival in this town. Now my kids can stop driving me crazy. That maniac's either long dead or long gone. Either way I'd say let's bury this sucker and get the party started."
Barry: "Party, woohoo! Beer! Yeah! Thank you. Next."

Die restliche Unterhaltung lšuft identisch zur KF ab (der Mann fragt was aus Dr. Loomis geworden ist).
+25 sec.

Extended Scene: 11:38
As Dr. Wynn knocks on the door, Dr. Loomis opens up and says: "Good god, Terence, come in."
+3 sec.

Extended Scene: 11:52
The two keep talking:

Dr. Wynn: "God, you look good."
Loomis: "Ah, I feel great. I had surgery, plastic surgery, skin graft. It caused the fortune, but at least I donít frighten people anymore."
Dr. Wynn: "Well, don't tell me, that the (unintelligible) of Smith's Grove has grown complacent in his old age and I won't believe that for a sec!"
Loomis: "Well, I can't remember you making house calls, Dr. Wynn, and especially at this hour?"
Dr. Wynn: "And you're right. I've come to celebrate. Why do you listen to that jerk?"
Loomis: "Oh it's a program about Haddonfield. I'm taping it."
+39 sec.

Censoring: 17:46 (Theatrical Version)
The US-TV-version switches directly to Michael after he has thrown Jamie onto the chipper. The bloody shots of Jamie and the intercuts to Michael are missing.
-16 sec.

Censoring: 18:05 (Theatrical Version)
Michael presses Jamie deeper into the chipper.
-9 sec.

Censoring: 18:27 (Theatrical Version)
After Michael has turned on the chipper, the spikes drill themselves into Jamie.
-1 sec.

Alternativer Ton: 19:38-19:40 resp. 18:36-18:38 (Theatrical Version)
The US-TV-version features Jamie screaming here, the Theatrical Version does not.
No time difference

New Scene: 24:57
Dr. Loomis and Dr. Wynn are having a talk in the Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium:

Loomis: "It was Jamie Lloyd."
Dr. Wynn: "That was six years ago, Sam. You know she died with him in that explosion, you know it."
Loomis: "That's what someone like us to believe... but I tell you. Michael is alive, I... I can feel his evil heart beating. I can see him just as I did it all those years ago behind this very same walls. Staring... staring... always growing stronger. Please, as my college, as my friend, I canít go through this again, not alone. I need your help to stop him."
+52 sec.

An extended talk with Dr. Wynn's secretary takes place afterwards:

Extended Scene: 25:49
Helen: "Dr. Wynn I... I didnít expect you in this morning."
Dr. Wynn: "Helen, this is Dr. Loomis. The man I was telling you."
Helen: "Oh yes, it's a pleasure to meet you doctor. It would be wonderful to have you back at the hospital."
The rest of the talk is identical to the one in the Theatrical Version.
+16 sec.

Extended Scene: 32:04
With the picture in her hands, Kara runs across the university's campus. She stops as she hears the cry of a girl and turns her head to the side, the screaming girl was just making out with her boyfriend. She moves on and turns around again after a few metres. The camera then pans across the campus, afterwards, it's identical to the Theatrical Version with Tommy and the baby inside the hospital.
+39 sec.

Extended Scene: 37:39
Dr. Loomis talks a little longer to Deborah:
Loomis: "For 15 years, I've been obsessed to find out what was going on inside of it. It's been my lifework and my ultimate failure."
+10 sec.

Extended Scene: 38:26

The dialogue contrinues. In the Theatrical Version, you see a short shot of Deborah instead:
Deborah: "What should I do?"
Loomis: "I've written it all down for you, but you havenít a moment to lose. Mrs. Strode, Michael Myers has come back to kill"
+18 sec.

US-TV-Cut:Theatrical Version:

Extended Scene: 40:54
John gets a picture of Kara out of the drawer and says: "Happy Halloween, little girl." Afterwards, he takes another zip from the glass and drops the picture onto the desk.
+12 sec.

Censoring: 50:30 (Theatrical Version)
The US-TV-version switches to a black screen after bolts of lightning are seen again and again coming from the windows of the house's basement. In the Theatrical Version, John's mouth is foaming and he slowly burns away until finally his head bursts in a bloody explosion.
-9 sec.

Censoring: 55:43 (Theatrical Version)
A short shot of Beth moaning and Tim kissing her breasts is missing.
-6.5 sec.

Censoring (different image section): 60:48-61:21
Another section of the shot has been chosen to leave out the nudity.
No time difference

US-TV-Cut:Theatrical Version:

Censoring: 57:18 (Theatrical Version)
Michael cuts Tim's throat and pulls him into the corner in the back of the bathroom.
-9 sec.

Censoring (different image section): 65:04-65:05
Again, a different section of the shot was used, this time to leave out the blood.
No time difference

US-TV-Cut:Theatrical Version:

Censoring: 80:14 (Theatrical Version)
After Tommy just wanted to turn around and leave, he beats Michael Myers, who is lying on the ground, several more times with the iron pipe.
-5 sec.