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Land of the Dead

original title: George A. Romero's Land of the Dead


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Apr 08, 2008 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the (R-Rated) and the (Unrated Edition) US DVD released on the same day.

The Unrated version should be the preferred version of the movie. It does not re-define the movie, but nevertheless closes a few story gaps. For example, in the scene at time index 22.39 it is made clear that even dead people who have not been bitten by a zombie come back to life - very fitting to the old catchphrase: "When there's no more room in hell, the dead will rise and walk the earth.". In the Theatrical Version this is taken as a given fact and is left to the viewer's imagination.
The numerous extensions of violence go without saying, for the Theatrical Version was pretty gory already. Only the "Six-Pack"-argument, saying that the movie is now even more suitable for an evening with friends and beer, can be taken into consideration on this behalf. Well, everyone has to decide that for himself...

Note: Some screenshots of this cut-report were brightened up in order to be able to recognize anything. Unfortunately, this makes the compression artifacts even more visible. Due to technical reasons the screenshots from the Theatrical Version are a bit deformed, because the US-DVD (Fullscreen) was used for the screenshots. We apologize.

Running time of the Unrated 1:36:45 Min. incl. ending credits

Cut scenes: 17
Alternative scenes: 2
Running time of the cut material: 226 Sec.

The order of certain scenes (zombies reaching the edge of the city, Riley looking for his car) has not been listed, because the scenes do not differ in both versions - they are just not shown at the same time.
6:59 Min.
Riley (Simon Baker) and Cholo (John Leguizamo) talk to each other. Cholo says to Charlie (Robert Joy) "Make yourself useful. You don`t got one redeeming defect, do you, son, huh?" Charlie replies: "I got this! I got this"" Cholo mimics him "You got that? You got that, too" and throws his cigarette butt at him.
5 Sec.

14:08 Min.
The security-zombie chews a bit longer.
1 Sec.

Director's Cut
22:39 Min.
Cholo steps out of the elevator and walks down the hall. He stops at a door and rings the door-bell. The door opens and the black butler tries to attack the unwanted guest with a scissor. Cholo is not surprised. The butler tells Cholo that Kaufman is not at home. Then he draws Cholos attention to the strange noises in the apartment across the hallway, which are the reason for his nervousness. The wimpering of a woman can be heard. Cholo puts down the champagne and cigars and walks over to the apartment. The butler says that security is already on its way. Nevertheless, Cholo walks over and kicks the door in. Inside the apartment he takes a look around and hears a woman crying. He continues to examine. He hears a noise again and tries to reach for his gun, but notices that he is unarmed. Now he discovers a man who has hung himself in the living room. He suspects nothing good and grabs a sculpture to use it as a weapon. The wife of the hung man comes towards Cholo from another room. He asks if everything is okay. She wants to know who he is and whether he belongs to the security team. When he abnegates, she demands to know what he is doing in her apartment. He tells her to calm down and that he is working for Mr. Kaufman. As she notices the sculpture in his hand, she asks what he is planning to do with it. Cholo knows that th hanging is not enough, but she doesn't want him to kill her husband with it. Now the son walks in calling for his father. He sees his father hanging and tries to cut him loose. In the background we hear Cholo talking to the woman that there is no choice but to kill her husband. Suddenly the man opens his eyes and stares at his son. The lamp-cable rips out of the ceiling and both fall to the ground. Cholo covers the womans mouth. Both watch the father biting the throat of his son. Cholo wants to intervene, only to find the already unconscious son on the ground. Now he recognizes the man walking into the other room and trying to bite his wife. Cholo uses the sculpture to cave the mans head in several times. Finally, one of the security men arrives. With his gun drawn, he asks what's going on. Cholo pauses for a moment before delivering one final massive hit on the fathers head and tells the guard that the job is done and he can start to clean up.
158 Sec.

Theatrical Version
22:32 Min.
Here we see Cholo delivering the champagne and cigars to Kaufman (Dennis Hopper). This scene is also in the Unrated, only much later(34:08). The dialogue has been changed her; Kaufman says: "Thank you for disposing of that little matter for me this morning"
No time difference.

Alternative footage:

Time index R-Rated 26:20 Min.
Time index Unrated 34:05 Min.

Theatrical Version
Instead of a view on the city we see a close-up of the zombie-leader.

Director's Cut
Here we see a view of the city from the leader's perspective. In the Off we can hear him groaning.

Screenshots: R-Rated left, Unrated right

Director's Cut
34:23 Min.
Kaufman to Cholo:"I heard about what happened with my neighbors. And I´m grateful for your help."
No time difference

Theatrical Version
29:47 Min.
Cut to Charlie, after Riley has blasted away two zombies.
No time difference

Director's Cut
34:05 Min.
Instead of Charlie we see Slack (Asia Argento) lying on the ground in the arena.
No time difference

Director's Cut
28:47 Min.
Charlie tries to keep track of things in the chaos. Chihuahua (Phil Fondacaro) tries to shoot Charlie, but misses and shoots some random guy instead. Charlie is irritated and doesn't know where the shot came from. Riley, however, and shoots at Chihuahua two times. Being hit, he falls but manages to get up again.
24 Sec.

38:33 Min.
More shots of the zombies trying to get through the fence.
2 Sec.

39:51 Min.
One of the guards gets bitten in the face and looses his eye.
2 Sec.

40:00 Min.
Longer shot of two zombies dining.
2 Sec.

51:31 Min.
Again, two zombies having a snack.
7 Sec.

Alternative footage:

Time index R-Rated 51:31 Min.
Time index Unrated 57:45 Min.

Theatrical Version
Less than minimal change in this version. Riley says:"If Cholo shells the Green, all deals are off." from the Off, while we see Charlie and Slack. Cut to Riley saying"If something worse happens, i don`t know about you..."

Director's Cut
57:45 Min.
The same sentences, only with Riley nodding his head after the first sentence. Very short shot of Slack, after which Riley utters the second sentence.


Theatrical Version

Director's Cut

Alternative footage:

Time index R-Rated 54:19 Min.
Time index Unrated 57:52 Min.

Theatrical Version
Here too, the difference is only one picture. While getting into the car, Riley says: "But i don`t want to be out here in a car without a roof"

Director's Cut
Here he says this before getting into the car.

Screenshots: R-Rated left, Unrated right

58:54 Min.
Mouse (Max McCabe) is attacked by zombies. One of them bites him one more time.
1 Sec.

59:00 Min.
Mouse gets disemboweled.
9 Sec.

1:02:46 Min.
The two women exchange an amorous look before kissing.
4 Sec.

1:08:12 Min.
The female S.W.A.T. gets bitten again before Slack shoots her.
4 Sec.

1:13:45 Min.
Longer shot of an eating zombie.
2 Sec.

1:13:53 Min.
A man gets his face ripped off of his skull.
4 Sec.

1:17:43 Min.
A mans throat is bitten. After he has sunk to the ground we see the zombie a bit longer.
0,20 Sek.