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Soldier of Fortune: Payback


Censored Version
Rating: MA 15+
Region: Australia

Uncensored Version
Rating: BBFC 18
Region: UK

Release: Aug 26, 2013 - Author: Once - Translator: Mr Miau
Five years after Double Helix, in 2007, Payback was released as the third part of the Soldier of Fortune series. Unfortunately, Payback was unable to live up to its predecessors in either plot or gameplay. The violence level was higher than ever, but this never guarantees a good game and seemed a bit over the top. The GHOUL engine of the first two parts, allowing 26 and then even 36 hit zones, was removed and arms, legs, head and torso are the only hit zones still available in Payback., which also included five death animations (of which four are missing in the censored version).
Whether the decline in quality was due to a change of the developing team (Cauldron took over from Raven Software) or rather due to the fact that Payback was directly produced for the Activision Value Label, every player has to decide for him- or herself. Both arguments should have some validity.

The Plot…
… is not worth mentioning. John F. Mullins is retired and it is now Thomas Mason who fights all over the world for the Shop.

The Censoring – A Short Overview

- the amount of blood was significantly reduced
- no more blood splatters
- no more bullet wounds
- no more dismemberment
- no more ragdoll effects
- only one death animation
- less blood in the cutscenes

This is a comparison between the Censored Version, taken from the German Steam Store (most probably identical with the censored Australian MA 15+ release), and the Uncensored UK Version (retail).
The amount of blood was greatly reduced and the blood splatters were toned down from ridiculous fountains to mild sprinkles.

Censored VersionUncensored Version

Bullet Wounds
The censored version does not feature any bullet wounds on bodies.

Censored VersionUncensored Version

Blood Textures
The remaining blood does not pool on the ground anymore.

Censored VersionUncensored Version

All of the gory effects were removed.

Censored VersionUncensored Version

More examples from the uncensored version:

Shooting at Corpses
Killed enemies' bodies do not react anymore when they are being shot again.
This applies to:
- blood
- gore
- and of course the ragdoll effects
In the censored version, the bullets just pass through the corpses.

Censored VersionUncensored Version

Death Animations/b>
Certain animations that are triggered when an enemy is hit at a certain spot do not exist anymore.

(All pictures here are taken from the uncensored version)

Hit in the Neck
If an enemy is hit with a bullet or the knife at the neck, he grabs it, tries to stop the bleeding and dies.

Bullet in the Groin
We will just let the pictures speak for themselves here.

Severed Arm/i>
If an enemies arm is severed, he might run away for a bit before he dies.

Severed Leg
If an opponent loses a leg, two reactions are possible, of which only one was removed. He can either crawl around a bit before dying – this animation is not included in the censored version.

However, they sometimes sit on the ground and continue to shoot at the player. This possibility is still included in the censored version, however, the the opponent still possesses two legs there.

The amount of blood in the cutscenes has been reduced drastically as well.

Al Qa'im: Outskirts
Censored VersionUncensored Version

Eshkashem: Caves
Censored VersionUncensored Version

Llebo: Prison Camp
Censored VersionUncensored Version