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Righting Wrongs (Above the Law)

original title: Zhi fa xian feng


  • Mandarin Version
  • Hong Kong Version
Release: Oct 07, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
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15:52 / 15:10-15:13

Chan is seen earlier on the roof with the rope in his hand.

2,6 sec

16:15 / 15:36-15:40

Chan ropes for a much longer time.

4,6 sec

16:53 / 16:18-16:20

The two henchmen are seen one more time, standing up.

2 sec

17:29 / 16:56-16:59

The henchman is looking down, startled by the height, before his colleague reaches for the phone.

2,8 sec

Mandarin and export version longer
18:40-18:43 / 18:10

The camera moves up a bit more on the Mandarin and Export version, and Cindy picks up a Mahjong tile from the stack.

Note: Comes with the export version from 18:48-18:51 on the African DVD and has been illustrated for the better quality of it..

+ 2,9 sec

Mandarin and export version longer
18:49-20:26 / 18:17

More discussion at the gaming table. What's noticeable here is that the image quality changes slightly midway through the first (extended) shot. Apparently, for the Mandarin master of the Universe DVD, this has also already been combined from several sources. This is thus also the first spot that is really ONLY seen on the Mandarin version, it is missing from both the Hong Kong and export versions. The point is quite obviously that Cindy understood more about the game of Mahjong than her fellow Asians give her credit for. But since the usual Western viewer is unlikely to know the rules, this scene was probably deleted entirely.

Man #1: "Pung. Pung."
Man #2: "You know the rules! You can't take now."
Man #1: "You'd better teach you wife how to have children."
Cindy: "Play now. Stop nagging."
Man #2: "No, no, I must check the tiles."
Cindy: "What for? The way the 3 and 4-bamboo were discarded, and game depended on 8-number, but that tile was already exhausted. One must take 7-number to ask for 4, 7-number, or there won't be any chance."
The first man feels caught and moves his tiles.
Man #2: "Isn't she right about this?"
Man #1: "Only a wild guess. The Chinese tactics are kaleidoscopic. How could a foreign lady have guessed it?"
Cindy: "You must pung after you've said so."
She looks at her pieces; "Play now. You may be vulnerable to paying all."
Man #1: "You may be vulnerable to paying all."
Cindy flips her checkers with confidence; "One Double. I have money in my drawer."
Meanwhile, the baddies are led in; "This way, please, boss."
Boss: "Tell our men to scatter to play. Let's rake in something, then act."
Lastly, a shot from above.

+ 96.7 sec (= 1:37 min)

30:05 / 27:56-28:35

Joe is discussing something with the meter maid about the ticket she just issued him. She wants to see his driver's license and there is another discussion. Joe meanwhile gets another one on the roof for his "Provisional License". The Mandarin and all export versions are back in sync as Cindy takes the ticket off the windshield.

38.6 sec

Mandarin and export version longer.
30:26-31:20 / 28:56

To find out if the perpetrator parked in front of the hotel, Cindy has parking tickets collected. Joe and two colleagues come to her office with more parking tickets to hand over to her. Joe finds the whole operation rather pointless, since the perpetrator could have parked anywhere, so he and his colleagues get from her the task of collecting the parking tickets of the surrounding streets. This makes his colleagues furious.

Note: Comes with the export version of 26:27-27:21 on the African DVD and has been illustrated for the better quality of it..

+ 54 sec

32:56 / 30:32-30:36

Henchman talks to Johnny a little longer; "Boss, let me teach him a lesson."

4 sec

33:04 / 30:44-30:50

Johnny himself also makes a vile comment at the conclusion of the scene; "I'll make him a cripple."

6.2 sec

41:36 / 39:23-39:29

Yu grabs another screwdriver at the end of the shot and tries to break the car open. The follow-up shot also starts a bit earlier, as he doesn't dive down until Johnny is approaching the car in the background.

6.6 sec

43:01 / 40:54-41:02

Joe and his colleague get out of the car to see why it won't start. In the process, they discover the apple Chan used to plug the exhaust.

8 sec

44:36 / 42:37-42:42

An initial shot of Yu looking shocked, then the superintendent pulls out a hidden knife from his pipe. He rams this into Johnny's ear, who cries out.

Note: In principle, this is curiously seen in the export version, although aside from that, this is definitely based on the Mandarin version in terms of editing, as mentioned. However, the last shot of Johnny screaming is half a second longer in the Hong Kong version compared to the export version.

4.2 sec

44:37 / 42:43-42:50

After the recut of Yu holding his hand over his mouth, which is included in all versions, only the Hong Kong version is significantly longer. Another shot of the two adversaries follows, with lots of blood now running from Johnny's head over the superintendent's hand. You see Yu again, who continues to hold his hand in front of his mouth. Then Johnny again and the superintendent pulls out the tip of the knife.

7.1 sec

48:12 / 46:25-46:26

In the Cindy vs Chan fight, he kicks her hard between the legs once.

0.6 sec

48:14 / 46:28-46:30

She staggers back a little longer with her face contorted in pain.

2 sec

Alternate / Mandarin and export version longer.
48:39-51:43 / 46:56-51:11

After the Chan vs Cindy fight, completely different plot scenes play out in both versions:

In the Mandarin version, Cindy is in the police building after the fight, where she runs after the superintendent and demands Chan's arrest, since she supposedly caught him in the house 'red-handed'. The superintendent refuses, saying that he is a lawyer and therefore has a clean record.
Scene change: Yu teases his deaf-mute grandfather with the food. The latter tries several times to hit Yu with the stick, but is not really successful. When the grandfather thinks he is alone, Yu reappears. He runs to the gate and runs into his grandfather's chess partner, thus spreading all the pieces across the floor.

Note: Comes with the export version of 43:51-46:55 on the African DVD and has been illustrated for the better quality of it..

The Hong Kong version continues in the courtroom instead. Chan asks for stipulations for the defendants who didn't show up (the murdered gangsters) and the defense attorney immediately asks for another 15 minutes of waiting time. At that moment, Cindy storms into the courtroom and wants to arrest Chan, claiming that he murdered one of the defendants. However, the judge saves Chan by claiming to have had breakfast with him. He also asks for evidence, which Cindy, of course, does not have. He ends her performance by telling her not to disturb this trial again for no reason, otherwise he will have to punish her. Cindy then runs out of the courtroom in a rage. The hearing is adjourned again. Afterwards, Cindy is seen sitting in the car - she is waiting for Chan. He drives past her in his car and she takes up the chase. At the red light, she holds her pistol in front of his face and threatens him. When the light turns green, he just drives off. Behind/Next to Cindy, a guy gets upset because she's not driving - she shoots out his front tire.

Hong Kong version 71 sec (= 1:11 min) longer
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