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original title: Bomberman II


Censored Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Nov 09, 2013 - Author: kurisuteian - Translator: DaxRider123
Dynablaster is the European title of the Bomberman series' second entry for the NES. You play the white bomber who uses bombs to make his way through the game and eventually put a stop to the black bomber's activities.

The evil black bomber robs a bank and pins the blame on the white bomber. The latter lands in jail and has to bomb his way out to get to the real criminal.

Titlescreen of the European Version:Titlescreen of the Japanese Version:

Titelbild der amerikanischen Version:

This is a comparison between the censored European Version and the uncensored Japanese Version.

The Amercan Version is identical to the European Version.

During the intro, the black bomber robs a bank and pins the blame on the white bomber. In the background you can see a church. Its cross was taken out for the European Version.

European Version:Japanese Version:


During the outro the white bomber is able to get to the black bomber. The church in the background again lacks the cross.

European Version:Japanese Version: