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  • BBFC 15
  • Original version
Release: Feb 18, 2010 - Author: Bravia - Translator: Zuernling - external link: IMDB
A comparison between the cut British DVD by Warner Home Video (BBFC 15) and the uncut German DVD by Warner Home Video (FSK 18).

Runtime of the original version: 122:56 min (with end credits)
Runtime of the British DVD: 120:24 min (with end credits)

The UK Version had to be cut to obtain a BBFC 15 rating. Beside the cuts the sound intensity of every punch, kick etc. has been reduced. This is not further mentioned in this article. (Thanks to Gavin Salkeld for providing this information)

33 cuts = 87,74 sec
The fight, when Wah Sing Ku ambushes the escaping Triad members on the roof, was cut numerous times in the British version:

Wah twists the smalltime criminal's arm.
2.22 sec

He steps on his foot, grabs his open mouth and pulls him down to hit him with his knee.
2.12 sec

When the choking with the chain occurs, a close-up of the Triad member's throat, grasping for air, was removed.
4.36 sec

Another shot of the strangled throat is also missing.
2.00 sec

When Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh find his family being held prisoners by Wah Sing Ku, the free-for-all is missing:

The unfolding of the butterfly knife is not shown.
0.80 sec

The shot of the knife being held next to Riggs's pregnant girlfriend's stomach was cut.
0.56 sec

When the woman manages to escape, the shot of the knife is missing.
0.84 sec

One of the gangsters throws himself at Riggs from behind. He defends himself with a headbutt.
2.88 sec

Roger gets punched in the face and Riggs's girlfriend defends herself with her elbow.
3.20 sec

Riggs's girlfriend kicks her enemy, who's lying on the gound.
1.12 sec

Wah Sing Ku hits Riggs with his fist in the head.
0.84 sec

A kick to Riggs's head was cut.
0.24 sec

Also, a kick to his girlfriend's face is missing.
0.52 sec

When Martin Riggs, Roger and his family are lying tied up in the burning building after their defeat, almost the complete scene, where they futilely try to escape, was cut.
14.84 sec

Also, the scene, where they chase their arsonist tormentors was introduced to the scissors in the UK version:

Martin Riggs headbutts his opponent on the transporter.
0.76 sec

Shortly thereafter he hits him in the face with his knee.
0.84 sec

The cop is being kicked so hard, that he falls over backwards over a table.
3.60 sec

Riggs headbutts his opponent again.
0.96 sec

After the gangster falls from the transporter onto the street, the shot of him getting run over by another truck is missing.
0.96 Sec

The shot of Wah strangling the father of the Asian immigrant family is shorter than in the original version.
1.88 sec

There are two cuts in the scene with the delivery of the counterfeit money:

The close-up shot of the two Triad members getting killed by headshots was cut.
1.68 sec

After Wah brought down an opponent, the shot of him breaking his neck with his legs is missing.
1.12 sec

The final battle between Riggs, Roger and Wah Sing Ku was cut the most:

Wah kicks Roger so hard in the stomach, that he can't breathe.
1.80 sec

When Wah Sing Ku and Roger lie next to each other on the ground, the shot of Wah kicking him three times in the face is missing.
3.96 sec

Wah twists Roger's arm..
2.12 sec

After Riggs dislocated his arm, the shot of Wah painfully pulling it is missing.
1.48 sec

Riggs defends himself with three successive headbutts, of which only one is shown in the British version.
2.00 sec

Wah Sing Ku starts strangling Riggs, while he is pushing his thumb in his eye.
4.80 sec

Again, all the strangling and thumb pushing is only to be seen in the original version.
4.36 sec

When Roger rams a pole through Wah's body, the shot of the exit wound and some shots of Wah were cut.
7.04 sec

The shot of Riggs grabbing both ends of the pole and pulling it around was cut.
8.00 sec

After Riggs lifts up Wah by the pole, a far away shot and a close-up of the events are missing.
2.64 sec

A close-up of Riggs shooting Wah Sing Ku with the rifle underwater was cut.
1.20 sec