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original title: Corri, uomo, corri


  • International Theatrical Cut
  • Original version
Release: Feb 20, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the "International Theatrical Cut" and the uncut original version (both included on Eureka's UK Blu-ray).

- 15 cuts
- Cut duration: 2202.6 sec (= 36:43 min) [in 23.976fps].

A good start to 2023 for fans of Italian director Sergio Sollima in the UK: On February 13, 2023, Powerhouse Films released a lush Blu-ray set of 1966's The Big Gundown which we covered in a separate report. Shortly before that, Eureka also released the 1968 sequel Run, Man, Run. Both films starred Tomás Milián and featured a soundtrack with involvement of the great master Ennio Morricone. And both releases have multiple cut versions on board. Here we deal with Run, Man, Run.

Similar to Part 1, there was a cut version for the English-speaking market, which Eureka has reconstructed from the same HD master as a bonus. With over 35 minutes missing, the second part got hit pretty hard. Several longer action scenes have been tightened and thus subplots like the love affairs of Milian's character are only fragmentarily preserved. By the way, several cuts overlap with those of the old German cut version, but some scenes missing there are also included, making it a cut version created completely on its own.

In principle, of course, the original version is the preferred choice. For many fans such genre classic certainly can't run long enough. But if you want to see a version that is a bit more focused on the essential plot elements or perhaps even found the film too long and silly in parts, you can also check out the shorter international theatrical cut.

Running time information is arranged according to the scheme
International Theatrical Cut in 23.976 fps / Original Version in 23.976 fps

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The introductory credits can also be seen in Italian on the "International Theatrical Cut". Presumably this was also translated to English in the actual theatrical version for the international market, but it has not been reconstructed like this by Eureka.

05:22 / 05:22-09:45

Cuchillo rides off in more shots. He arrives at the village, where Mexican music is playing and he sees his lover Dolores. He goes to her and speaks to her charmingly, but she greets him with a slap in the face. After all, he wouldn't have contacted her for 6 months and ran away from building a life together with her at that time. After a few more arguments, however, she does fall into his arms. Cuchillo presents Dolores with a gold watch, which he stole from Sheriff Nathaniel. This is also seen in a brief flashback. Dolores reads from the engraving that Nathaniel got this watch for capturing 20 bandits. Immediately Nathaniel comes up behind him and orders the piece to be returned. Dolores is a bit disappointed and Cuchillo leaves. At last he is seen earlier in the bar looking around.

263.2 sec (= 4:23 min)

11:21 / 15:44-16:27

A first calm aerial shot of the action. Someone examines the body of a killed Mexican and comments that the two killers standing in the background (dressed as Mexicans) would bring shame to the country. The two are led to a carriage.

43.1 sec

17:24 / 22:30-25:09

You can see Cuchillo and Ramirez longer on their horses. Ramirez comments on the beauty of Mexico. Cuchillo responds shortly and they ride off.
In the town Ramirez greets an elderly man. Cuchillo is given something to eat and drink by an old woman. Ramirez then blesses a newborn baby before another man hands him a newspaper article from the day of his arrest. He is touched. At last Cuchillo is seen a little earlier.

158.3 sec (= 2:38 min)

23:05 / 30:50-35:30

After Cuchillo rides off, the scene actually continues for a while. The two Mexicans on the roof talk briefly about the others leaving and Nathaniel watches this from his hiding place. One of the two, Jose, walks over to Nathaniel. He thanks him for his support - that would be verious precious under President Diaz's regime and with Reza's gang on the prowl. The two have a friendly chat at first, but Nathaniel makes it clear that he no longer believes in the revolution. Jose then demands a duel, which Nathaniel wins short and painlessly. He walks away and Dolores rushes to Jose's dead body.

Finally, Cuchillo is seen trudging through the sand in a first shot.

280.5 sec (= 4:40 min)

26:35 / 39:00-40:05

Penny has a few more harsh words for Cuchillo and orders him to help dig the grave. The dead man also gets a few final words from her.

65.4 sec (= 1:05 min)

37:15 / 50:45-61:21

After Penny has once again scolded Cuchillo, there is a huge cut.

Penny is suddenly kicked from behind in the same shot: Dolores has now appeared as well. She attacks Cuchillo right away, of course. A fight breaks out between Penny and Dolores, which Cuchillo watches somewhat perplexed.

Scene change: At night, Penny prays something for Cuchillo and then turns off the lights in a very slow-played shot. Dolores, meanwhile, is in bed with Cuchillo and wants to know why he won't marry her. Cuchillo says that he wants to find the treasure first. He explains to her where across the Texas border the little town is supposed to be. Dolores is appeased again and wishes him a good night - whereupon he suddenly wakes up without her. Cuchillo, confused, goes to Penny, who briefly tells him that Dolores is already gone and that he should pray and play the drum.

We continue with a scene in the village. Cuchillo has a large drum strapped around him and is always beating it in between when Penny has listed other things that are considered as sins. At a comment about the appeals of women, he hesitates with his drum beat and Penny starts serving food. She determines the order in which the food will be handed out. Cuchillo now fires up the people a bit: The bread should be there for everyone and if they don't get it for free, they should steal it. Immediately an officer of the law appears...

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