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UK Blu-ray with 3 versions


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The Big Gundown

original title: La resa dei conti


  • US Theatrical Cut
  • Extended US Cut
Release: Feb 18, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the US theatrical version and the Extended US Cut (both included on the UK Limited Edition Blu-ray from Indicator / Powerhouse Films).

- 3 extended scenes
- Difference: 332.7 sec (= 5:33 min) [in 23,976fps]

A good start to 2023 for fans of Italian director Sergio Sollima in the UK: On February 13, 2023, Powerhouse Films released a lush Blu-ray set of 1966's The Big Gundown. Shortly before that, Eureka also released the 1968 sequel Run, Man, Run. Both films starred Tomás Milián and featured a soundtrack with involvement of the great master Ennio Morricone. And both releases have multiple cut versions on board. Here we deal with The Big Gundown.

In our report on the U.S. theatrical version, we documented a long time ago that the western classic was radically shortened by nearly 20 minutes for the American release, which was spread over more than 60 individual cuts. After all, the uncut version has also been available on DVD and Blu-ray for years - both in Germany and America with subtitles for the previously missing parts. The UK release follows this track and offers on disc 1 both the uncut, original Italian version as well as an "extended US version" - exactly the same as already on the US Blu-ray. Also included on Disc 2 is the regular, shorter US theatrical cut. This version was not included on the previously released US Blu-ray.

We already addressed this in the old report: The Extended US Cut is a bit longer than the US theatrical version, or "only" shortened by 15 minutes compared to the Italian version. For three of the scenes shortened for the actual US version (Cuchillo meets the monks / Corbett talks to the monks / Cuchillo in bed with his wife Rosita) an English dub existed for other English-speaking markets, so these scenes were inserted here again. That's about it, no more differences can be found between the two US versions in the set. As expected, the credits are in English in each case. This report is a special comparison in that it compares two incomplete versions. But as I said, the old report already fully covers the many cuts compared to the original Italian version, so we wanted to focus on what actually "extends" the Extended US Cut.

Running time details are arranged according to the scheme
US Theatrical Cut on the British Blu-ray / Extended US Cut on the British Blu-ray

46:03 / 46:03-47:14

After Cuchillo rides off, the original U.S. theatrical cut completely omits a short scene in which Cuchillo meets some monks in a village. He immediately takes a tray of fresh pastries and eats with relish after the monks confirm that these pastries have not yet been blessed.

71.2 sec (= 1:11 min)

48:17 / 49:29-52:44

Corbett rides away for an insignificant moment longer, then his complete stay in the village of the monks is missing.

He enters the interior, where the monks are just quietly going about their work. A man picks fruit with a knife and tells that he got it from the Mexican.
Another old man also comments that Cuchillo has made his way to Mexico. He thinks that Corbett should stop the pursuit, Cuchillo should now be left to the laws of the land. Corbett himself would also be an outlaw if he crossed the border. It then goes on to say that a gun in the hand would change people, with the man also revealing, after briefly testing out the weapon, that he himself was a gunfighter of sorts over 30 years ago and then entered the convent. He says that he was basically running away from himself then, and thus Corbett should understand that the actual victim is not always the one who is in front of the gun.

195.4 sec (= 3:15 min)

63:33 / 67:59-69:05

After Brokston's speech, Rosita and Cuchillo are seen in bed together. He gives her some hope that this time he will take her with him on his next trip.

66.1 sec (= 1:06 min)

Note: During 102:37 (German Blu-ray) there was a short cut in the old HD master. Before Brokston and co come to it, Cuchillo is seen again, taking a step forward. This moment is fortunately included in all three Vincidator / Powerhouse Films versions: 83:08-83:11 (88:40-88:43 (Extended US Cut) / 102:49-102:52 (Originalfassung).

One last time the clear note: In the comparison between the US Theatrical Cut and the original Italian uncut version the remaining 62 cuts are documented with a duration of almost 15 minutes.

Slipcase and reverse cover of the UK Blu-ray by Vindicator / Powerhouse Films: