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Jarhead 3: The Siege


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 25, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Version and the Unrated Version. Both versions are available on the US Blu-ray by Universal.

In an unspecified country in the Middle East, soldier Evan Albright is supposed to support fellow soldiers securing the US embassy. Except for a few protestors, the situation appears under control. Also, ambassador Dan Cahill is considered the guy who can keep everything and everyone secure. During an exercise, Evan turns out to be hot-headed who endangers his team for no reason. But can show his skills when a group of terrorists attack the embassy. The terrorists are after a cell phone that can unmask their organisation and they also intend to assassinate the defected brother of the leader. Evan brings his A-game and manages to secure the civilians. In addition to that, office bimbo Olivia Winston turns out to be a bad-ass fighter.

"Jarhead" by Sam Mendes was an anti-war movie in which a group of soldiers get prepared for war. But when operation Desert Shield is happening, they are being sidelined. Eager to fight, all they get to do is sitting on their butts in the desert. Why a second sequel for the dtv market has been produced is quite the mystery. Particularly because plotwise, neither of the installments are connected in any way. The third installment "Jarhead 3: The Siege" is not very critical. Quite the contrary, actually. It propagates military hierachies and chain of commands that need to be followed to the letter. The nt very innovative story that can be reduced to bad terrorists vs. good army soldiers is full of stereotype characters. The young go-getter, the strict superior, the sexy office blonde, the annoying journalist, the superbad terrorist etc. Once ne has accepted all of that, Jarhead 3 is a solid action flick. Sasha Jackson as Olivia sticks out. Her transition from office employee to Amazon is quite entertaining. Other than that, there are numerous shootouts that actually create suspense due to the siege. Completely redundant are minor characters like Blake who either wines or annoys people with his video cam.

Blake working on his new documentary "Secretarys gone Wild! Embassy edition!"

With the US Blu-ray, one can choose between R-Rated and Unrated Version. The length is identical but the Unrated Version contains some CG blood during the shootouts. For that reason, the R-Rated can be considered an unedited version is not necessarily the worse choice.

Running times:

R-Rated: 89:06 min
Unrated: 89:06 min

The R-Rated lacks the bloody hit of the suicide bomber.

no difference


There is a little cloud of blood when the soldier gets shot in the head.

no difference


The R-Rated lacks the blood stain on the wall. Also, the image of the Unrated has been zoomed in a little.

(Funnily enough, the blood stain a few scenes afterwards is missing in the Unrated.)

no difference


The R-Rated lacks the bloody hit.

no difference


Only in the Unrated contains blood spatter from the headshot.

no difference


When Mohammed gets hit, the R-Rated lacks some CG blood.

no difference


The soldier gets hit bloodily in the Unrated.

no difference


Same goes for the second soldier.

no difference


Bloody headshot only in the Unrated.

no difference


Same here.
Die Unrated bietet einen weiteren blutigen Kopfschluss.

no difference


Bloody headshot from above.

no difference


The second terrorist gets hit bloodily as well. The subsequent shot contains said blood as well.

no difference


A further terrorist gets hit bloodily.

no difference


The sniper hits a terrorist. And again, only the Unrated contains blood.

no difference


Another bloody hit exclusively in the Unrated.

no difference


When the second terroristt goes down, more blood is being shed.

no difference


One more time, the Unrated contains a cloud of blood.

no difference


A further terrorist gets hit bloodily.

no difference


The third terrorist does not get away with it either.

no difference


Again, a cloud of blood.

no difference



no difference


The image of the Unrated has been zoomed in plus there is a cloud of blood. In addition to that, there is something at the top of screen nobody was supposed to see (hence the zoooming in).

no difference


Another bloody hit.

no difference


Blood spatter when the two terrorists get shot.

no difference


More blood spater in two shots. Moreover, the blood stain on the wall is missing.

no difference