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The British version of the DVD. Uncut.

The Last Starfighter



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American Ninja


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • German DVD
Release: Nov 30, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored British tape from MGM/UA (BBFC 18) and the uncensored German DVD from MGM

The first part of the American Ninja series is also the best one and gave rise to Michael Dudikoff's (short-lived) career.
In order to get a BBFC 18 rating, the scenes where shurikens are used, as well as the "ball squeezing" scene with Curtis Jackson had to be removed from the British tape. However, the British DVD is uncut.

Many thanks to Il Gobbo for providing the uncut version of the movie.
censored version = 91:08 min.
uncensored version = 91:47 min.

In addition to the censored scenes 4 more seconds are missing from the English tape due to flawed editing.
00:00The MGM logo can only be found on the DVD.
8,5 sec.

44:42 After Joe has stabbed the ninja to death with a sword through sacks of rice, the part where he pulls him down is missing from the tape. A ninja that is sitting on a scaffold spits an arrow at Joe. He dodges away, takes one of the shurikens of the dead ninja and throws it at the ninja that has spat the arrow. That ninja then falls down from the scaffold and crashes through a pile of planks. Furthermore, the beginning of one of the shots is missing as well. 11 sec.


When Curtis fights the "bad guy", the shot where he grabs the guy between his legs with a cynical remark was also removed. Curtis starts squeezing the guy's best part. The guy grimaces with pain.
5 sec.

84:26Joe throws two shurikens at the black star ninja. But the ninja is too swift and the shurikens get stuck in the wood panelling behind him. The ninja looks at the shurikens and then climbs onto the roof. 6,5 sec.

91:08The MGM logo after the credits is also not on the tape.
5,5 sec.