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Space Quest IV


CD-Rom Version
Region: Worldwide

Original Floppy Disc-Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Jun 23, 2012 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Gladion
Space Quest is a very famous adventure-series made by Sierra. Instead of a stallward hero, players have to deal with space-janitor Roger Wilco to master the adventures.

In the fourth part "The Time Rippers", Roger is being attacked by his arch enemy Vohaul, who was presumed dead, and has landed in a post-apocalyptic future of his home after several implications. Hunted by the merciless Sequel Police, he has got to find out what terrible catastrophe had occured. At that, he is being involved very personally, too...

After the first installment of the series had already been very liable to lawsuits, the fourth part continued this tradition.

The CD Version has been compared to the original Floppy Disc Version.

The elecontronics store in the Galaxy Galleria

Inside the shopping mall Galaxy Galleria, there is an electronics store named "Radio Shock", which is a persiflage to the real existing US-electronics store chain "Radio Shack".

Radio Shack didn't think this was very amusing, though, and threatened Sierra with a lawsuit. Since the improved CD-version was just in the works, Sierra conceded. With the release of the CD-version, the floppy disc-version was removed from stores.

Original quote from Scott Murphy (one of the responsibles): "The way it worked from the company side is that it is easier and far economically sensible to make an art and writing change than go nearly the level of litigation. It's costly and time consuming. Oh, and did I mention costly? Mark and I hated to have to make any changes submitted from outside the team, but on occasion you could see the logic (Sometimes I really hate logic!)."

This can be viewed as a subtle protest, as it becomes a sexual innuendo if pronounced quickly.
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