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European N64 Version
Rating: USK 18
Region: Germany

US N64 Version
Rating: ESRB Mature, 17+
Region: USA

Release: Sep 13, 2011 - Author: Der_TOT_64 - Translator: Gladion
Daikatana 64 is the only console-port of the PC-game Daikatana. The title was released in the middle of 2000. In Germany, the N64-version was even released a little earlier than the PC-version. The console version was not developed by ION Storm but by Japanese software developer Kemco. The game was received averagely by both critics and most gamers.
The reason for this were, on the one hand, very dull graphics (despite Expansion Pak and High Resolution), average sound, missing voicework, the badly executed roleplaying elements and the lousy AI. It allowed halfway skilled gamers to take a walk through the levels. Whoever played Daikatana anyways was put off completely halfway through the game, where a Myst-style puzzle was introduced that made most gamers get out a walkthrough or never put the game back into their machine.
For Daikatana 64 to be allowed a release on the Nintendo 64, the game had to be stripped off of the bloody violence. Still, the violence of the US-version differs from the PAL-version's.

Despite the censorings, the US-version received an M-rating and the PAL-version in Germany an 18+ rating.

The censored US-version (Mature 17+) has been compared to the even more censored PAL-version.
As the TV-norms differ, the images of the PAL-version are slightly bigger than the US-version's. Of course, all the screenshots have been taken directly from the N64.

Im Hauptmenü lässt sich nur in der PAL- Version die Sprache ändern. In der US- Version fehlt der Menüpunkt Only the PAL-version allows players to change the language of the game. The US-version simply misses the Language-submenu.



Whenever an organic enemy (human, spider etc.) is hit, it looses some purple blood in the US-version, the PAL-version only shows some sparks.



During the game, you meet civilians and prisoners who can be killed in the US-version, they are invulnerable in the PAL-version.


Further differences

The US-version features more or different enemies compared to the PAL-version. Here an example: Level 1-2 inside the same room.



The N64-version was planned to be as brutalas the PC-version. Nintendo forced ION Storm to cut down Daikatana for a release on the N64, though. Unfortunately, there are hardly any preview-screenshots left that still show the original violence.

Uncensored preview version


Both the PAL- and the US-version show neither blood nor sparks in the multiplayer-mode.