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original title: La belva dalla calda pelle


  • US Version
  • Uncut
Release: Jun 01, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The US DVD by Brentwood was compared to the US DVD by Simitar

Seven mercenaries land in Cyprus to kill a British general. The mission is accomplished, but betrayed by their backers, they have to fight their way through the burning heat. The lonely farmer Bony is forced to lead the mercenaries through this unknown land. On their way, they meet another farmer who gives them food and beverages. Intoxicated, three of the soldiers rape the farmer's minor daughter who hurls herself out of the window in desperation. They also kill the farmer and bury the bodies. A few days later, the mysterious, beautiful Sheila joins the group, whose alluring behavior makes the mercenaries' blood boil. Little by little, she sows discord among the mercenaries, who then kill each other. Bony has realized what Sheila's intentions are and supports her in her endeavor.

If the viewer has also paid a little attention, which is quite a challenge in the somewhat boring flick, and remembers that rape is usually followed by revenge, then even the Nazis in the moon will know what avenging Sheila is planning with her textile-free, lustful act. This film is the only directorial work by Bruno Fontana, who has also adapted his own novel here. Fontana may or may not be known as a scriptwriter for rather moderate genre titles like The Killers Are Our Guests or Escape from Women's Prison. Emanuelle, Queen of the Desert, in any case, is a mid-quality mercenary flick, which starts with a shootout akin to the genre, then turns into a survival thriller under the glowing sun and finally, even if it's not obvious at the beginning, turns into a rape'n’revenge flick.

Fontana's clever move was to fill the wicked seductress with her own agenda. Starring Black Emanuelle star Laura Gemser, the erotic elements increase rapidly in the second half of the film. Since the Indonesian beauty was mostly filming sex scenes with her husband Gabriele Tinti, he is allowed to mime the farmer Bony, who is pretty much the only one who knows what is really happening. In general, Gemser's participation might have contributed to the fact that the movie hasn’t been forgotten even more than it already is.

In the US, the film was re-cut and published as Emmanuelle, Queen of the Desert to be marketed as an unofficial part of the then popular Emanuelle series. The Emmanuelle, Queen of the Desert version begins as Sheila meets the mercenaries and kills them one by one. When Bony tells her that he has figured out what she is planning, the US version looks back at the actual beginning of the mercenaries' attack and their escape through the wasteland. Quite obviously, the re-editing was intended to save the viewer the long wait for the appearance of Laura Gemser. The viewer's potential astonishment at various gaps in the story was accepted. Apart from these re-cuts, the rape of Sheila's sister was drastically shortened. Also, another action scene in which the mercenaries are arguing with each other was cut. Due to the cuts, the US version isn't recommendable, but the re-cuts are curious enough that fans can take a look. The best possibility to enjoy this version is the US DVD by Brentwood, which – weirdly enough, also contains the movie Leaving Scars. The US DVD by Simitar contains the uncensored original version.

Picture comparison:
US VersionUncut

US Version: 84:48 min.
Uncut: 91:30 min.


The US version has newly designed opening credits in which especially Sheila can be seen extensively.

The uncut version begins with the original opening credits. The mercenaries land at the coast with a boat. In a cave, they prepare for the mission. The ambassador drives up with a car and gets out.

US: 2:03 min.
Uncut: 1:35 min.


The scenes of the assault follow in the US version at [00:39:12]

“One Week Earlier" is also displayed for chronological reasons.


The car with the soldiers can be seen a little earlier.

Uncut: 7 sec.


After the brawl, the soldiers can be seen walking through the small forest.

Uncut: 9 sec.


The soldier can be seen longer. The next shot of the group starts earlier, as well.

Uncut: 8 sec.


The soldiers are seen longer. Bony a little earlier in the next shot.

Uncut: 2 sec.


The rape of Sheila's sister is missing completely. The soldiers rip off her clothes and rape her. The blonde soldier goes downstairs and starts playing the piano.

Uncut: 1:49 Min.


The soldier can be seen a little longer. After that, the rape is cut again. The US only begins when the camera approaches Sheila's sister.

Uncut: 10 sec.


We're missing a shot on the girl's dead body.

Uncut: 2 sec.


The soldier at the window is annoyed that it was his turn that he was denied.

Uncut: 3 sec.


Bony and the soldiers can be seen longer. They arrive at a river. One of the soldiers says that they should continue quickly. There is an argument about the rape and that each of the soldiers is involved. Another quarrel breaks out over whether the soldiers should continue to follow the river.

In the night, Bony talks to the blond guy about what makes a man. The blond guy makes it clear that he thinks his superior is a monster. Bony suggests to go to sleep.

Uncut: 4:26 min.


The scene where the soldier meets Sheila follows in the US at [00:02:04]


Sheila's been out a little longer.

Uncut: 3 sec.


The scene in which Sheila rides her horse to her parents' house comes in the US version at [01:13:45]