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Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls

original title: La revanche des mortes vivantes


  • Horror Version
  • Erotic Version
Release: Aug 16, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Horror Version and the Erotic Version, both versions available on the German DVD by cmv.

"La Revanche des mortes vivantes" has been released in two different versions. An Erotic Version and a shorter Horror Version with an alternate ending. In the Erotic Version, it's pretty obvious that the girls just faked their deaths to rip off a company to get money. They dressed up as zombies to perform the necessary homicides. These scenes are missing in the Horror Version. That's why it seems as if the car with the zombies goes up in flames.

Running time:

Horror Version (Unrated): 73:51 Min (PAL)
Erotic Version (Unrated): 78:42 Min (PAL)

Different opening credits in both versions. In the Erotic Version, designated movie scenes have been used plus the writing is in German. The credits in the Horror Version are French.


The truck driver touches the hitcher's leg and her genital area. He wants to know if her foot still hurted, she agrees and explains it was really painful and the entire leg hurted. Then he asks if it also hurted there, she answers the pain went to the top. He also wants to know if she had pain at two other spots and she also agrees and says it was a weird pain. The truck driver tells her it couldn't go on like that and he had an idea: they were going to stop.

31.16 sec


The truck driver touches the hitcher's legs and goes on until the genital area is reached. He mentions she seemed to know what she was doing. He goes on the pain could be reduced with acupressure if one could the right spot and he believed to know it. Then he asks if he had found it.

13.12 sec


The truck driver touches the hitcher and snuggles her boobs. He says he had to continue the exam to make sure that no reflexes suffer. The hitcher tells him to go on because the reflexes were pretty important.

23.64 sec


The two kissing each other.

5.16 sec


The truck driver touches the hitcher's genital area.

9.36 sec


Extended sex scene with the biker and his secretary who says nobody might become aware of that.

11.44 sec


Jumpcut: extended shot of the bouquet.

0.80 sec


Cut to the listening secretary.

Then a missing sex scene with Jacques and the hooker.

19.08 sec


The secretary takes off her pullover and touches her boobs. Finally, she puts her blue blazer on.

42.24 sec


Jumpcut: the shot of the cross begins slightly earlier.

1.04 sec


Jumpcut: extended shot of the couple. The following shot of the TV also begins sligthly earlier.

0.88 sec


Sonia gets undressed and is being touched by her customer.

46.60 sec


Most parts of the sex scene with Sonia and her customer are missing.

9.36 sec


Jumpcut: extended shot of the suit case. The following shot of the biker begins earlier as well.

0.92 sec


The three girls take off their zombies masks in the car.

The secretary wants to know what they were waiting for and orders to put off the masks. Then she starts swearing because the car doesn't work. One of the girls asks why it didn't work, the secretary just replies she was going nuts. The girl wants to know what she was going to do because she had promised everything had been organized perfectly.

15.56 sec


The dialog in the car is also missing.

The secretary says nobody could know that they were going to chase ghosts with an entire army. Girl 1 asks if everything they had done was for the birds, she also mentions the secretary couldn't be serious. Girl 2 is afraid to be captured. Girl 3 complains about being in those filthy graves all the time. She regrets having killed all those people and says everything was for the birds. She tells the secretary they had confidence in her and she had to tell the police they hadn't done that on purpose. The secretary tells them to calm down. She continues they had found an agreement for the money and she was going to help them to leave that dump. She explains one of the girls had had it with working in the line and the other two had been sick of being the boss' jerk. She wants them to never forget that it was all about the money for a better life. Then she wants them to take the money.

48.88 sec


Missing shot from the inside of the car because one of the zombie masks is visible.

0.92 sec


Again a missing shot from the inside of the car due to the zombie mask.

1.84 sec