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Release: Dec 11, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the shortened US VHS released by A-PIX Entertainemnt (R-Rated) and the uncut US DVD released by Anchor Bay (Unrated).

This movie (made in 1989) proves that the French have produced graphic horrormovies before High Tension. "Baby Blood" is about Yanka who fled from a circus. She contains a thousands of years old parasite inside herself which needs human (preferably male) blood to eat. During her "tour of murder" all across France she comes across the goofy Richard who she falls in love with. However, the parasite inside her takes no stock in this....

For a long time, the movie only was only released in a strong censored version in the USA (receiving an R-Rating). Besides several cuts due to censorship, they also cut out several non-violent plot scenes. Additionally, after the first half of the movie they (for whatever reason) decided to alter the plot's chronologic order. Supposedly, Gary Oldman was the voice-actor for the American version's parasite.

The R-Rated version also deflects from the original version by showing different title cards. While in the R-Rated version they are all English, they are displayed in French on the Unrated DVD. The same goes for the credits. The R-Rated version offers different (and longer) closing credits.
Both versions start with different logos.
VHS = 16 sec.
DVD = 7 sec.


The taxi driver is shown a little longer.
5.6 sec.

Lohman is shown longer. Also, the beginning of the next shot of the taxi driver is longer.
6.7 sec.

You see how Yanka (in the US version she's called Bianca) catches drops that come from a hole in the roof with her mouth. Subsequently she washes her hair and her face. Then she goes to Lohman who lies on the floor stock-still. She pulls bathrobe that he's lying on away with a stick and snags it. Then you see a shot of her looking at her breasts.
58.4 sec.

When Yanka stabs Lohman, the R-Rated version fades the scene out earlier. In the Uncut Version she stabs him way oftener and is splattered with blood.
5.5 sec.

After Yanka climbed in the truck the driver in the Uncut Version tells her a little more about himself and how he got into the truck driver buisness (with a lot of obsenities in his little story). The R-Rated Version is way shorter respectively composed differently.
R-Rated = 11.3 sec.
Unrated = 54.9 sec.

At the gas station follow 3 sequences - two of them are included a little later in the R-Rated version but the first of them was not included at all.
3.7 sec.

Now you in the R-Rated Version see the two scenes that were already shown in the Unrated Version. In return, the scene where the driver flirts with the two German women is longer and shown without any interruptions.
11.7 sec.

Iside the restaurant: Richard sits down at a table. When Yanka passes him to go to the toilet, he gets up to follow her. On his way he is greeted by a man. Just when Richard arrives at the toilets, Yanka leaves the restroom. Richard again watches and also follows her.
50.7 sec.

In the R-Rated, 2 scenes were inserted that are included way later in the Unrated. In return, Richard here is shown longer in the Unrated Version.
2.9 sec.

From this point onwards, the 2 versions' chronology differs completely (however, at a later point they are back in sync again). Therefore, this report will only mention those points of the movie, where the R-Rated Version's scenes are shorter than those in the Unrated - or those that were not even included:

You see the guy who is stabbed in the shoulder by Yanka a little longer. Twitching and bloodbesmeared he goes to the ground.
8 sec.

Subsequent to the scene just mentioned the R-Rated now includes those scenes wehere Yanka laughingly looks through the streets (this was already included in the Unrated). However, the R-Rated does not show the beginning of this shot.
2.9 sec.

After the scene inside the restaurant you (in the R-Rated) don't see Yanka and Richard going to Yanka's house. Both are pretty drunk already and Richard asks her if he could come in - she turns him down. In the end she goes in - inside the hallway she has a little argument with the parasite inside her.

The next day inside the restaurant where Yanka works: Her boss phones with someone and asks herself, where Richard could be. When she notices Yanka (who comes down the stairs) she watches her warily (These two last shots were already included in the RF at a completely different & earlier point of the movie).

Then follows in the Unrated the scene where Yanka ambushes a guy whom she then kills (this was already included at minute 38 in the R-Rated). Subsequently, there follows a scene that was not included in the R-Rated: Yanka enters the hallway where Richard already waits for her. They look at each other.

Entire length of these cuts: 118.3 sec. During the following love scene between Richard and Yanka the two versions are back in sync.

A short sequence of the sex scene/the two of them is shorter. You don't really see anything, you only hear them moan.
2.5 sec.

Longer sequence after Yanka got up and went to the window. She goes back to a chair where she picks a cigarette out of a bag. Then you shortly see Richard who opens his eyes.
19.1 sec.

When Yanka stabs Richard with the scissors, the R-Rated fades this scene out way earlier to then slowly fade into the next scene (+ 7.5 sec.). In the Unrated, this fade out/fade in is not included. However, you see her stabbing Richard way oftener until he finally dies. When there's knocking at the door, she panicky looks around, slips on the blood. In the end, she smashes a lamp with a pan (just as the parasite told her to).
26.4 sec.

Shot of the guy who was hit by Yanka's car. When she reverses, the guy's bloody corpse falls to the ground.
4.6 sec.

Yanka again hits the (above mentioned) man's face with a club (this happens off-screen). Blood splatters on the wall behind her.
1.7 sec.

You do see the severed head rolling across the floor in the R-Rated, however, only the Unrated shows it stopping and then lying on the floor.
1.1 sec.

The scene where the hands break through Yanka's stomach is longer in the Unrated.
5.6 sec.

Lumps of meat splatter against the window behind the ambulance driver.
2.2 sec.

After Yanka socked the driver with a glass bottle you don't see splattering blood passing her face.
1.5 sec.

A missing shot of the creature sitting on the bus driver's head and (literally) ripping him apart.
2.9 sec.