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  • BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Jan 12, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
English tape = 80:22 min. (PAL)
US DVD version = 85:39 min. (NTSC)

Missing material = 111,5 sec.

Comparison between the cut tape by Entertainment in Video and the uncut US DVD by Anchor Bay (not rated).

There is nothing left to say about this classic by Stuart Gordon. The English version by E.I.V. is cut moderately (compared to the heavily cut German version). Mostly scenes with a sexual content where excluded. Only the UK-DVD released by Anchor Bay is uncut. The VHS-Versions as well as the Tartan-DVD are cut.
The goriest details in this scene were cut. Dr. West tries to saw the re-animated person with a bonesaw.
8 sec.

A close-up how Dr.Hill has a shovel in his throat and how blood spills out of his mouth. The beginning of the upcomming take is also missing.
5 sec.

Here is a cut where Halsey rips of the clothes from Megans body and starts to tie her hands and feet. Dr.Hills head is watching the scenery.
33 sec.

Ending of a take with West and Cain. One can see Hills hands which are touching Megan's breast. Zoom onto his head which is moaning aroused.
19 sec.

Hills head licks all over Megan's body and talks to her. She screams and whimpers and tries to push back the head. Cut to Halsey. At the moment where Hill tries to get between her legs he is disturbed by Dr. West (one can hear his voice).
43 sec

Close-up of Hill's screaming head which got its eyes pushed out by Halsey. Gallons of blood are flowing down his body. Intercuts to the two telepathically connected re-animated people. They cover their eyes.
3,5 sec.