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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter


  • Theatrical Version
  • US TV Version
Release: Apr 27, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the theatrical version (US Blu-ray from Paramount) and the US TV version.

The fourth part of the Friday the 13th franchise continues directly from its predecessor. Jason's body is taken to the morgue. There he awakes to new life to bring the mating attempt of a willing caregiver and an unwilling nurse to a bloody end. Instinctively he is drawn back to Crystal Lake. The 12-year-old monster mask fan Tommy now lives there with his sister Trish and his mother. One cabin further on, a group of teenagers wants to spend a humid and happy weekend but when Jason shows up there, Joints & premarital sex are joined by bloody murders.

Originally planned as the end of the series, Friday the 13th - The last chapter remains true to the spirit of the three predecessors but varies the concept far enough to stand out from the series. So Jason returns to Crystal Lake once again to disturb sex-hungry teenagers during sexual intercourse or drug use. New this time is cabin neighbor and horror fan Tommy, who realizes that he has to become Jason himself to defeat him. The finale in which Jason's head is cut apart by a machete remains in memory, as does Tommy's last shot, in which it seems that he will remain trapped in the role of Jason. The characters of the teenagers are a bit better worked out and don't degenerate into meaningless cannon fodder.

On US Pay-TV a longer cut of the film was shown in which various scenes were integrated into the film, whereby the majority of the scenes could already be seen in the workprint. So you see the scene where Tommy shows his guillotine to a shocked Rob. Immediately after that follows a scene in which Sarah is being hit on by Doug. Also included is the scene in which Rob checks his radar system. New and not included in the workprint is a scene in which Tina opens Jimmy's shirt as they slowly get down to business. The insertion of a title card of the 8mm film is also new. Two scenes with Jimmy and Tina were removed from the Pay-TV version.

Image comparison:


TV version:


US BD: 91:24 min. (BD)
TV Version: 94:07 min. (TV)

Tommy shows Rob his homemade guillotine. He demonstrates how it works first with a stick, then with his hand, which luckily turns out to be a dummy.

Trish comes into the room and says Rob's invited for dinner. But Rob refuses and leaves the room.

Scene change. Doug comes into Sarah's room and compliments her on her legs. She returns the compliment. Doug asks if she has a boyfriend. Sarah gives an evasive answer and the two talk about the party. Doug suggests that they should leave, but Sarah fears that they will miss them. Doug agrees, says goodbye and leaves the room.

TV: 2:54 min.


On Blu-ray Rob can be seen a bit longer.

Rob throws the pieces of his shotgun back into the tent. He picks up a gear box that also seems to be broken. He walks through the forest and activates a kind of mini radar. Then he looks up and it starts to rain.

BD: 2 sec.
TV: 1:20 min.


In the TV version you can't see Tina opening her shirt. Jimmy talks about which room they are in right now.

Jimmy: "This is... This is a neat room."
Tina: "This is your room."
Jimmy: "No. Actually, it's Paul's room."

BD: 12 sec.


The scene of Jimmy and Tina on the bed goes on. The two kiss, then Tina opens Jimmy's shirt.

TV: 18 sec.


Before the 8mm movie starts, the TV version shows the title card "The Follies Dance Series".

On the Blu-ray you see instead how the dancer comes into the picture.

BD: 1 sec.
TV: 1 sec


Jimmy and Tina are lying in bed. A little hesitant, Jimmy asks if he was a "dead fuck". Tina starts to laugh and confesses that she thinks Jimmy was unbelievable. The two kiss. Tina wants to do it again but says that she has to leave first for a short time.

Then you see a shot of the 8mm movie Ted is watching at the moment.

BD: 1:24 min.