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Release: Apr 22, 2008 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
After the remake of the Canadian cult-slasher "Black Christmas" was shown in American movie theatres with an R-Rating, it was released on DVD in its home country both as an R-Rated version and as an Unrated version. The IMDB lists 7 scenes/elements, which have been added in the Unrated version. Also, there are rumors, that the R-Rated DVD, which is being sold in the USA and Canada, is different from the theatrical version with the same rating.

This report is a comparison between the German DVD from Concorde Home Entertainment which is identical to the R-Rated DVD and the US DVD from Dimension Films (Unrated).

Altogether 123,63 seconds are missing, with a total number of 6 cuts.
Running time of the Unrated DVD excluding end credits: 1:22.36 min (NTSC) -> 1:19.36 min (PAL)
Running time of the German DVD excluding end credits: 1:17.32 Min (PAL)
The information about the running time is from both versions, following the scheme US / German.
The black frame at the beginning of the movie is longer in the Unrated version.
1 sec

2.36 / 2.21
Before Claire gets the pen in her eye, there is a short shot of Agnes, preparing it for a hit, in the Unrated version.
0,42 sec

2.09 / 2.03
The camera tracks across Claire longer and stops on some presents. We see Agnes in the background.
8,79 sec

9.37 / 9.04
Here, alternative footage was used in the two versions.

Unrated: The camera tracks towards the bed, at the end of the shot, we see Billy crawling out of his hideout under that bed. The next shot starts slightly earlier, here.

R-Rated: The camera tracks towards the bed in another shot, in the next shot, Billy suddenly appears behind the guard.

3,13 sec

9.50 / 9.13
Unrated: After the candy cane has fallen to the ground, there is another shot of Billy leaving the cell, that also shows some blood pouring from the guard's neck.
1,86 sec

13.20 / 12.33
In the Unrated, Agnes turns the thrusting around, before he raises up.
0,67 sec

1:01.22 / 58.36
Lauren's death is completely missing in the R-Rated.
In the Unrated, Agnes and Billy sneak into Laurenís bedroom. Billy fondles Lauren under her blanket, she wakes up and whiningly reflects on, how she can improve the situation. She sees the statue of a unicorn, which she got as a gift before and tries, to stab Billy with it. But he is no longer at his place, Agnes uses the situation and starts chocking Lauren. At last Lauren is stabbed in the face with the unicorn.
108,75 sec